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Penance Corporation of America III: Forced To Serve

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Penance Corporation of American, III: Forced To Serve by Chris Bellows

Will Antoinette De La Corte Be Freed?
The cruelly dominant and one time unscrupulous federal prosecutor, Antoinette De La Corte is being secretly held within the walls of the Penance Corporation. Masked, pierced, forcibly fattened and impregnated, the once physically imposing dominatrix is subjected to unusual interrogations by Judge Patricia Wilmot, who desperately needs to gain control over Antoinette's future and that of her child.

All she needs is Judge William Dennison's signature on the appropriate document. But Judge Dennison's career is also at stake. Like Patricia, he too had once been subject to Antoinette's cruel domination. And a vault full of video tapes has enough incriminating evidence to destroy them both. Suddenly, Judge Dennison is receiving phone calls from a mysterious older female who demands that he investigate Antoinette's current plight. Though her cunning manipulation, the Judge finds himself subject to her demands, with his cock locked in a irremovable chastity cage. Not until the naturally subservient "Willie" - as he was known years ago - provides her with the information she seeks will his cock be freed - if then!

While forced to serve this mysterious female, Judge Dennison reveals the shocking details of his subservient relationship with Antoinette De La Corte, who took cruel pleasure in the torture and humiliation of the young 'Willie'. Now his past as come back to haunt him. Judge Dennison once again finds himself the pawn of dominant women, all of whom have a compelling interest in Antoinette De La Corte, all of whom delight in turning him into their latest victim as he's properly stripped, bound, abused and made to slavishly serve their every demented whim.

Bondage, caning, forced chastity, CBT, feminization, puppy training, humiliation, milking, piercing, plus unbridled female dominance and debasing male subjugation. A thoughtful, intricately woven plot along with lustful D/s interaction makes this another provocative read from the pen of Chris Bellows.

Penance Corporation, III: Forced To Serve can be enjoyed independently of Books I & II.


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“Change in there,” Miss Antoinette commanded more than suggested.
She nodded towards the men’s room then stepped through a door marked ‘women’. I changed... tee shirt, long shorts, running shoes. Never having been athletic in school, I suppose my level of discomfort was apparent. Yet anyone would appear to be anxious when in the presence of the amazingly calm and cool Antoinette De La Corte.
When I exited Miss Antoinette stepped from the women’s locker area moments later. Her comments about her puppy came to mind, for I indeed had the urge to hump her leg... or at least cop a feel of chiseled feminine muscling.
She wore extremely brief shorts flaunting thighs that were more impressive than her calves. Her mid section was bare. Rows of abdominal muscles could be counted with ease. Her arms were sculpted, rounded where one expected to see evidence of power on the male beast... impressively rare on the female. Above she donned a tight sports bra, which obviously served to strap down mammary glands that become cumbersome during physical activity.
Once again I gaped. Once again she noticed.
“There will be a trip to the vets for you yet, Willie,” she announced with sardonic wit.
My body felt shamefully pusillanimous standing near her and for the first time I was sorry for the many years of neglect while completing college and facing the travails of law school.
“I think on your first visit here you’ll need some light weights and then the treadmill. I’ll spot for you, put you on the treadmill and then you can help with my judo.”
Her tone was direct and firm. Antoinette never made suggestions when communicating with an underling. And with her shoo in appointment to U.S. Attorney and me as an intern, I was as far down as an underling could find himself on the Eastern District pecking order.
I think back now and wonder how contrived the introduction to the gymnasium was. For everything I did, every weight lifted, every machine tried, was under her direct auspices. I did not notice that she was working lightly and I was being put through the mill, so to speak. Since she was buffed in a physical sense, everything she did seemed effortless. And with me completely out of shape everything brought rapid tiring... which after an hour brought complete exhaustion.
Darkness loomed through the large window overlooking the street when Miss Antoinette finally announced she was limber enough to practice her judo. We proceeded to the mats and the first thing I noted was that with the bright overhead lighting and the elevation of the second floor it almost appeared that we were on a stage... the audience being the pedestrian traffic below on the busy sidewalk only some hundred feet away.
“Now just relax, Willie. The padding will break any fall and I will try not to hurt you.”
With that warning began the most humiliating experience of my life... up to that time. In my exhaustion I felt like a lifeless puppet as Antoinette De La Corte, the incredibly powerful Antoinette De La Corte, began a series of martial arts holds and maneuvers, each ending with me entrapped beneath her. The ignominy was augmented of course by the many passersby on the sidewalk. For after each time she let me up, I looked out the window to see that a small crowd of observers had formed, tittering at seeing a well-conditioned woman toss about a man like a rag doll.
Finally after six or seven impressively swift take downs, she paused, sitting on me where, sans covering, couples unite in procreation.
“Think you need a rest, Willie.”
Well, though indeed tired, the response of this 23 year old male was priapic. And the wicked Miss Antoinette wriggled about in apparent knowledge of my bulging reaction. She reached up and grasped each forearm to pin me to the mat, her action detracting from the lustful gyration of her pubes resting atop mine.
She felt my burgeoning hard on and leaned down to whisper.
“Let yourself get nice and big for me, Willie. Be a good boy and I’ll let you stand nicely tented for our audience. You may enjoy showing off for me.”
I was grateful to be wearing a jock strap for her incessant wriggling brought about a continuing engorgement towards complete stiffness. When she presumed I was fully erect, her right hand released my left arm and slid to feel the front of my gym shorts. My eyes bulged and I dared not move knowing that my shorts were tented as she intended. Besides, with my limited interaction with women, extremely limited with females of Miss Antoinette’s ilk, I became catatonic, not knowing how to react or what to do. Yet her brief feel felt good... strangely controlling but good.
“You’re in a bad situation here, Willie. Your penis is about to bulge out of your jock. Want me to get up so you can move about?”
“No. Please. No more, Miss Antoinette.”
“You protest but I think you enjoy yourself. Men like you have a certain thing about women like me. Over the many years I have learned to see it in their eyes. Sad, puppy dog eyes always seeming to be wanting something.”
She wriggled her hips most suggestively.
“Perhaps this is what you want? To be overpowered and brought into submission. Better than just looking at my legs, isn’t it, Willie?”
I had no answer and I was ashamed that I had no answer... or any snappy move... or clever counter hold. Other of course then to accept her offer to let me up and display to those remaining in the gym and those who would certainly be gathering across the street that a young priapic male was quite oddly enjoying his exercise. That would not do.
So I placed myself into the hands of Miss Antoinette. Acceding to her judgment and her course of action. Not the first time and not the last that this woman of governance took control of a situation on my behalf.
She graciously slide down so her hips and powerful thighs no longer rested directly over my pubes, ending the constant dry humping she was affording. Then she leaned to whisper again.
“I think you like working out with me, Willie. As stated I prefer the mornings. Bright and early. So I’m going to give you my key to the gym and you’ll be here waiting for me at 6:00 a.m. We’ll be alone and there won’t be the embarrassment you feel now... though I think deep down you like it.”
Her left hand released my right arm and brushed my cheek as one would offer encouragement to a child.
“I’m going to slide further back and you can sit up nice and slow and let yourself soften. Then we’ll shower and leave. But I think you have something to think about. Ponder how quickly and easily you become stimulated when a woman is in control.”

Artist Credit

Roman Kasperski

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