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Pendelton Manor - ebook

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Pendelton Manor by BJ Wane

Haunted by memories of her beloved daughter, Sophie Turner leaves Arizona for a new position in Maine as housekeeper in Pendelton Manor.  Arriving late, she walks in on a threesome between her boss’s cousin and two friends. Embarrassed, she hides while peering in on the group and growing more turned on by the sight. Sophie wonders if she should announce her arrival or run back the way she came. Soon, however, the trio discovers her and makes their introductions while Sophie tries to hide her mortification at getting caught watching the orgy.

Her first meeting with her boss, widower Adrian Pendelton, leaves her with a feeling of empathy and arousal for this cold, brooding man who has clearly suffered the pain of loss as she has. Not wanting to give up on the new position and the excitement of living in a new town, Sophie decides to give the housekeeping position a try, though she is quite leery about the people who inhabit the manor and their wicked ways.

Soon, Sophie gets to know the family members of Pendelton Manor and the scandal that rocked the foundation of the household. Adrian suspects someone had been having an affair with his wife shortly before her suspicious death. Sophie cannot believe any of the wonderful people she's met would be responsible for it, but does her best to stay out of it.

Sophie soon finds her self-enforced celibacy coming to an end when she is lured into the sexually deviant parties held by Adrian, his cousins and the women who hang around them. Discovering her wild-side, it brings her closer to confronting Adrian with her growing desire for him.

Can Sophie warm up the cold-hearted Adrian? Will he see her as more than a housekeeper and as an actual eye-catching woman? Can they solve Adrian's wife's death while distracted by their carnal attraction?

BJ Wane proves once again she is the mistress of spanking stories with this wonderful tale of mystery, intrigue and sumptuous sex. Includes: spanking, threesomes, lesbian scenes, anal sex, oral sex, multiple partners and so much more!


Taking a deep breath, Sophie jumped out of her car and ran up the steps to the large wood double doors that remained closed. Her light jacket was waterproof, but it didn’t have a hood and in this downpour it took only moments for her to get drenched. Her loud knocking went unanswered and when the next lightning bolt lit up the sky, the following thunder boom galvanized her into trying the knob. Finding it unlocked, she shoved open the huge door and practically fell inside. Leaning back against the door, she pushed it closed, shutting out the storm as she welcomed the warmth.
The large foyer was lit by wall sconces, their meager light doing little to alleviate her trepidation. A wide, massive staircase bisected the hallway, a beautiful, ornate oak banister helped guide the way to the second story. “Hello?” she called out tentatively only to be answered by silence. Stripping off her wet jacket, she hung it on an empty peg next to a row of all-weather jackets. There were several large obviously men’s jackets as well as one smaller, woman’s size, indicating there were people in residence. As she slowly padded down the hall on the left toward the only light she could discern from either hallway, Sophie wondered if her new employer had given up on her arriving today. She passed two closed doors before she heard voices coming from the room near the end of the hall, as well as the distinct sound of slapping flesh, a sound that made her cringe as much as the sound of the loud thunder boom that could be heard even inside these thick stone walls.
Instead of calling out again, afraid of interrupting something, she crept toward the open door only to stop dead in her tracks at the tableau that greeted her. Bent over a padded footstool, a naked woman knelt with her hands cuffed behind her, a naked man in front of her, holding her head as he fucked her mouth while another man wielded a wicked looking leather belt across her ass. The woman, a very attractive blonde, moaned around the large cock stretching her mouth as the man behind her laid a stroke from the belt across the middle of her already reddened buttocks.
“You’re not trying hard enough, Nora,” the man behind her admonished with a grin. “You’re more concerned with getting yourself off than with Adam’s pleasure. Suck a little harder now. Let me see those cheeks and lips working.” The next lash landed on the under curve of her ass, eliciting another moan from the woman as she pressed her mound against the foot stool in an obvious attempt to seek release.
Stunned surprise at the scene taking place in front of her stopped Sophie in the doorway, mortifying interest kept her rooted there, replacing her fear of the inclement weather raging outside while long suppressed desire had her pussy swelling and creaming with unaccustomed arousal. The woman’s knees were spread wide, her crotch openly displayed and completely devoid of hair, making her swollen labia glistening with her juices an obvious testament to her arousal. Sophie had only gone down on one man before and had found the experience to be pleasant, but nothing that had increased her own arousal. Watching this man move in and out of the woman’s mouth with such slow, deep precision while keeping her head still by clasping his hands around her face, made her wonder if she would have enjoyed it more if her boyfriend had taken control like this man did.
The man behind her laughed as he swatted her ass again while releasing his cock into his other hand. The sight of him slowly stroking his large penis, smearing the seeping fluid from his slit, had her gasping softly, and when the woman rubbed her crotch against the foot stool again, then screamed around the invading cock in her mouth as she came, Sophie thought she had never seen anything so erotic. Her own buttocks were clenching as the snap of leather echoed again followed swiftly by the woman’s aching cry. Sophie didn’t know if her cry was one of pain or a cry for more. Looking at those red cheeks, she couldn’t imagine her wanting more abuse heaped upon them. She also couldn’t deny the curiosity she had as she tried to imagine getting pleasure from pain.
The dark haired man with the chocolate eyes increased his thrusts into the woman’s mouth, his ejaculation coming on the heels of her orgasm and followed swiftly by the auburn haired man behind her dropping his belt and going to his knees, entering her just as the man in front pulled his spent cock from her mouth. The woman cried out as he took her with a deep, hard thrust then slipped an arm under her torso and lifted her chest from the stool, his arm braced under her breasts holding her up as he continued plunging into her.
“Give those pretty breasts some attention, Adam,” he said, his voice deep and laboring.
“I’d be happy to.” Adam, whom Sophie now recognized as one of the Pendelton twins, reached out with one hand and cupped Nora’s right breast as he bent forward and drew the nipple from the left one into his mouth. Nora threw her head back and cried out as the men worked her nipples and pussy until she was screaming once again in climax, her red striped buttocks clenching as she thrust back against the cock invading her from behind while she pushed her breasts forward towards Adam’s hands and mouth. It wasn’t until they drove her up one more time that the man fucking her from behind let go, his hoarse shout echoing in the room along with Nora’s keening cry. Even though the woman looked uncomfortable in that position, especially with her hands cuffed behind her, from the look of sheer pleasure not only on her face but on those of the two men, she thought Nora was probably getting too much pleasure to notice any discomfort.
Sophie had been so engrossed in the scene before her she had completely forgotten about the storm, but not about why she was here and she was glad the auburn haired man wasn’t her new boss. The only picture she had seen of Adrian Pendelton had been a grainy newspaper wedding photo from eight years ago, but this man didn’t bear even the slightest resemblance to the one in that photo. It would be very awkward starting this job after seeing her boss in a threesome.
“Well, it looks like our new housekeeper has finally made it.”
Sophie felt her face flaming as bright a hue as the one that colored Nora’s buttocks as the auburn haired man rose and casually zipped up his pants, a small smile softening his dark, weathered face. “Uh, I...I’m sorry,” she stammered, embarrassed at being caught watching them. “No one answered the door, and it was raining, then I heard voices and...” Sophie took a step back from the three people now grinning unabashedly in front of her only to bump against a hard body behind her. Whirling around, she looked up, way up, into a hard face that would have been handsome if it wasn’t for the cold black eyes staring down at her. Hard hands reached out to steady her before dropping just as quickly.

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