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Prisoners of the Governess

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Prisoners of the Governness by Tanya Simmonds

Twenty-one year old Anja Danesti is a Romanian noblewoman, a descendant of the infamous Dracul bloodline. Romantically interested in Hassan, the Governor of a Turkish Prison, she joins him there, finding the prison both terrifying and strangely titillating. Against his advice, she ventures into the lower quarters of the jail, where she is masturbated upon by a group of brutal savages through their prison bars. Infused with rage, she demands the prisoners responsible be flogged and that prisoners be banned from masturbating. Fearful of losing Anja, Hassan agrees. As Anja watches the punishment, she experiences, for the first time, extreme sexual arousal at the sight of the whippings.

When Hassan is called away, leaving the prison in the hands of his deputy, Anja appears in the jail unannounced and catches Hassan's deputy ignoring the anti-masturbation decree. Under threat of being reported to Hassan, the deputy allows Anja to personally administer a prisoner's flogging. The whipping drives Anja into a sexual frenzy and she decides that her marriage to Hassan will consummated in the punishment room during a flogging. In his sexual desperation to be with her, Hassan relents.

When punishment floggings fail to stop the verboten masturbation, Anja designs a new penalty - The Devil's Jaw; a spiked-lined penis ring to be secured onto the offending prisoners' penis. Anja is shocked to discover that one of the prisoners, the masochistic Volkan, ejaculates when the jaw is fitted to his erection, and he actually worships the sadistic bitch for her cruelty. Now obsessed with torture, Anja disposes of Hassan and takes over the jail. Her accomplice in the scheme, Inga, a dominatrix who runs a fetish club in Istanbul, arrives with seventeen sadistic dominatrix from Inga's club, each fully armed with pistols, whips and a willingness to use them. Rules become more severe, prisoners work to exhaustion in the hills while scantily-clad femdom guards scrutinizing their every move.

However, as Anja's sadism increases, Hassan's daughter Melek, a prison nurse, plots in secret with an American prisoner to end Anja's violent reign.

Heavy S&M Femdom content, consensual, including bondage, whipping, humiliation, blackmail, torture devices, electrical, golden showers, anal, oral and straight sex.

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The door closed behind her with a chilling clang. She stood back for a moment to behold her first victim, trembling as he hung naked in chains before her. Her rage and hatred were palpable. In her heart, all of the causes of her resentment were helpless before her. The wild desperation and horror in his eyes was joyous unto hers. He knew what he had done: that which she had forbidden.
Her anger suddenly made way for the most powerful sense of arousal. The feeling confused her as the bullwhip in her hand unfurled and fell to the floor.
As her victim saw the tip of the thick leather python touch the ground, he closed his eyes as a murmur of terror involuntarily fell from his lips.
She re-curled the whip and stepped over to a desk to her left and rested the vicious weapon upon the surface before turning back to him.
Slowly, he opened his eyes once more and saw her stepping towards him in her long black robe. It was as though death itself had come to claim him. A sinister expression came across her hardened looks as she came closer. She was savouring the moment with the subtle hint of a cruel smile edging from the corner of her mouth. She noticed the protrusion of flesh which hung humbly between his thighs and she pondered whether or not she should reach out to touch it – to make him turgid once more – a reminder of why he was about to experience the very worst that she could inflict upon him. She knew how urgently he had needed to do what he had done and the force which had attacked his loins as it was beginning to attack her own in that moment. All of her hatred fell as a cascade from her heart and into her pudenda, drawing a gasp of passion from her throat. In that moment, she knew that she was in her own paradise – a place where all that she could have ever wished for had come together in that room. Her revenge, her desire, her beautiful young victim and the power…finally, the power!
She wanted him to suffer so badly and yet she knew that he was an innocent inasmuch as her demands were cruelty in themselves. It wasn’t about him. It was about her and her compulsion to exorcise her demons at the expense of others.
As her eyes lingered upon him, her life momentarily flashed before her eyes as is said occurs in the instant before death. As the memories flew before her, all of the circumstances which had led her to that moment came together as the pieces of a jigsaw. Everything that she had been denied in life – was finally hers.

And she was going to relish every moment of it.

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© royaroir – Fotolia.com

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