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Punishable Offenses - eBook

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Punishable Offenses by Lizbeth Dusseau

Madeleine is a beautiful young woman married to the wealthy and charming Robbie McKellar. Their once vibrant and often kinky sex life is destroyed when Robbie is confined to a wheelchair after he's wounded in the war. Though she does her best to adjust to her new life, Madeleine's passionate and unguarded need for sex sends her on Wednesday afternoon rendezvous with a bottle of Vodka, in a cheap motel, where she ruthlessly masturbates in scenes that are as disturbing as they are sexually satiating. Her fantasies about a sexual master lead her down the dark roads of submission and perversion. Wracked by guilt and shame, Madeleine abruptly ends her weekly romps, but her punishing desires only become more demanding.

Twice in her past Madeleine has succumbed to sexual clashes with an old friend of the McKellar family, political writer Daniel Prothero. In stolen moments of unbridled passion, Daniel forced her to confront the truth about her submissive nature. Though she once swore him off, it is to Daniel that Madeleine turns when her savage desires cannot be contained. She proposes that he take over the punishment and abuse she's come to crave. Soon, his domination of her becomes as determined and relentless as her wildest fantasies, opening up shocking new places of depravity in this once respectable young wife.

But what happens when Robbie sees the evidence of punishment on her well-marked flesh and she's forced to confess the truth about her shameful infidelity? Will Robbie throw her out or will he choose to punish her himself?

A lusty tale of romance, infidelity and sadomasochistic desire.


His groin was close to her rear end, then closer still, snuggling in against the soft flesh of her ass. She jerked, her nerves at a dangerous edge.
“If I don’t say a word, you won’t have to say a thing, Madeleine. No need to worry about virtue or propriety. I won’t tell a soul.” His lips were very close to her ear. His hands like a conquering warriors’ staking their claim, one landing directly on her ass, the other coming around to her side in a near embrace.
She gasped, having a clear picture of what he planned to do. She could have pulled away. She could have screamed. She could have turned and slapped his face, like she was unable to do before. But for reasons of which she had no comprehension, she wanted him right where he was, with his body tucked against hers and his cock beating hard against her bottom. She groaned unconsciously under her breath as her hips moved against his groin.
With deft command, he reached further around and undid the button on her shorts, stepping back enough to allow them to fall to the floor. For a while he gently fingered the waistband of her pale yellow panties with his thumb slipping under the elastic and his hand finally sliding down her quivering skin. As he tugged at the delicate material, she could feel little spasms set off inside her body, ones he surely felt. As soon as her panties dropped to the floor and her ass was completely bare, his moves became bolder and more forceful. A rough massage began, then his fingers slipped deep between her crack where he continued the vigorous play. Finally, he began slapping her right ass cheek with firm sharp smacks. Shocking as the spanking was, she leaned forward against the window frame and spread her legs wide so he could reach deeper to where her pussy was pulsating with arousal. She could barely hold back the groans of pleasure. Shame made her blush a red as bright as her spanked behind, although no one would know that. The indignity of her position, the disgraceful behavior was forgotten—this was a stolen moment, a verboten act of lust, and one she would surely regret. And still, she did nothing to stop Daniel Prothero’s bold attack.
What if Robbie walked in on them? What could she possibly say that would explain her letting a total stranger use her? Her mind was as much adrift with worry as it was with desire, but there was no stopping what her body so feverishly craved.
“This is what you want, isn’t it, Madeleine?” Daniel broke his vow of silence to point out that fact, though the stated truth only made her crave it more.
“Yes, sir,” she whispered back and his hand came down with an even harder smack against her stinging ass cheek. Then he stepped back to deliver the punishment against both ass cheeks, producing a fiery heat on her wanting flesh that seemed to have no end. When his free hand reached around to finger her slit, to engage her throbbing clit with a painful squeeze, her insides began to spasm fiercely. Her body bucked hard, teeming with uncontrolled pleasure, and her mouth opening for a muted cry of anguished joy. Every smack of Daniel’s hand took her deeper into the savage wildness of a sexual need she never knew existed. His command of her was absolute. His uncanny knowledge of her defied all reason.
Two, three, then four fingers jammed their way inside her spasming love hole; his thumb pressed against her tight anus where she was yet a virgin.
“Oh, dear god!” her head fell back as she quietly gasped.
He fucked her hard with his hand, bringing on spasm after spasm from one conclusion to the next. His hand finally slipped out only to be replaced moments later by his tumescent organ, driving deep where his fingers could not go. The large prick filled the tight valley and once nestled in, he began to fuck her with the full force of his body banging against her ass. He grabbed her tits from underneath her t-shirt and rode her hard, while she responded to the fierce assault, coming even harder than before and milking his erection with a furious passion. When at last he exploded, she was crying, her mind terrorized by her outrageous act, but her body satiated in a way she’d never known with any lover.

Artist Credit

(c) Roman Kasperski

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