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Reckless Disregard - eBook

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Reckless Disregard

She’s sassy, sexy, charming and always in trouble. Shanghaied into helping her friend with a bad debt, the plan goes sour and the pair are busted, forced to confront their husbands with their embarrassing mis-deed. Instead of a simple spanking the angry husbands turn to an old friend, Andrew Lassiter, and his disciplinary tribunal for punishing naughty wives. While Bridget earns a miserable turn over the dreaded spanking bench, Alecia is sentenced to a month of ‘house arrest’ at Lassiter’s estate, doing hard labor and get-ting her bottom paddled daily. Soon, an old flame, and a moment of reckless abandon find Bridget doing time in Lassiter’s domain, too. Includes the details of Bridget’s shocking ‘house arrest’ and the strict submissive training she endures to save her marriage.


“You’d better not be late, or I’ll repeat the treatment I gave you this morning,” he warned.
“That wouldn’t be so bad,” she answered.
“Maybe I’ll use the hairbrush.”
“Ooo, ouch!”
“I want you home tonight, Bridget. We’re away from each other too much. And I won’t be answering the phone tonight. Nate’s in charge.”
“Oh, that is good news!” she exclaimed, happy to hear that his partner was taking up some of the slack.
Geoff’s detective agency kept him busy all hours of the day, many nights, and away from his wife more often than was good for their relationship. It was when he was gone that she got in trouble. Their three-year-old marriage was still in the honeymoon stage in many ways—especially sexually, though they did have their moments when nothing was right between them—and most often, it had something do to with her once best friend, Alecia. However, since the last fiasco six months before, she’d been on orders to stay clear of the ‘reckless woman’. After that miserable fiasco, she willingly obeyed the order.
She remembered well—the two were shopping in New York when the redhead just had to preview the gallery showing of a former classmate from Barnard. The gallery was a long-distance walk through a marginal part of the city and the two were unfamiliar with the dangerous neighborhood. They were roughed up by thugs looking for cash, which they didn’t have, and then rescued by an off-duty policeman who tongue-lashed them for not knowing what they were doing. To make matters worse, he forced them to confess their foolishness to their husbands over the phone so one of them could come pick them up. The officer didn’t trust the two not to make another stupid move. (He must have gone to the same school of husband/wife relationships as Geoff and Charlie. He’d mentioned taking them over his knee as he hauled them safely into a diner, and was grimly insistent that they tell their whole foul tale. “Just like dames to come up with some cockamamie story about why you’re late instead of telling the truth. You ought to be spanked for being so half-witted?” He mentioned spanking for the second time in ten minutes.)
Of course, the pair was not supposed to stray far from their hotel and shopping, and Geoff and Charlie were pissed as hell getting the call. Safely home two hours later, Alecia and Bridget were almost simultaneously, in their respective homes, upended over their husbands’ laps, their bare bottoms blistered raw with hairbrushes. This was the third such reckless misadventure in a month that had Geoff so hopping mad he leveled a threat on Bridget she could not easily forget. “You stay clear of her, Bridget Bennington Fox. If you do anything, I mean anything that approaches this for the next ten years, you’ll be hauled in front of the tribunal so fast your head will spin.” He didn’t need to say more. The threat was enough to set the impressionable Bridget on the straight and narrow for the rest of her life—so she thought.
Spanking was definitely a fixture in the Fox’s marriage—one Geoff Fox gladly shared with Charlie when his then fiancée and Bridget’s best friend, Alecia, displayed the calamitous ends to which her cockeyed plots could take her. While Bridget had begged her husband to mind his own business, the forthright Geoff couldn’t help but intervene, offering the bewildered Charlie the one solution that worked for him when his wife’s obstreperous behavior was too much for a simple scolding. The fix seemed to work as well for Charlie and Alecia—both with regard to her behavior and sex. The couple came up smiling broadly after Alecia’s first good going over—apparently they discovered the erotic advantages right off. And such spanking good times outweighed the bad ones enough to see them through the very painful ones.
The tribunal, however, was a twist on the matter for the most extreme occasions. Geoff became informally acquainted with the sect of disciplinary aficionados through a case he worked in the first years of his agency. In fact, the figurehead of the organization, Andrew Lassiter, had hired him for a personal matter, and in the course of their association familiarized Geoff with the subject of corporal discipline—his first exposure to the adult application of a typically youthful punishment. He went so far as to explain its place throughout history and recommend several books and publications on the subject—which Geoff only gave a cursory perusal. He had found the spanking part fascinating from a strictly erotic point of view—something Andrew freely admitted was a pleasant byproduct of the exercise. However, since Geoff couldn’t quite figure out how corporal punishment might be incorporated into a relationship with a woman—especially one like Jessica, his then current girlfriend—he filed the information away in the back of his mind thinking it was unlikely he’d find any use for something so offbeat. To his surprise, his relationship with Bridget several years later lent itself to spanking from the very beginning—and Lassiter’s tribunal turned out to be a most effective way of getting Bridget’s attention just when she was faltering the most.

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