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Redemption For Two - ebook

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Redemption For Two by Tobias Tanner

The pivot points in life are not always dramatic, but they can be. It happens that way for Mickey McCord, who sets himself on a new path with a single act of violence. Born of frustration and outrage, this moment provides a sense of purpose that he has never truly felt before. And it gives him back some self-respect. However, it’s just the first step.

Taking control is a cumulative effort involving all facets of Mickey’s life. The learning curve is steep and occasionally painful, but he must take responsibility for his failures of the past. It is no longer acceptable for him to be the charming boy he has always been, letting things slide and waiting for a better day. People depend on him and he has let them down. There is repair work to be done. Lots of it.

Especially with his wife.

Sandy doesn’t quite know what to do about the new Mickey, but he tickles her naturally submissive nature in a way that she finds irresistible. There are bumps along the way as the couple struggles to regain the warmth and passion of their marriage.

Sandy comes to recognize that Mickey’s growing dominance and her own masochistic tendencies do not make her powerless. In fact, they make her stronger. She was taught that those two things were mutually exclusive, but they aren’t. For her, at least, they are one and the same thing.

Neither of them have ever heard of a D/s relationship, but they discover it on their own. It is natural fit for them, requiring only that they do what Mickey has been trying to do from the start, which is to openly embrace their true spirit and free themselves to love again without apologies or reservations.

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“Can’t we do this in the morning?” she asked with her eyes closed.
“Let’s do it again in the morning,” Mickey said.
Of course he knew she didn’t want to. And he knew why. There was a distinctly perverse pleasure in putting the pressure on her, knowing that she had no idea he was wise to what she had been up to. She’d fucked somebody else not half an hour before, and she’d cried about it, and then there’s old Mick with his dick in his hand, wanting a piece of what she had already put out for somebody else. The last thing he’d wanted from her was sex, and then without any kind of buildup, it was the only thing he wanted. “I’m going to do the elastic thing,” he said.
Sandy’s eyes opened. “Please, don’t,” she said, looking worried.
“Just be still.”
The elastic thing could only be done with the leather g-string. If he pulled the leather up and tugged it, the elastic cord would stretch tight from back to front and cut into the soft flesh between her legs. He’d made her cum that way once, and she had told him that it hurt and to never do it again. Ever.
Her mouth sagged a little when he did it, and then her lips pressed together tightly when he did it harder. She made a soft little hum that was all protest but no denial, and Mickey bent over to suck her nipples through the sheer nylon. Her hips moved a little, and then her legs shifted as if they were doing it on their own. He kissed her neck and then her mouth again and held still until she opened her eyes.
“I like doing this,” he said, pulling firmly on the g-string.
“Shush,” he said, whispery voiced.
Sandy closed her eyes again and licked her lips and swallowed. Her mouth opened finally when he kissed her again, and then the heat rose up from her suddenly, as if someone had opened an oven door. Her breath caught, and Mickey put his tongue in her mouth and she moaned.
Linus Davidson had missed out. All the silly bastard had done was prime the pump. Sandy’s reluctance evaporated like smoke on a spring breeze. While the kiss went on, Mickey sawed deliberately up and down with the g-string, knowing that the elastic was cutting hard into her labia and clitoris. She was wet. He could smell her. She lifted her knees slowly off the bed and spread her legs in invitation.
“Not yet,” he said. “Come on, San baby, cum for me.”
“I’ll...try,” she said in a raw whisper.
She let her hips go then and rocked them up and down with the motion of what he was doing to her. Jaw muscles clenched, and she arched her back, barely able to breathe. And then she moaned, a soft rising wail that Mickey was sure Linus had never heard or thought about. Sandy clutched at the sheets with her hands as the orgasm built and then arched all the way up so that she was suspended on heels and shoulders with her backside a foot off the mattress. She bared her teeth, growling with effort as the spasm took her.
Mickey got an arm around her as she came and then rolled on top, pushing her flat onto the mattress again. She drew her legs back, still caught in the orgasmic spasm, and he thrust into her with one motion. She cried out, breaking through the natural reticence that usually kept her near silent during sex. Mickey hoped it hurt. And he fucked her like he had beaten Linus Davidson, letting all his rage flow through the weapon of choice.
He took her hands in his and pinned them to the pillow on either side of her head to hold her down. Sandy gasped and shook underneath him, not knowing how to react, and not able to make a choice about it. He fucked the living shit out of her, and she came again while he did it and then, miraculously, again as he spurted into her body. They had cum together exactly once before in their nearly seven years of marriage.
“Man, oh man,” she said afterwards, clearly impressed. “You sure don’t beat around the bush, if you’ll pardon the pun. I mean, wow. Did you feel that?”
“Maybe you’d better get used to it,” he said, liking how it sounded. He kissed the tip of her nose, and said, “Come on, let’s do it again.”
The second time took forty-five minutes. Mickey checked the clock to be sure. He was tired, and there was a muscle somewhere in the middle of his back on the right side that was sore from swinging the bat into Davidson’s ribs and knees, but he wouldn’t stop. He had one of those aching, rubbery hard-ons that never seem to end, and he kept after Sandy until she was panting from exhaustion and weeping a little from having him inside her. Served her right, Mickey thought, and kept at it.
He put her in every position he could think of and the only respite was when he pulled out to have her suck him while he took a break. She was getting a sort of haunted look before it was over, as if she couldn’t quite believe what was happening, or who it was happening with. One thing for sure, though, she had never known him like that. Never even imagined him like that. He was forcing her in a way that she had never known, raping her in fact, only she didn’t know that and for the moment, didn’t seem to care.
Finally, when he came for the second time at last, Mickey had her lying face down with pillows stacked under her hips. He half knelt between her splayed thighs, held her wrists pinned together at the small of her back, and he knew beyond a doubt that he had never fucked anybody harder or wanted to cum more than at that very moment.
Sandy lay under him limp as a murder victim and he had absolute and utter control over her for the first time in his life. He came grunting like a rutting hog and thinking about another use for the bat he had used on Linus Davidson. He wondered, idly, how she would sleep with that shoved up her ass.
When she got up to go to the bathroom, Mickey went to check on their daughter again. Sandy came back to bed and was very quiet. For a minute there, Mickey thought she might suddenly have been a little afraid of him. He was very gentle with her after that, and she fell asleep in his arms.

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