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Reign of the Demon Queen - ebook

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Reign of the Demon Queen by Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards, famed Femdom author of Big Linda's Midnight Visits, Slut Boy 1 & 2, and Dangerous Redemption is back again with Reign of the Demon Queen.

"Contemptuously dictatorial, Reyna was arrogant allure and unbridled sexual aggression personified. She was female superiority and omnipotent authority embodied before me. Everything about her – appearance, outfit and attitude – appealed compulsorily to some innately submissive predisposition heretofore only suspected in my timid psyche. It was like I’d been waiting for such a dominant creature to claim me my entire life."

Reyna, a stunningly beautiful woman, takes Gerald by surprise while he's trying to piss in a garage sink at a party they're both attending. Admittedly, Gerald is stunned not only by her outlandish behavior of walking in on him, but by her devastating looks.  Reyna ties Gerald down and explains she's going to give him his first-ever blow job, but in return she gets to feed on him; his fear, excitement, pain and his long hoarded seed.

Gerald, numbed and debilitated by his first sexual experience gets the shock of his life when Reyna admits she is a true, living witch. She announces he will be her slave and she is going to take him home and consume him properly. Her arrogant allure brooks no argument. After what Reyna has just shown him, why would he argue? What more can this enchantress entice her naive but willing slave with?

In this new, paranormal Femdom masterpiece, Lance Edwards is at the top of his game. Reign of the Demon Queen includes everything you'd expect from gags and bondage to strap-on anal sex and humiliation.


“Now, boy, you get to have your first sexual experience with a woman, yes?”
She looked up at me, and I nodded eagerly in response. My lust was overwhelming despite – or even because of – the beyond-bizarre circumstances. Reyna smoldered back at me in the dimness, the most beautiful, exciting and intimidating female imaginable.
“And in return I get to feed on you!” she breathed. “I shall imbibe all of your pain and fear, your wild arousal and excitement, and a precious first measure of your immortal soul along with every last squiggle of your long-hoarded seed. That doesn’t seem too high a price to pay for your first ever blowjob, does it, my naïve young feast?”
Here was another outrageous, unbelievable and yet sickeningly exciting claim to go with Reyna’s professions of evil and agelessness!
I couldn’t tell if this threat to my soul was meant as a metaphor, was some kind of wildly erotic mind game designed to liven up a fleeting carnal encounter or whether she was actually serious and truly believed these deranged things. Hell, what with the amount of beer I’d drunk, the haunting, full-moon-on-Halloween-midnight occasion, the gloom-drenched atmosphere of the room and Reyna’s deadly serious, downright creepy demeanor I was halfway to believing them myself. Though her back was now to the laundry machines I almost fancied I saw another gleam of red in her eyes. Perhaps like a lion or wolf – or other nocturnal carnivore – she had a beastly tapetum to go with those elongated canines.
Whatever the situation I didn’t hesitate. I was too bursting with fear-spiced lust, breathless suspense, virginal excitement and the unexpected but powerfully kinky thrill of being placed into bondage for the first time. Along with all the other heady emotions of the moment I also felt an amazed and prideful gratification that this incomparable being actually intended sex with me. God I was so turned on! I didn’t even believe in the immortal soul and almost regretted this for the added fillip it would have provided. As if willingly inviting the mythical vampire in over the threshold forever I eagerly nodded my agreement. Reyna’s grin in response was inconceivably wicked, gloatingly triumphant, unspeakably greedy and smugly possessive all at once. Without further ado she turned her attention to my exposed and urgent genitals.
Unfortunately – or so I thought at first – she wasn’t kidding about the pain part.
Despite the dangers of interruption (especially to me) which added a further dose of exhilarating suspense to these proceedings Reyna took the time to engage in some truly agonizing foreplay before getting down to ‘feeding’. She seized my by-now perceptibly throbbing cock in one hand and my balls in the other. Sinking red-lacquered fingernails as long and sharp as talons into the base of my scrotum she squeezed, pulled and twisted simultaneously.
A tsunami of excruciation was spawned in my already churning groin. At the same time Reyna bent my erection down against its natural inclination. She clinched it in her fist and began jacking it with all her might, applying the same unnatural strength she’d used to effortlessly rip up my briefs to brutalizing my sex organs. Yet even as I choked on the gag in my mouth with the effort of suppressing a scream I responded to that savage jerking with an involuntary upward lurch of my hips. Even with nauseated agony roiling out from my balls I writhed in arousal at the pumping of my back-bent erection and reveled in the unsuspected but amazingly intense excitement that overcame me at being victimized by this supremely dominant female.
This was akin to what I felt at being humiliated and restrained by her but more arousing by far. Whole new worlds of experience were being opened to me, perceptual and emotional beyond the simply sensory and sexual. Agonized and exalted all at once I struggled with both my bonds and burgeoning perversion and squirmed like a worm on a fishhook for an interminable eternity as my genitalia were tortured. But at last Reyna took a different tack in attacking me.
Releasing my balls she seized my erection with both hands and twisted radically back and forth in opposite directions: Indian-burning the tender inflamed surface skin even as her crushing grip madly stimulated the bone-hard interior. After that she pinched and scratched that shaft with her cruelly sharp claws, nipped at the sensitive head with her incisors and then bit down hard on it with her long pointy canines even as she relentlessly squeezed a testicle apiece between her amazingly strong fingers and thumbs. Again I sweated and squirmed, streamed out tears and suffered even worse than before, trying desperately to hang on to my unprecedented arousal.
At this I failed despite the newly addictive submissive frisson that came with being victimized. An insanity of nauseated agony so suffused me for so long that I was almost at the point of screaming for help, of forgoing the promised ecstasy of sex and risking the loss of both job and genitals if only it might end this horrific ordeal. At the outer limit of my endurance however Reyna’s craving for my pain was sated enough to be supplanted by her need to more substantially feed. She switched her grip on my balls from a crushing to a controlling one. Freeing her teeth from my deeply indented head she allowed my a-bit-wilted erection to pop back more or less upright. Her tongue snaked out, narrowing like an arrow and unbelievably long, and licked me from base to tip. Then Reyna made my night and life by dropping atop my drooping head and engulfing it with those Angelina Jolie-like lips.
Immediately I gasped again in renewed pain, in skyrocketing and mind-blowing arousal. Her mouth was so frightfully hot on me! Of course this was the first time ever I’d been inside anyone. I had no standard of comparison. But if the wet heat encasing me was anything like ninety-eight degrees then Sarah Palin was a member of Mensa. For an instant that searing pleasure-pain nudged the balance toward belief in my skeptical but susceptible mind. But then speculation fled as voracious Reyna went urgently to work.
Granted this was my first blowjob. But I was prepared to testify that it was the most incredibly expert and amazingly exciting one ever delivered. Within an instant my harder-than-ever hard-on was completely restored and I was being driven to apoplectic ecstasy.
Lips stretched in a stuffed-full oval and haughty cheeks hollowed by distension Reyna’s aristocratic face looked shockingly erotic as she serviced me. The unbearably hot mouth battened on it sucked at my appendage like an industrial vacuum hose, threatening to pull my glans right off the shaft. Meanwhile that coarse, impossibly adept reptilian tongue stroked and scoured, flickered and tickled and toyed with every little bit of that tender abused head. Slithering sinuously all around it repeatedly sought out the most sensitive spots to titillate. Thick lips gripping me possessively then my diabolical devourer bobbed metronomically up and down: effortlessly engulfing the entire abraded shaft in a rhythm that varied from the frantically rapid to the savoringly sedate at exactly the right moments.
It was as though Reyna was reading my mind (or more likely every fluctuation in my reactions) in order to maximize my rampant arousal. And of course she proved just as prescient in delivering spectacular levels of intensely intimate agony: always administering the precise amounts in the exact intervals necessary to spike my perversely thrilling sense of victimhood to even more addictive levels. Grinding the root brutally between her fingers and deliberately scraping the sensitive head over and over again with her carnivore’s teeth she didn’t neglect to further torment my testicles either. From constantly fondling and massaging these she repeatedly squeezed and twisted them just as brutally as before. Yet now her pressure was carefully calibrated so that the recurrent waves of pain that washed over me enhanced rather than detracted from the unparalleled intensity of my passion. And Reyna’s own maddened reactions infectiously fed that ever-growing frenzy as well.
She might have been a Minotaur the way she panted explosively through her nose. Grunting with an animalistic hunger as she impaled herself she attacked my rigid organ so devotedly that excess slaver ran continuously from the connection between us. This slickened my cock so much that despite the implacable grip of her wonderfully lush lips I slipped between them with only enough friction to drive me utterly out of my mind. As I rapidly approached the point of crisis my devourer clearly sensed this as well. She redoubled her efforts, an eager whine escaping her as she anticipated the culmination of her undoubtedly sumptuous feast. This irrepressible indication of animal enjoyment proved the undoing of me. Breaking Reyna’s edict without a thought for what it might cost me I cried out into my gag even as I jerked spasmodically in my bonds. Milliseconds later I erupted in her mouth. Then as incredible and unprecedented as my manipulation had been, my apotheosis easily surpassed it.
Shamelessly gluttonous, Reyna demonstrated an intuitive aptitude (or perhaps it was endless millennia of experience) for miraculously prolonging the male orgasm. Continuing to bob frantically on me even as she sucked harder than ever, she crushed my pulped balls with a steadily increasing pressure as though squashing out every last bit of juice from a pair of prize-winning fruits. Yet once again she somehow kept this exquisitely stimulating excruciation from crossing the line into lust-sapping nausea. I could even sense her hand was growing hotter: as hot as her hovering mouth as she relentlessly squeezed me out. This voracious virtuoso seemed to be directing all of her arcane arts and energies toward comprehensively draining those overworked gonads of every last squiggly cell, just as she’d promised.
And I was being drained. My laboring prick pumped and pumped unstoppably, spurting out endless amounts of sperm into that ravenously sucking maw. How long this continued I can’t even estimate, though undoubtedly I enjoyed the most unbelievably sustained ejaculation ever as my galvanized nervous system convulsed with continuous activity. Bloody hell, how long could I possibly keep coming? And when would Reyna ever be satisfied?

Artist Credit

Cover Art © freya-photographer - Shutterstock

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