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SUB U by Saundra Brookes

Dayton Hargrave, a successful and privileged man, is engaged to marry Bobbie in six months. Just when he resigns himself to a life of all-too-vanilla sex, he accidentally discovers a business card for a secret and high-security facility that offers a solution to his unsatisfied need for domination of Bobbie. The ad reads:

When her obedience is key Call 1-800-555-SUBU Confidentiality guaranteed

Obedience. The one word summarizes all that has been left unsaid and undone in his relationship with Bobbie, namely, the conquering of her virgin ass. Dayton calls the number on the card and soon contracts with SUB U to undertake the training of Bobbie in submission and anal sex.

Upon her arrival at the facility, Bobbie awakes drugged, stripped, and bound to a bed. Her trainer, Dr. Travis, has her held down by four men, forcing her to submit to her first lesson, one of absolute humiliation and subjection. And as if her situation could not be worse, she is told she was not whisked away to be held for ransom; rather, it was her fiance who sent her to be trained to please him sexually. Devastated, she attempts an escape, which earns her an excruciating whipping. Yet her real training in submission has not even begun.

Bobbie is lashed and spanked for her continued disobedience, and subjected to daily anal training by a machine. Dr. Travis uses every method available to violate her virgin asshole and bring her into anal submission. Yet all involved have underestimated Bobbie’s strength and Dayton’s weakness as his life begins to spiral out of control. And no one would have ever suspected that SUB U would teach Bobbie the real truth about Dayton and, more importantly, herself. And even Dr. Travis must wonder who is the teacher and who is the student as Bobbie’s resistance requires him to ramp up the humiliation and intensity of her anal training.

Includes: Bondage, dildos, dildo machines, oral & anal training, anal sex, oral sex, humiliation, collars, whips.


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“Client number seven ninety-eight,” Dayton said.
“Please hold for a moment, sir,’ Quiet Female Voice said, for once in a respectful tone.
Now that was more like it, he thought. That’s the way you treat a Sub U client. Maybe she’d gotten an anal attitude adjustment that morning by one of the males.
Sub U Client. He loved the sound of it.
Bobbie had told him under no uncertain terms before they’d gone to bed the night before that if he didn’t like having sex with her, he could just stop. And, he could just think of all the hundreds of people who were to be invited to the wedding, all the plans that had been made, and all the deposits they’d surely lose if he wanted to pursue this “thing,” as she called it. Oh, and another thing, she’d added, he could be the one to explain to everyone why the wedding was off. Imagine that—no one ever having the slightest clue that there had been anything wrong between them. Think of their surprised faces, she’d reminded him, if she let it slip out that things he’s seen in magazines were the real cause. Don’t ya’ think that would be an awful shame, Dayton? Magazines. She’d said it as if it were the vilest swear word to ever pass her lips.
He couldn’t believe he was going through with this, but it felt great to be in control. What was taking Travis so long?
“Good morning, my friend!” Travis said.
“Travis, Dayton here,” he said.
“Good to hear from you, Dayton,” he said. “And so soon, I might add.”
“I talked to Bobbie last night. It didn’t go well.”
“Really. I’m sorry to hear that, Dayton.”
“The wedding’s on, but my needs are at the bottom of the list at this point.”
“I hear you, I hear you,” Travis said.
“So, what’s next?”
“Well, as I tell all our clients, I have to take your word that you did talk to her, and that you’re confident Sub U is the logical next step. Only you can decide that. Are we clear?”
“Yes, absolutely. But—”
“But?” Travis said.
“I don’t even know how this works. Do you come to me? Do I bring her to you? What, exactly, are you going to do to her? I mean, for her? I don’t even know enough to ask the right questions.”
“Of course, of course, my friend. That’s why we’ve divided the process into steps.”
“Do I even get to talk to anyone who has hired you? And are there any guarantees?”
“Never any guarantees in anything in life, Dayton. Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Yes, but—”
“And would you want people to be able to contact you about us in the future?”
“No, no, absolutely not.”
“You see, my friend, it’s all about privacy. Every way we protect ourselves is just one more way we protect you. You won’t ever know where we are, and so you’ll have to be comfortable with the fact that you won’t know where Bobbie is, either.”
‘But what, exactly, are you going to do to her?”
“It depends on you. What do you want from her?”
“I want her to do what I tell her, for one.”
“You want her submission, Dayton.”
“Yes, but—”
“What else?”
“Uh, the bedroom. The sex, I mean.”
“Sure. That’s why the majority of the women are sent here. Go on,” Travis said.
“She won’t do anything…out of the ordinary. It’s all so —”
“I assume you want oral, vaginal, and anal like almost every man on the planet, and you want it to happen when you say it’s going to happen. Your sexual relationship is too vanilla for your tastes. Am I right?”
“How do you know all this?” Dayton asked.
“It’s my job, Dayton, remember? What you want is no different than what most men want. Our clients, however, have the courage to ask for it, and the means to make sure it happens.”
Dayton felt a swell of pride. God but this guy was good at what he did.
“I assume money is no object?” Travis said.
“I was wondering about all that. If I have to ask, I can’t afford it, right?”
Travis laughed. “That’s about right, my friend.”
“So how do we start?” Dayton asked.
“Can you be at Jolt o’ Java this Friday at three? The location by your office?” Travis asked.
“Wait,” Dayton said, growing alarmed. “How the hell do you know about that, or where my office is?”
“I told you last week that before this is over I would know a lot about you. We don’t accept just anyone into this program; in fact, we take great pride in our thoroughness. Surely you can understand why,” Travis said.
So that was it. Of course. They’d obviously done their homework on him. Dayton felt fear rising in his chest. By now they no doubt had plenty of information to turn around and use on him if they wanted to. What had he gotten himself into? If anyone ever found out that he’d even for a nanosecond considered doing this to Bobbie, he’d be the laughingstock of everyone he knew. He saw himself being arrested for conspiracy of some sort, or much worse, and thrown in prison where he’d be forced to do a lot more for his cellmate than just his laundry. His name would be plastered all over the nightly news and the internet, no doubt labeled as some sort of pervert who believed in turning women into slaves. The media would interview his previous girlfriends; he’d lose his job, his home, his…
“Whoa there, buddy. This is a two-way street, remember?”
“Yes, Travis.”
“You can still back out at this point, but once you pay us the first installment, there’s no turning back. Unless you decide to just walk away from the money, that is.”
“Right. I still have time to think about this,” Dayton said.
“Friday at three,” Travis said. “Sit as close to the back of the place as possible. Someone will drop off the information to your table. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to ask questions, or even acknowledge the person. Am I making myself clear?”
“Yes. What information am I getting?” Dayton asked.
“All the information we’re willing to provide,” Travis said.
“I understand,” Dayton said.
“Look it over, then call me when you’re ready to take the next step,” Travis said.
“Call you. Yes,” Dayton said, feeling slightly sick to his stomach.
“Later, my friend.”

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