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Salim's Slaves

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Salim's Slaves by Denise la Croix

Kerry Smith innocently goes for an interview which swiftly turns into a nightmare as the beautiful young woman is abducted and sold on by the sinister Trader, Salim, to a man only known as The Master. She and a lovely black submissive called Amber, whom the Master already owns, undergo many frightening rituals to slake the lusts of his guests. The girls finally escape and are rescued by sex starved Commandos. This is the beginning of their next adventure on the Island of Taransay, off the Coast of Scotland. There, a top secret laboratory is experimenting on humans to become Super Submissives to Salim's buyers. Will the two girls escape or are they doomed to be helpless slaves forever to satisfy the depraved lusts of anyone their masters want them to serve? Now read on...

This novel was originally printed in paperback form by Silver Moon in 2006, who are now out of business, or so they say. It was then titled as Ultimate Slaves in paperback form. It was also as 2 ebooks by A1adult books around the same time, in ebook form. It has now been revised and extended and made into one book.

Includes: Male Dom, some Fem/Fem Dom & BDSM and pony girls and boys.


“Prepare her!” snapped a harsh female voice with a heavy foreign accent.

Kerry staggered as she was thrust roughly into the unknown. Her naked flesh flinched as it came into contact with the cold roughness of a concrete wall. Her heart pounded wildly as she cowered in the darkness forced on her by the black silk blindfold. Where was she? How was she to be prepared? What did the woman mean? Her mind screamed out in horror as wild images flooded into it.

The woman’s footsteps retreated and a void of silence fell. She held her breath, her back against the wall, her head turning blindly in every direction as she listened desperately for any clue as to where she was. Was anyone there?

Something hard, hot and smooth brushed against her lips. She gasped with terror and flinched again.

“Welcome to the Preparation Tower,” sniggered another voice; male this time and suddenly the blindfold was ripped from her lovely face.

Kerry blinked in the dim light and gazed fearfully around her. She was in a round tower with a high pointed ornate ceiling. She swallowed hard as she looked at the instruments of torture that hung from the grey walls – the hooks, whips, shackles and pincers. There were wall lights in the shape of ancient wooden torches flickering on the walls, giving off an eerie dim glow. A long black marble table, shaped like an altar of sacrifice, stood in the middle of the floor, at each corner hung rusting fetters.

She shivered uncontrollably and her terrified gaze returned to the man who had ripped off her blindfold and she shuddered at the evil smile on his thin lips. Blond, curly hair tumbled over his brow. He would have been good-looking if it hadn't been for the hidden cruelty behind his smile and the coldness of his steel blue eyes. His tanned oiled skin glistened in the flickering lights and he wore a thin black leather loincloth, which bulged ominously. A small black leather pouch hung around his waist and she recalled that something had brushed against her lips and shuddered again. He was obviously enjoying himself and her fear was acting as an aphrodisiac for him.

“Where am I?” she sobbed and then flinched under the stinging slap that made her head spin as she fell to the hard floor. She looked at him wide-eyed; her hand cradled her hot cheek as she bit back the whimper of pain that rose to her lips.

“Slaves don’t ask questions,” he sneered at her. “They do as they’re told.” He reached down and grabbed her arm and hauled her to her feet.

“Careful, Kurt!” came a deep, slightly accented male voice from the shadows. “We don’t want to damage the goods. You know it lowers the price.”

Kerry looked hopefully in the direction that the voice had come from, but her heart sank as the meaning of the words penetrated her mind.

As the other speaker emerged from the darkness, she could see that he wore a similar loincloth and a black leather cloak around his shoulders. He had the handsome dark looks of a Mediterranean gigolo and he was extremely tall. In his right hand he held a short, thin, vicious-looking black leather whip, which he flicked idly against his muscular right thigh, as he lustfully looked her over.

Kerry knew that there would be no unexpected last minute rescue from him. She opened her mouth to ask another question, and then closed it quickly as Kurt raised his hand again to strike her.

“Excellent,” commented the dark-haired man. His Spanish accent confirmed her suspicions. “She has learned quickly.” He peered at her. “Bring her into the light I wish to examine her more closely.”

She shrunk back, trying to cover her bare breasts and pubis, trying to preserve some shred of modesty. It was no use; Kurt seized her arms and twisted them behind her back, forcing her quivering breasts to jut out proudly. He pulled her backward against his strong body so that her body bowed over, her hips thrust forward as if with desire, her legs forced apart by the pressure. The lips of her sex opened as if welcoming a lover. She closed her eyes as the shame washed over her naked body.

“Not bad, not bad at all, in fact, very nice,” commented the second man softly, as his coal black eyes scanned her body, lingering on her beautifully shaped breasts with their well formed erect red nipples, her narrow waist, curving hips and proud sex-mound delicately hidden under its modest covering of thick blonde curls.

He stepped forward and raised the whip handle first, she gasped again. The black handle had been carved perversely into the shape of a rigid erect penis. He grinned at her and ran it softly up her inner thigh. It reached her sex and he parted the moist lips further, running the thick, smooth end teasingly up and down the soft entrance to her trembling body. Against her will she felt a quickening of desire. Then his face changed and with a swift movement he thrust the handle upwards and she moaned as the top of the carved penis entered her damp love tunnel. “A very sweet and ripe fruit,” he commented with a laconic smile. “But, not quite ripe enough yet!” He raised his thick black eyebrows. “Come, Kurt.”

Kerry staggered as Kurt released her for a second, but she could not break free. He pulled her tightly against his hard muscular body and wrapped his strong arms around her, trapping both her arms between their bodies, her hands pressed tightly against his crotch, almost cradling his heavy testicles. He squeezed her breasts, kneading and fondling the soft white flesh. She moaned with pain as he pinched her nipples until they stood even more erect, red and swollen. He laughed maliciously as she struggled, trying to escape the mixture of pleasure and pain, but this only succeeded in pushing her hands further against the bulge in his loincloth.

“Please... please,,,” she cried out.

“See, Antonio, now she is begging for it,” Kurt boasted. He leaned forward; his tongue sought its way into her ear, his hot breathe made her shiver with fright, yet with a certain amount of longing. “I will not let you wait any longer.” One hand withdrew for a moment and reached down and fumbled with his loincloth until she could feel the thick hard length of his penis, nudging against her buttocks.

“Slowly... slowly, Kurt,” warned Antonio. “Our orders are to prepare her not to ravish her. The Boss would not like it, you should know that!” He lifted one eyebrow sardonically. “Our pleasures will come later, we can wait.” He leaned forward and took one of Kerry’s swollen nipples between his lips, his teeth grazing it as he teased it gently with his tongue.

Against her will she could feel herself become even moister. He turned his hand around slightly and the handle of the whip eased a little further into her wetness. Then he bit down on her nipple and she screamed as a feeling so intense that she couldn't determine whether it was pain or pleasure that shot through her body. She jerked and the whip handle, lubricated by her juices, slid all the way in. A moan escaped her lips and Antonio grinned maliciously. He withdrew it slowly, and then thrust it back in again and again, watching her face as her expression changed. Now her moans were those of pleasure. She began to writhe against the thrusting cock behind her, teasing her forbidden hole yet not quite entering her and the instrument inside her, she could feel her orgasm heightening.

Still smiling, Antonio withdrew the whip handle completely and she gazed at him with blurred eyes in a mixture of fear and disappointment.

“Later,” he promised her, holding her eyes as he raised the whip handle to his lips and licked the juices that coated it. “Later you will have everything you want and maybe more!” He narrowed his black eyes at her and grinned evilly, before looking up towards the centre of the high ceiling. He wondered if their employer was watching them. They had to be careful; sometimes Kurt went a little too far, and the cover of the lenses was open.

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