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Samantha's Slave

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Product Description

Samantha's Slave by Patrick Richards

Jack has spent years searching for his dream Mistress, and when he finally meets the stunning Samantha, he’s immediately in love with this beautiful Goddess. But Jack is not quite prepared for her tests in submission. Driven to her house in the trunk of his car, he’s then ordered to bring her to a multitude of orgasms on his tongue. He has no problem sexually satisfying this ravenous female, but her demands hardly stop there when she brings out the chilling playtoys. When he’s left on the street miles from his apartment with his hands cuffed and wearing only a woman’s thong, it’s a long, potentially embarrassing journey home. Still, he’s hooked on this amazing woman the promise of his abject submission under her artful reign.

Jack is tested: shaved, feminized, and suffers humiliating public exhibitions to stay in Samantha's good graces. He'll need to deal with Samatha's sister Marcy and her friend Lisa when they decide to use thim, too.

Jack willingly falls under the spell of the astounding Samantha, despite her rough demands. But is he ready for Samantha to take over his business and make him her permanent slave? When she gives him a chance to freely decide his fate, can Jack finally wrench himself from her powerful allure? If he stays, he’s promised a lifetime of chastity with no relief. If he gives her up, he’ll never be with her again. The choice remains his and he's unsure what to do!

Wild pleasure, and the cunning wiles of dominant females propel this heated story. Readers can gear up for some hot and heavy Femdom action. 











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“While we are waiting for our dinner, I have something for you to do.”
“What’s that?” I asked inquisitively
She reached down and picked up her black leather handbag. As she slowly opened it, I couldn’t help noticing the large, glistening bright diamond on her finger. She placed a pair of black satin and lace panties and a large gold-colored padlock on the table between us.
She carefully watched my eyes as I studied the two objects. They are so different. Her silken panties are hot and feminine, beautiful and so secretively personal. The brass lock is cold, hard and permanent. They are nothing alike, yet both of these items excited me. Both are symbols of my lust and fetish. To have the panties and the treasure they hold I must have the lock and the bondage it represents. These visually opposite objects are keys to my needs and desires.
My attention was focused on the lustful one – the soft, silky, sexy garment. I remembered back to the early days of grammar school, when we boys took every possible advantage to look up girls’ skirts, hoping to just get a glimpse of their pretty little panties. The girls learned at an early age to almost hide them from us. It’s funny how such a simple act was so exciting when you are young. Hmm...Maybe it’s not so different when you get older.
Now here they are on the table exposed to everyone in a fancy restaurant, and I can’t take my eyes off of them.
My hand slowly reached out to her offering. Gently I rubbed the smooth fabric between my fingers.
“You like them, don’t you?” she inquired softly.
“I don’t know...”
“Oh, you like them. There’s no doubt. You even touched them first. Go ahead, pick them up. You’ll especially like these. I wore them for a couple of days, just for you. Put them to your nose and breathe in deeply. Inhale me. I know you want to. You want them, and you want me.”
She sipped her wine, as I drowned in her sweet, musky aroma. I took a deep breath, savoring the aphrodisia of her loins. It was absolutely heaven!
“Kiss them,” she whispered. “Kiss them passionately, the same way you’d kiss my pussy.”
Ever so gently, I placed my lips against the slightly soiled fabric that had previously encased her treasured lips.
“Oh...!” A whisper-moan escaped my lips. Samantha had removed her shoe and rubbed her stockinged foot against the hard bulge that had grown in my pants. As I caressed her panties, she continued to rub my cock.
“I thought as much,” she quietly added. “I knew you’d have a hard-on. I knew you’d crave my panties and my love scent. Even though we’ve only just met, I know you Jack. I know your every desire, your every need and your every thought.”
Her foot continued to rub my crotch. God, she excites me!
“Suck my nectar from them. Taste my bitter-sweet honey. It’s only a little sample of what you’ll get later.”
Slowly I brought the silken treasure back to my lips. My cock jumped, as I started sucking her precious potent from them. I was intoxicated by the taste and aroma that had flowed from her loins.
As I continued to make love to her panties, she picked up the lock and started twirling it slowly around her index finger.
“There is something that you must do.”
“Anything you want, my dear.”
“Go into the men’s room, remove your pants and underwear, lock this padlock around your testicles and put on my panties.”
“Don’t ever question my orders, just do it. Now! Hurry up! And bring me back your underwear.”
I excused myself from the table, put her panties in my pocket and started for the rest room.
“Wait just a minute!” she said sternly. “Carry them in your hand. Let them dangle from your fingers. Hold them proudly, for they are mine. Think of the privilege that I am allowing you to even touch my panties, let alone sniff and taste them. Let everyone see the precious gift that I have given you.”

Artist Credit

Patrick Lane

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Dub Parker on 23rd Apr 2010

    Samantha's Slave by Patrick Richards

    This is the first book by Mr. Richards that I’ve read. I really like it! This is the story of Jack, who has always longed for a life of servitude. Since his youth, he has longed for a mistress who would control him completely and ruthlessly. In desperation, he finally took out an ad in the local newspaper. That led to his initial encounter with Mistress Samantha. From the very first moment, she took control and began pushing him to and beyond his limits. She uses control, bondage, punishment, and humiliation to lead him further and further along the road toward complete capitulation. Over the next year, he willingly becomes more and more ensnared in her charming but dangerous web. Finally, as the year nears its end, she gives him an ultimatum: Become my complete slave forever, or leave and never see me again. What will he choose? Is he really ready to give up everything; his life, his business, even his orgasm? How will he live with himself if he refuses?

    If you like stories with lots of painful bondage and sexual torture, you’ll enjoy this book. If you like stories of chastity control while the male is expected to constantly orally service his mistress and anyone else she chooses, you’ll love this book. If you like stories where the mistress completely controls and dominates her slave, who is nothing more than an article of property, you’ll definitely want to add this to your favorites list. I know I certainly will. I can’t wait to read another Patrick Richards story.

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