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Sarah's Girlfriend

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Sarah's Girlfriend by Olivia M. Ravensworth

Buxom blonde Sarah naturally attracts every male eye on campus.  Yet despite her countless desperate fantasies that might shock even her swaggering potential suitors, the shy, deeply sensual girl is comparatively inexperienced.  Every night, fingers moving ever more rapidly in the darkness, she must bite her lip to keep from moaning aloud in the top bunk of her dorm room as her mind races through the many, many beautiful perversions that she would never dare speak aloud.  Secretly, however, she despairs of these tantalizing thoughts ever becoming reality.

That all changes one confusing night when Sarah’s slyly playful yet somewhat enigmatic older roommate Nikki accepts an invitation to meet a pair of acquaintances at a gay bar, with the uneasy but powerfully curious Sarah accompanying the slinky brunette.  Sarah does like boys, and yet…well, very privately she has indeed entertained many naughty thoughts about girls, too.  It is strangely affecting, therefore, for the purported good girl to see women actually flirting with women, holding hands, even kissing passionately in the smoky gloom.  When she ends up dancing with a lesbian clearly attracted by her curvy charms, the wickedly flattered Sarah can only sway there uncertainly…until Nikki, hard-eyed in what Sarah innocently supposes is disgust, “rescues” her from the stranger’s clutches.

Frightened by her own reaction, Sarah for a time tries to hide herself in the seeming normalcy of compulsive dating.  The sly, black-haired Nikki, however, understands Sarah’s confused needs far better than the blonde herself does.  For although Sarah may desire to be seduced and swept off her feet by a lover as smooth and shapely and feminine as herself, her inhibitions require more—far more.  Before she finally can commit herself to the forbidden embrace of another woman, the trembling Sarah must be stripped bare and dominated, subjugated utterly beneath the unflinching dark eyes, the predatory red lips, and the fierce crimson nails of a mistress determined to exact the utmost in devotion from the girl’s fleshy young body, and from her reeling soul.

And her headstrong roommate Nikki, imperious and willful and darkly unpredictable, is just the woman to transform the once-teasing Sarah into the utterly debauched plaything she truly longs to be.


As the heady afterglow of a desperately needed orgasm suffused Sarah’s satiated flesh, she lay sleepy and happy and warm beneath the gentle weight of the sweetly imperious Nikki, feeling the older girl’s heart hammer beneath her delicate little breasts.
“Oh, Sarah!” the long slender temptress atop the full-bodied blonde sighed contentedly in her blood-warmed ear. “Sarah…” Deeper the pale-skinned beauty nuzzled into the comfortingly obscuring tresses of Sarah’s honey-blonde waves, breathing deep the intimate aroma of her accepting flesh, murmuring wordlessly into the faintly sticky warmth of her softly perspiring neck. How unguarded the dark-eyed girl was now after this communion of mutual souls, how blissfully at peace!
Benevolently Sarah clung to the shapely bare shoulders of her roommate, her friend…her lover. Lover. With solemn wonderment she let her drowsy mind savor this once unheard-of word, cherishing it like a flame beginning to flicker within a tangle of dry kindling so, so ready to burst into crackling blaze. With maternal arms of the most heartfelt sentiment she shielded the notion against the thoughtless vicissitudes of the cold, uncaring world beyond. Smilingly she let the unspoken syllable roll slowly around upon a tongue that finally had tasted the sweet stimulation of another girl’s corresponding tongue. Lover? What a strange, strange thing to say, but…yes, she had to admit now, happily, how true it was! Automatically, unselfconsciously, she stroked her tender fingers reassuringly through the long waves of glossy jet that tumbled so beautifully about them both. No longer able to think or wonder or judge, but only to exist, Sarah let her heavy lids slide slowly closed. Wrapped in the rosy sanctity of serene feminine graciousness, she floated at the very edge of sleep.
The girl nestled against her fuzzy neck began to stir, though, and as Sarah blinked her green eyes open one more, Nikki kissed her very tenderly, unhurriedly and with chastely closed lips, upon the soft mouth that had gasped so gratefully beneath her, upon the abused red cheeks that had stung beneath her savage white palm and then had run salty wet with tears, upon the forehead that had flushed with the blood of the forbidden passions she had roused. Smiling, Nikki raised herself on graceful white forearms and kissed the blonde delicately on the tip of her nose. Fondly she stroked golden waves back from the younger girl’s sweaty, dreamy face.
Blinking up open and defenseless and beaming, Sarah parted lips that at last had felt the caress of another girl’s supple red mouth. She made as if to speak— But at the look in Nikki’s eyes, she stopped all at once, aghast.
“Well…?” wondered the brunette crookedly, staring down with gorgeously lash-rimmed eyes that had hardened once more, stony and unreadable and bleak.
Sarah swallowed uneasily. Why, it had not been just a fleeting moment, she saw now, disconsolate and despairing, not just a whim or a fancy or merely play. What the other girl said at the beginning of her staggering sexual onslaught was real, and it truly was what the dark-eyed demon wanted. This girl who once had been her very best friend, this sweet feminine soul who finally had made love to her and caused the happy blonde cry out the joys she had tried to deny for so, so long—this stranger who had ravished her like a beast—why, she truly did long to command and sneer, to torment and torture, to heap degradation upon one who would have devoted her every moment to the smirking, red-lipped angel. There was no escape, Sarah realized again, none. For oh, when the headstrong creature was in this mood…
Dreading, Sarah licked her lips and thought quickly. “Th-thank you, Mistress,” she stammered at last, crestfallen. Tremblingly Sarah prayed that her servility was pleasing enough to avoid incurring further punishment. All she had to do, she told herself, was appease this iron-willed young beast until she had the chance for escape…
Smirking cool and superior, the raven-maned devil accepted Sarah’s words with a slight nod. “Good whore,” she said matter-of-factly, as one might praise a dog. “You may just be properly trainable yet.”

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Product Reviews

  1. Brilliant

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2012

    There is a dark psychological tension that runs through the story. Sarah wears her fantasies like armor, unable to admit what she really wants even as she obsesses over it. Poor Nikki tries everything to seduce her, only to find herself teased and frustrated. Until she takes control and MAKES Sarah pay attention.

    Olivia hits this one out of the park. In a world where lesbian femdom is thin on the ground this novel is a gem.

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