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Sasha's Portrait

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Product Description

Sasha's Portrait: The Art of Submission by BJ Wane

From the Author of Convincing Maggie and Flushed With Shame ...

Sasha Wells has just finished masturbating on the beach when she sees a car crash against a telephone pole. Rescuing the driver, she helps him to her nearby cottage where he passes out. Having been caught in a downpour, she divests him of his clothes and can't resist the temptation of his hard cock. He awakens to see a strange woman masturbating in front of him. Sasha's visitor is Derrick Owen Matthews, better known as the renowned artist of erotic art as DOM. Derrick soon discovers that his sexy hostess is the owner and curator of a Nantucket gallery where he'll be doing his next showing.

As a lifestyle Dom, Derrick wastes no time punishing Sasha for the liberties she's taken. And while mortified, the woman becomes like putty in the man's skillful hands. Having stumbled on the woman's secret desire for domination, Derrick readily takes charge. He makes her masturbate for him, then punishes her for coming without permission. He introduces her to deep throating, double dildos, nipple clamps, risky outdoor sex, raunchy exhibitionism in a strip club, and so more. While the needy Sasha repeatedly denies her desire to be completely dominated, Derrick is determined to prove her wrong. While Sasha dives into Derrick's world, she fears she's falling in love...this could be a big mistake. Is Derrick even capable of settling for just one woman? Could she ever be more to him that just another well-trained sub?

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“You’re an hour late with this report, Mrs. Johnston.”
“I’m sorry, sir,” Mrs. Johnston replied to her boss. “I finished it as fast as I could.”
Her boss stared at her, not believing a word she said. He knew her too well. “Not good enough. You know the rules and the consequences for breaking them.”
Maria quivered, excitement flaring. A whole week he had made her wait, denied her the feel of his belt on her naked ass. He knew she needed his discipline, how she craved the painful stimulation and the degradation of his ruthless treatment. They both knew her report was late on purpose, just as they both knew what he would do.
Rising from behind his desk, he moved slowly around it to where she stood trembling with arousal and need. When his strong hands went to the buckle of his wide leather belt and slowly released it, she licked her lips in nervous anticipation and waited for the words that never ceased to thrill her.
“Pull down your pants and assume the position,” his cold voice matched the ice in his eyes as he slowly folded the thick leather belt in half.
Bowing her head in submission, Maria unsnapped her pants and pushed them to her mid thighs before bending over the desk and laying her face on her folded arms. She never tired of this position, never tired of having him torment the rounded globes of her cheeks, or the instant arousal the fiery pain gave her. She never felt more vulnerable than when they were completely clothed, her ass the only part on display, exposed for his abusive pleasure.
When the belt lightly caressed her buttocks, she couldn’t prevent the moan of need from escaping her. He loved making her wait and making her pay.
“This is going to hurt, Mrs. Johnston. But, you knew that, didn’t you?” he asked softly as he ran his belt over her quivering backside. How he loved seeing her like this, shaking, needy and begging for that which only he could give her.
“Yes, sir, I know,” she whispered fearfully, longingly.
The first stroke of the belt caused her to cry out; her eyes tearing at the instant gratification from the fiery sting. Again, the belt landed across her ass; and again, she cried out, loving the feel of the leather, the sound of his harsh breathing, knowing how turned on he was getting. He held nothing back as he raised the strap again and again, his blows hard, leaving her aching for more. A whole week, she wept, he had denied her this pleasure, this release that only he could give her.
He stopped at half a dozen and eyed her red buttocks with lust. She colored magnificently. “What do you think, Mrs. Johnston? Have you had enough?” he asked, knowing what her answer would be.
Maria cringed, knowing what he wanted, knowing she would give it to him just so he wouldn’t stop yet. “Please, sir, I deserve more. There’s no excuse for my tardiness.”
“Yes, you’re quite right,” he said smugly. “Another dozen ought to do it.”
If she thought the first six were hard, they were nothing compared to the rest of her punishment. His strokes came fast and hard, covering her ass and the top of her thighs until she was wiggling and gasping in pain. Her buttocks felt hot and swollen, the same as her wet pussy. By the time he landed the last stroke, she was weeping in relief, that familiar feeling of peaceful acceptance coming over her.
He laid the belt on the desk next to her, and she heard the sound of his pants being opened. She knew his cock would be big and hard, and she knew what he was going to do with it.
“You know what to do next, Mrs. Johnston. Don’t make me tell you,” he said sternly as he rubbed lubricant over his straining erection.
Even though this was nothing new, she never ceased to be mortified as she reached behind her, grabbed her sore buttocks, and spread them for his penetration. She loved the feel of his cock up her ass, loved being taken hard and fast in her forbidden hole especially after she had been whipped. Her only regret will be the sure denial of her own release.

Artist Credit

(c) Richard Savage, www.swage.net

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Lancelot Knight on 23rd Apr 2010

    Sasha’s Portrait: The Art of Submission
    by B J Wane
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

    For lovers of spanking fiction, you can hardly do better than to dive into this steamy erotic novel of submission . . . and, not so oddly, liberation.

    Sasha is one hot little number, who has so much pent up sexual energy that she regularly masturbates. By accident she meets Derrick, a painter who revels in his lifestyle of Domination, and she is fascinated by his lifestyle and immediately drawn to him.

    Sasha keeps telling Him that she is not his submissive, but she regularly falls in with his sexual games. Under Derrick’s gentle guidance Sasha revels in all of the pleasures of anal sex, lesbian sex, threesomes, exhibitionism, clubs, and of course a liberal series of lessons in spanking and belt discipline. You’ll get any number of fun scenes of red hot bottoms and squirming submissives begging to come.

    This book does have a serious point to make; it is about submission and more. Ultimately, Sasha must learn to accept herself, her needs and desires, as unique as they might be. When she accepts that, in the form of a portrait, she then can become truly liberated and truly submissive.

    It might seem odd to say, but for all the hot and vigorous sex in this book (and there is plenty of it), this is actually a sweet novel that will appeal, I think to women and couples, as well as men.

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