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Secret Mascot - ebook

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 Secret Mascot by Lance Edwards

From Lance Edwards the guru of ferocious Femdom titles such as, Twelve Steps to Hell, Dangerous Redemption and Nursing A Grievance, comes a stunning, new interracial tale of twisted Femdom delights!

Once he caught sight of the vivacious Dani Reilly, he molded his life around her. Applying and being accepted at the college she is a celebrated soccer star at. Facebook-friending her. Meeting her after a game to get her autograph, trying to be inconspicuous. Finally taking classes with her.

After a time, he finds himself paired up with the stunningly beautiful black woman in one of their classes together. He finds that she has problems in subjects he excels in, so he takes the time to start working with her, hoping all along he can convince the gorgeous beauty to be more than friends.

Rather than study the college subject at hand, Dani finds this young man a willing participant in complete and utter subjugation. She wheedles information from him about how long he’s dreamed of her and beat off to her image. Soon she plans to take him and pass him around her soccer team that is filled with man-hating, raging lesbians that can’t wait to take their pound of flesh out of him.

Dani quickly moves into his house, takes over his finances, and starts the process of completely dominating his every move and waking thought. Hoping that Dani was falling in love with him and they can be a regular couple, he does everything she demands. She dons a large dildo and takes him anally, the only way Dani will have sex with her slut-boy.

Will Dani ever accept her Slut-Boy, honky as a man or suppress his feelings completely? Can her Slut-Boy stand up to her punishment and that of her teammates?

Includes: Female Domination, bondage, dildoes, the infamous feeldoe, electro-stimulation, and everything else you expect from Lance Edwards!

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Yet again it’s time for sex between us, the only kind she allows me.

I’m straight and she’s gay you see, which makes for a rather abnormal coupling. Nevertheless, we are deeply in love (on my part at least) and irrevocably committed to each other: providing reciprocal fulfillments we could find nowhere else. And that’s just the beginning of the strangeness of our relationship: the foundation upon which all the rest is based.

Right now I’m not merely lying on the canopied bed that used to belong to my grandparents. I’m tied to it in a rather bizarre fashion.

My limbs are stretched out and bound at the ankles and wrists to the four bedposts by tight sturdy ropes, but not in any conventional spread-eagle. Positioned on my back in the exact center of that ten by twelve foot expanse, I’m bent up double at the waist. My feet are spread high and wide above my head, lifting up my vulnerable ass. Overlying the backs of my knees at the elbows and pinning my legs tightly against the mattress, my arms are stretched oppositely down and out, with my wrists bound to the posts at the foot of the bed. With my restrained limbs forming an x at each side I’m rendered not only uncomfortably doubled up but utterly helpless. Other than tossing my pillow-supported head, wriggling my purple-numb fingers and toes and writhing a bit I’m unable to move at all or resist anything Dani chooses to do to me. The evidence of this is glaringly apparent in the rest of my current condition. I have, after all, been bound this way for well over two and a half hours now.

My thick brown hair (finally grown Jim Morrison-long in a belated act of rebellion against my despised parents) is plastered to my head with sweat. My eyes are puffy from weeping and my cheeks still wet from the latest batch of tears my beloved has wrung from me. Paradoxically, my stomach also aches woefully from laughing. I’ve always been terribly ticklish, which Dani delights in taking fiendish advantage of. I’m suffering considerable pain elsewhere as well, not least from the two clothespins clamped onto each of my nipples and the five viciously pinching into the sensitive head of my imprisoned penis. The real source of my distress though is in my recently beaten buttocks and the backs of my thighs.

The former are bruised black from endless swats of a perforated wooden paddle, while the latter are welted red all over from being whipped with a heavy leather belt. Still my uncontrollable struggles come not from any stupidly useless attempt to escape. Rather I’m so aroused by my situation that I can’t help but squirm and thrash in an excess of excitement. And of course, the futility of this against the strictly controlling bondage Dani has subjected me to turns us both on even more. Finally, our admittedly kinky form of foreplay is over with, and about to culminate in our downright perverted version of intercourse. Every bit of fervency we can add to the fire will only make this familiar ordeal more exhilarating than ever.

Dani moves in front my upraised buttocks. Her wide, thick-lipped mouth stretches in an absolutely dazzling smile of sadistic intent that fetchingly dimples her cherubic cheeks. She’s breathing heavily already, nostrils flaring in her broad nose, and above this her large dark eyes sparkle with mischievous eagerness. Crouching just before me her bunched-up legs and haunches bulge even more monstrously. As she aligns the cock curving out from those incredible loins with my defenseless entrance beautiful Dani does her own part to wire up our mutual anticipation to a truly unbearable pitch. She announces a decision that will impact my future in ways I can’t even begin to contemplate.

“Guess what, Slut-boy? Though school isn’t officially starting for another week, we’ve already had our first two practices, and I’ve been made captain. So I’ve decided that as a team unifier, morale-builder, incentive and reward for good play in our drive for the title this year, I’m going to start sharing you with my teammates.

“You’re going to be our secret mascot, party entertainment, sex toy, slut-boy, bondage object, aggression outlet and communal slave. And you’re going to serve as such not just for the season but throughout my entire senior year. Doesn’t that sound wildly exciting and limitlessly rewarding beyond belief for everyone involved?”

To say I’m flabbergasted at the thought of the incredible new levels of humiliation, pain, and unbearably arousing sexual subjugation this prospect portends is the understatement of the millennium. I can’t dare imagine what my sophomore year now suddenly holds in store for me. Nevertheless, I give the answer my beloved little lesbian expects, the only one I’m capable of providing as she crouches naked and irresistible above my bound and proffered-up body.

“Yes, Mistress Dani. That sounds absolutely fantastic.”

“You bet your greedy ass it does!” she exults as she positions herself to penetrate me. Looming over me and grinning down, she props herself on powerful arms spread to either side of my head. “Just think: soon I won’t be the only one beating and fucking your sissy little butt. You’ll have about two dozen other girls doing it to you too!”

With that Dani lunges forward, stabbing her big hard cock all the way into me. Crying out with inextricably mixed pain and ecstasy, all thought of this appalling future (or anything else for that matter) is banished from my awareness then as she once again begins using her lithe athleticism, amazing mobility, freakishly muscular hips and ass – and of course her insatiably demanding prick – to fuck me out of my hopelessly beholden mind.

Later will be soon enough to face what I can’t escape.

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Cover Art © mocker

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