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Sex Corps - ebook

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Sex Corps by Johnathan E. Ford

It was the best job in the world, but also the most dangerous. John Bancroft is a spy, but no ordinary secret agent. John works for Life Corps, known to insiders as Sex Corps, now one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

The founder of the company, while researching a better medicine for male impotency, stumbled upon a drug that altered the genetic structure of semen. If a male were to have sex with a female, the biochemically changed semen could affect the female recipient psychologically. Obviously not a thing to be desired unless you are a spy sent to work for the secretive branch of Life Corps that, under the Governments watchful eye, now manufactured the drug for the sole purpose of espionage.

It was John’s dirty job to ‘turn’ the minds of the wives and female consorts of some of the most vicious bad guys on the planet. A job that he made all the more dirty with his insatiable thirst for female delights.

In Sex Corps, Bancroft’s first spy adventure, the agent is sent to an Afghanistan of the near future. A relatively peaceful place threatened now by a resurgent terrorist whose aim is to overthrow the democratically elected government. John’s mission is to ‘turn’ the terrorist’s equally extremist but beautiful wife by sexually inoculating her with pints of his genetically active sperm. A mission he is more than able and willing to perform. First, he must infiltrate the terrorist group and get close to the object of his desire. 

On the way we are introduced to a bevy of fortunate girls that are entered and enjoyed in every possible way by Life Corps' most active and handsome field-agent, without the side-effects.

Bullets fly fast in this thrilling tale, but faster still are the bedroom capers, the lustful interludes, and the sexually impressive feats of the novels characters.

Includes: Multiple partners, oral & anal sex, and much more!


I distinctly remember her first words to me.
“You don’t carry your service pistol, and you should.”
I looked up; I had been day-dreaming, something an officer should never do when on duty, and I was instantly alert to the implied threat in her words. She was right; I had gone soft over the last few years. My routine life had lulled me into a 9 to 5 mentality, and I had taken to sling-ing my shoulder holster and its 9mm Glock over the back of my office chair. I made some fast calculations in my mind. She was about three feet in front of me; both her hands were by her side, not an aggressive posture, but I was in a poor defensive position, being seated just beneath her, one leg nonchalantly crossed over one knee. I would have to thrust myself upward as fast as I could to gain any kind of combat advantage. She must have seen my thoughts in my eyes.
“Easy, sailor, I’m not here to take you out, I just want to talk.”
Saying this, she gracefully sat down cross-legged on the grass. It was a physical signal that she was not planning any lethal moves. I had time now to look at her as a person, and not as some stranger about to seriously spoil my day. She was stunning! The first thing a guy would notice was the jet black shoulder length hair. Maybe it was straight, but it seemed to have soft natural waves. Her figure was full, not skinny; she was a woman with natural curves and seemed supremely comfortable in her body. I weighed her up as a natural athlete, loose limbed, but with an unforced musculature, the way Native American Indians were once tough without having to be bulked up with too much muscle. She might have some Indian blood in her, for her complex-ion was dark for a Caucasian, yet I could tell her skin was not sun-tanned, just a natural tone.
Then I noticed her eyes, how could I have not seen them at first look! They were green with flecks of coffee-almond in them, and they were both focused on me now, with a frank and be-guiling humor.
“I’ve been snooping around on you, Lieutenant Commander John Bancroft; in fact I have quite a file on you already. I must say your private life has been somewhat less than discreet. You’re a good intelligence officer, but your heart’s not in, is it, John? Is that why you’ve had so many affairs with other officer’s wives? Is it a way to counteract the boredom, or are you just the usual horny, self-centered military stud?”
I was taken aback, this woman knew way too much about me. If she knew this much, she probably knew something of my security grade at the Pentagon, and of the kind of covert work I dealt with on a daily basis. I considered disabling her and calling for help to abduct her into the building for interrogation.
“Rear Admiral Mazzini knows I am talking to you right now, want to speak to him?”
Mazzini was my boss, and I was beginning to get a feeling that I was being set up. Without saying anything, and still looking directly at her, I reached for my cell phone; dialed the highly classified number to reach the general, and after listening to what he had to say, I stared back at her astonished.
“You can call me ‘Mother’,” she said with a smile.
That was three years ago and at least twelve missions past. Yesterday I had arrived from Hong Kong with enough genetic data and discovered information on one of Hong Kong’s lead-ing mobsters, thanks to his lovely wife. Ling Po was, on the surface, a respected businessman, but also a man, that through good old fashioned gang terror had brought under his control most of the South East Asian gaming community. Not a problem for any government security agency as such, but when Ling Po began to strong-arm politicians and diplomats, something had to be done fast.
Now I am listening to Mother’s hoarsely whispered pleas to fuck her more deeply. I was on-point; a soldier on the front wave of an erotic action, which contained classified material that had to be loaded into a beautiful woman, and I had my duty to do!
I grabbed hold of Mother’s hips fiercely, fingers digging into her flesh as I rammed her backward onto my stiff cock. She squealed, but then thrust herself onto my balls trying to eat them with her pussy. I went into long strokes, the full length of my six inches plowing through her, a steady rhythm and pump as I listened to her moans rising to screams, her words becoming lustfully dirty as she demanded to be raped and beaten. I began to slap her delicious ass; my own breath becoming guttural and bestial as I forced apart her pussy with my cock and fingers, thrust-ing impossibly deep into her womb. I felt my balls going into spasm as they began to gush hot cum deep into her, a sperm loaded with high security data to be later pored over; its code un-locked, by less actively involved agents. Howling with a savage lust, I squeezed her pussy over my shaft, my fingers soaked with our cum juices. Panting thickly, I licked the salty liquor from my fingers, offering the goo to her lips for her to taste.

Artist Credit

© Yuri Arcurs

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