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Shameful Reckonings

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Shameful Reckonings by S J Lewis

S J Lewis, author of the Prey series and many other sizzling erotica novels, is stunning in this BDSM novella combo. Shameful Reckonings is the joining of two sensational novels, Tropical Hell & Giancarla.

Tropical Hell

Sigrid and Amanda are young women who find that being smoking hot makes it much easier for them to run their con games and embezzle millions of dollars from their unsuspecting marks. Their last score was their biggest, and there are some very unhappy and unsavory people looking for them now. To keep from being found, the two women have abandoned the false identities they'd assumed and fled the States for a Caribbean island, where they intend to enjoy a long and luxurious vacation while they wait for the heat to die down. They had no way of knowing that this island was the lair of predators always on the prowl for hot young women to turn into sex submissives, using whatever methods are necessary to train them in the arts of giving pleasure to their new masters, male or female. Sigrid and Amanda were prime targets from the moment they landed. They had no idea what was in store for them.


Giancarla is a trophy wife. Her husband has indulged her for so long that she has become arrogant and spoiled, mistreating the servants and taunting the male ones mercilessly by parading around in the skimpiest of bikinis. She does not truly love her older husband, and, since he is away on business so often, she's taken a lover to amuse herself sexually. She does not know that her husband has had people keeping an eye on her, nor that her infidelity will prove to be the one thing that he will not stand for. Found out, she is turned over to Boris, her husband's chauffeur, who inflicts humiliation on her and uses her voluptuous body to satisfy his lusts. She thinks her punishment is over when she is brought back to her husband, and tries to regain his good favor by pleasing him in whatever way he wants. He accepts her tearful submission, only to tell her afterwards that he never wants to see her again.

Includes: Male Domination, female submission, exhibitionism, multiple partners, bondage, BDSM, humiliation, punishment.


Turn around,” Nicholas said at last. “Get your ass up in the air for me, and spread your legs, like you do for everyone else.”

Still sniffling, Giancarla turned so that her back was to him. She did as he had ordered, lowering her head down onto the old, dusty mattress and raising her hips. A moment later, she felt Nicholas’ hand between her legs, his fingers probing her pussy. She sobbed loudly and moaned for his benefit.

“You always get wet so easily,” she heard him say. “Can you turn that on at will, as you do your tears?” Giancarla made no reply, except to sob again. Then his hand came down hard across her upturned ass. She yelped, but didn’t move. She felt her husband kneel down on the mattress behind her, and then his hands gripped her hips. He just held her like that for a moment before he slapped her ass hard again. This time, Giancarla yelped and whimpered. She had to play this just right. Nicholas had spanked her before, always just before their make-up sex. With any luck, her ordeal would soon be at an end. All she had to do was submit, and maybe make him think that he was hurting her a little.

She felt the head of his cock pressing against her pussy. He had been exactly right about it being so easy for her to get wet. But she hadn’t expected what he did next. Once his cock started sliding into her his grip on her hips tightened and he rammed himself all the way in, his hips slamming up against her upturned ass. Wet as she was, Giancarla wasn’t quite fully ready, and Nicholas’ thrust really did hurt. Her head came up, and she squealed. That earned her an even harder slap on her rear.

“Shut up and take it, you spoiled bitch,” Nicholas snarled. He swatted her again and began pumping her furiously. She could feel his terrible anger in each hard thrust, and whimpered at each jarring impact. After a little while, she began to moan instead. She hurt almost all over, thanks to Boris’ ministrations, but Nicholas was making her body respond anyway. That was something she couldn’t help at all.

Then Nicholas suddenly stopped and pulled out. He struck Giancarla’s ass again, hard enough for it to sting terribly. Bewildered and suddenly worried again, she shrieked.

“Get up, you bitch,” Nicholas ordered. “Get up on your knees and suck my cock!”

Giancarla tried to stall for time. It wasn’t too hard. Between the pain and the pleasure, her body was trembling. It didn’t feel as if it was completely under her control.

“Move!” Nicholas roared. She scrambled upright on her knees, shaking visibly, and turned to face him. He knew that she didn’t particularly like giving him a blowjob, but now he was demanding that she take his cock in her mouth right after it had been deep in her pussy. She shuddered and worked up a cascade of tears. She knew better than to protest.

“No hands!” Nicholas struck her arms away as she reached to hold his legs. “Just use your lying mouth, bitch!”

Sobbing constantly, Giancarla leaned forward on her knees, her hands resting on her thighs, her mouth open. She took the head of Nicholas’ cock between her lips and tasted herself on him. For a moment, she couldn’t bring herself to do any more. Nicholas saved her from dithering by grabbing her by her hair and ramming his cock into her mouth, deeply enough to make her gag. At first she couldn’t breathe either until Nicholas pulled back a little.

“Do it, you little whore,” Nicholas snarled. “Do it and swallow, or I swear I will fuck your ass next and then make you suck my cock!”

Giancarla burst into real tears now as she sobbed and boo-hooed around her husband’s cock. She didn’t dare refuse him, or he’d send in Boris again, and that was something she didn’t want to think about. She began sucking vigorously, anxious to placate him no matter what. At least she didn’t have anything left to vomit up.

She dribbled copiously to get the taste of herself out of her mouth. Nicholas said nothing about it, but he never loosened his grip on her hair. She sucked, and sucked hard, trying to make him come quickly so she could get it over with. He forestalled her by pulling her head back. All she could do was watch, gasping for air, as he loosened his pants and let them drop to the floor. His boxers followed his expensive slacks shortly afterwards.

“Lick my balls, bitch,” he snapped. He shook her head roughly before pulling her head close to his groin.

Giancarla obeyed, sobbing and whimpering. She tasted salt and sweat and fought back an urge to gag. Short, curly hairs got into her mouth and up her nose, but Nicholas made her lick every bit of his balls before he let her go back to sucking his cock. As much as she disliked fellatio, she welcomed it as a relief.

She wished she knew more about how to pleasure a man with her mouth. It seemed to be much more complicated than just sucking… or maybe sucking was all that was required, but her technique was lacking. She kept making little changes to what she was doing, trying to gauge Nicholas’ reactions to them. She looked up at him with pleading eyes from time to time, but his expression was always the same: Cold, and angry, and implacable. She thought he was getting some grim amusement seeing her with her mouth full of his cock and her eyes full of tears.

His grip on her hair tightened enough to really hurt. Sobbing and drooling, Giancarla kept sucking. At last, she heard Nicholas groan faintly. She tried to remember what she had been doing to get that response so she could keep doing it and bring her ordeal to an end. She heard him groan again, more loudly.

He gave her no warning. All of a sudden he thrust his cock deep into her mouth and held it there, moaning and groaning. Something hot and wet and sticky and salty hit the back of Giancarla’s throat, making her gag and choke. Nicholas never loosened his grip on her hair, so she couldn’t pull away. Another spurt of his semen gushed into her mouth and down her throat, and then another and another. Giancarla wailed dismally whenever she could catch her breath between coughing fits. She had swallowed some of Nicholas’ cum, but most of it now swirled around in her mouth, mixing with her saliva.

Nicholas suddenly yanked her head back. His cock slipped out of her mouth, and she felt his free hand under her chin, forcing her jaws shut and tilting her head back.

“Swallow it!” he snarled. “Swallow all of it, you faithless little bitch, or I will let Boris fuck you too! Do you know what he likes? Do you?”

Giancarla had no idea what Boris liked and no wish to find out. She tried to swallow, but couldn’t quite manage it. She coughed behind her clenched teeth and tried again. She managed to swallow about half of what was in her mouth and hoped that Nicholas would be satisfied with that. He wasn’t.

“All of it,” he snarled furiously. Wide-eyed, Giancarla swallowed the last of it.

“Open your mouth, bitch, and show me,” he demanded as he took his hand from her chin. Giancarla obeyed. Nicholas looked into her mouth and seemed satisfied.

“Now,” he said as he pulled her head towards him again, “Clean my cock with your mouth and tongue.” When Giancarla hesitated, he became enraged.

“Do it, you little whore!” he bellowed, so loudly that Giancarla flinched. She was terribly frightened of Nicholas’ anger, not for fear that he would strike her, but for fear that he would send Boris in to her again. She leaned forward and sought out his cock. It was slippery, and not as hard as it had been, which made it difficult to get it into her mouth without using her hands, but Nicholas had previously told her not to use her hands, so she didn’t. She licked and sucked the length of Nicholas’ cock, whimpering and crying the whole time. If this was his idea of make-up sex when he was furious, she was resolved never to make him so angry again, no matter what. She kept licking, her stomach knotting up at the taste, until he told her to stop. He threw her onto her back on the mattress, pulled up his pants, and left the room. He slammed the door behind him, but left the light on. Giancarla curled up into a huddled ball of misery, sobbing and crying, wondering how long she was going to be left down here.

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Sergei Butorin - Shutterstock.com

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