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She Will Obey

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Product Description

She Will Obey, A BDSM Novel by Frederick Starr


The lovely blonde Stacy Richter is much more than just a high-paid escort, in the eyes of the wealthy and brilliant scientist Jack Clayton, she’s one of the most beautiful and desirable females on the planet. Jack is also a member of Sanctimonia, a secret society that believes that only in the throes of excruciating pain and unfeigned humiliation can a woman be set free to embrace her raw sexuality. To have real power, she must learn to be subservient to her most primal urges. Looking for a special woman who can triumph through Sanctimonia’s grueling discipline, Jack sets his sights on the alluring young blonde.

Stacy is immediately charmed by Jack’s good looks and controlling attitude, and when he offers her a risky sexual adventure, she can’t help but be intrigued. While riding in his Rolls to some undisclosed location, Jack requires she sit with her dress hiked up. Later when the car stops, two men enter and bind her hands behind her for the rest of the trip. While hesitant to obey these men, she feels strangely safe in Jack’s company, and the entire scene has her deeply aroused and panting with desire. The seeds of submission lie deep within her psyche, and Jack has seemed to tap into that hidden core.

Once they arrive at the Society’s mansion, three gorgeous females prepare Stacy to be presented in the main theater, where she’ll be stripped, bound and severely whipped by Christian, her appointed mentor. Despite the rough treatment at his hands, the resilient Stacy does not break, and earns the respect of the entire Sanctimonia membership. More bondage, whipping and demeaning use follows at the hands of a quartet of virile trainers. Stacy also enjoys wild sex with her female escorts, and later dances with them on stage.  She soon learns that Jack has far more in mind for her than just bondage and savage sex.

In addition to the bdsm storyline, the author also weaves throughout the narrative an extensive history of the Sanctimonia Society its founders, and the unique backgrounds of the main characters.



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First, she was shackled to the chains with her arms pulled high above her. Then the hired handlers stripped her naked. They tore her undergarments to shreds, and when displayed completely nude and helpless before them, all the men in the room were affected most profoundly by the power of her sex. When they whipped her, her screams were so anguished and so piercing, she had to be gagged for fear that neighbors might hear her cries and summon the police.
After her whipping they bound her hands behind her back and made her kneel on the rough wooden floor where she performed fellatio on all three of the handlers. Her husband had to be restrained himself when one of the barbarous men ejaculated all over her face. Then, the other two men tied her on her back across the bed and fucked her in her cunt and her mouth. To complete her humiliation, they flipped her over so that one of the men could fuck her up her ass. When they were spent they left her lying half conscious and gasping for air, drenched in sweat and streaked with blood; globs of their hot semen dripping from every hole.
No knowledge of this affair was ever leaked into the community at large. Only, after that night, it became known all over Connecticut, what a dutiful, obedient wife was Ellen O’Day and how, in some splendid way, she conveyed a certain air of ascendancy when she walked through the tidy streets of New Haven. All people would ever say about it was what a marvelous miracle it was.
The secret Sanctimonia Society grew in numbers over the years, but was never unveiled by any member or by a single woman who submitted to the ceremony. The ceremony itself changed with decades of refinement. The members ceased to wear the black scarves. They decided the masks made them appear sinister and, because none of the women who graduated had ever made any effort to identify a member outside of the chambers, they were unnecessary. The manner in which the women were presented became more dramatic. The whips and the techniques used during the ceremonies were constantly upgraded and the equipment, where the women were bound and assaulted, was always being improved. They were continuously looking for more efficient manners of mounting the girls and of penetrating them vaginally, orally and anally. The dress code became exacting and very specific. Only sexually revealing garments were permissible and no constricting bras, girdles or panties were ever allowed. In later years, the Society became very strict about the wearing of high heels. Women were required to wear high heels at all times.
At the dawn of the 20th century, the Society had their women shave their underarms because the men thought the girls looked so much more attractive when tied spread-eagled. Soon after, the women were ordered to shave their legs as well. In North America, the public practice of women shaving their underarms did not become popular until sometime during World War I and legs weren’t shaved until World War II (due in part to Betty Gable’s famed photo). One of the Society’s strictest ordinances required that every woman trim her pubic hair so that her cunt appeared neat at all times.
They moved twice. The first time was in 1923 to a private house on the outskirts of the city. Then, in 1955 the Society, now with hundreds of clandestine members living all throughout the Northeastern states, purchased a large heritage mansion in an exclusive area of Norwalk, about thirty miles south of New Haven. They named the house, Licentia which, in Latin, means freedom.
Since then, eight charters had been granted to petitioners from all over the world. Regional branches of Licentia were established in Carmel-by-the-sea California – to service deserving women belonging to illuminated men on the West Coast of the United States; Venice Italy – the birthplace of Giacomo Casanova; Kyoto Japan – in the Gion district, believed to be the origin of the geisha; Al Iskandariyah Egypt – the ancient city of Alexandrea, the throne of Queen Cleopatra; Malindi Kenya – where the women are serviced by Masai warriors; Gávea Brazil – on the south side of Rio de Janeiro, a chapter which very soon after its incorporation earned respect within the Society for its particularly hot-blooded ceremonies; Bihar India – formerly named Pataliputra – the onetime home of the celibate scholar who authored the Kama Sutra, and the newest chapter, a mysterious South Seas island near French Polynesia.
By 2007, the Sanctimonia Society’s membership numbered in the thousands and was spread out all over the planet. Many of the world’s most influential men in business, politics and the arts were members of Sanctimonia. These men may have seemed like Gods who possessed great wealth and wielded power over mortal men, but the women they coveted and processed here ultimately held the reins that guided their actions.
That said, only a small, elite number of women graduates of Licentia had ever impressed the Society enough to rise above them all and be awarded with the Ceremony of the Rings. Only these few chosen ones, the few immortals who wore the Rings, had seized real power on earth ... the power to rule the Gods. There had only been three in history. The last was granted fifty years ago. Now, there would be two awarded at once. If one of these survived the ordeal, she could ascend to a place never before achieved on earth … A Goddess for the Gods.

Artist Credit

Cover Image © Phillip Jones, iStock.com

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