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Sins of the Sitter

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Sins of the Sitter by Lance Edwards

The author of the Slut-Boy Stories has penned another nasty tale of male submission at the hands of one formidable Dominatrix.

Eighteen year old, Dan Boynton has just inherited his family estate following his parents’ tragic death. Rattling around his lonely old house, he spies his sexy twenty-four year old neighbor sunbathing nude. The buxom, beautiful Amazon Jen used to babysit for him years ago. He fondly remembers the innocent games they used to play — cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, with Dan the victim and Jen a powerful villainess who could make him do anything she wanted.

Now all grown up, he thinks a date with Jen might be a ticket to a whole new world of fun and games. But when Jen shows up on his doorstep dressed in eye-popping leather, it’s clear that she’ll take their games to a whole new level! He fears, he’ll be her hapless victim once again. She starts right off with a nasty punishment for his spying on her. Then after binding him to the bed, she promises to take his virginity, if he agrees to submit. What else can he do! Daniel has never been able to say no to the luscious Jen, and he can’t say no now, even with her increasing demands. He'll soon be a perfectly feminized Danielle, as Mistress Jen demands a whole new level of submission.

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She gives me nearly a full minute to appreciate her incredibly intimidating appearance. Then she barges in uninvited. Stepping right up to me, she blatantly invades my personal space. The bare upper slopes of her leather-clad breasts brush my nose; and, without a word, she reaches down and boldly gropes my crotch. Feeling my throbbing erection, she finally deigns to speak to me.
“Look how hard you are!” she breathes down.
“College has made a whole new woman out of your babysitter, hasn’t it? Or maybe it just finally fully unleashed a potential your childhood spent under my power certainly helped develop.
“In any case, beginning tonight, we’re going to set about exploring that mutual potential to the very fullest. Now get me a fucking drink, boy! I want a double bourbon on the rocks!”
“Yes, ma’am,” I manage, the honorific issuing from me unbidden. I’m immediately unmanned and continue as obsequiously as I can.
“If you’ll come with me, I’ll take you to the bar, DVD collection, and a fifty-eight inch high-definition plasma-screen TV.”
“Good boy,” my hulking neighbor purrs. Then she follows so close behind me I swear I can feel her breathing down the back of my neck as we mount the stairs and make our way to the master bedroom.
Once there she moves immediately to the couch I’d placed before the TV. She opens a small black handbag, lights up a joint, and picks up the list I’d printed out detailing the entire inventory of the DVDs that I’d either acquired or inherited. Meanwhile, I go to the bar and pour us a pair of Wild Turkeys.
Normally, I don’t drink hard liquor – there’s also a keg of Beck’s Dark on tap and that usually suits me. But given my former babysitter’s intimidating new appearance and attitude – which I’m now forced to admit was quite more than hinted at in her earlier incarnation as the only true authority in my life – I feel it’s best to ingratiate myself with her as much as possible. I return, bringing the bottle and ice bucket with me. I set them down, serve her whiskey, and right away she points out a title on the sheet.
“There: Aliens. The extended director’s cut. We’ll watch that.”
Dutifully, I retrieve the disk, insert it, and begin playback. Then I take my drink and join her on the couch, careful to leave a respectful space between us. Jen, however, has other ideas.
“Scoot over here, Danny. I won’t bite. At least not yet…”
I obey and right away she wraps a big strong arm about my shoulders. She pulls me up tight against her, my short, slight form dwarfed by her big voluptuous one.
“Now keep quiet,” she orders. “This is one of my favorite movies, and I’ve never seen the extended version. I don’t want to miss anything.”
I sit and remain dutifully silent, utterly blown away to be enfolded so by this huge, gorgeous older woman.
Her left breast is squashed against my shoulder, her body is oh-so big and warm, and the heady female smell of her is indescribably delicious. As sexually, romantically, and even human contact-deprived as I’ve always been, Jen has me in heaven already. I work steadily on my drink and make no demurral as she periodically freshens us both up, even though her body weight, experience, and overall tolerance dwarf mine. Then as the film progresses, and Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley character develops from an unsure peripheral role into an aggressive, dominating force and, finally, into an absolutely iconic action-movie protagonist, the similarly powerful female sitting next to me can’t help but violate her own order. Ever more emphatically, she extols Ripley’s perfect combination of motherly nurturing and ass-kicking aggression.
“Look at her! She makes the entire squad of highly-trained male soldiers look like pussy little wimps! The only one who can hold a candle to her is the only other female in the cast: the buffed-up Vasquez, who wields the biggest weapon and is the platoon’s most effective soldier. And, of course, the two men who are supposed to be in authority are the weakest links of all: the incompetent, ineffectual lieutenant and the treacherous, effeminate company man. God, I love this movie! It’s the one mainstream sci-fi action franchise that tells it like it is: with the women properly dominant and the males exposed as the weak, limited creatures they are!”
She goes on and on in this vein, more and more exposing and alluding to the radically feminist indoctrination she’s received while away at college. This is both unsettling and arousing to me, and ever more the latter as I get drunker. Self-deluding barriers begin to break down, and I’m force to recognize that it’s the air of superiority she’s had over me from a very impressionable age, more than her will-sapping beauty and monolithic size, that form the keystone of my attraction to her.
Still, it’s a little scary hearing her scathing talk and wondering what other radical new attitudes and appetites her years at college have unleashed in her. As unbearably horny as I am, and desperate to finally have sex with this icon of aggressive femininity, even being increasingly drunk isn’t enough to give me the courage to make the first move on her. As weak and insecure as the stereotypical male she constantly derides, I slump quietly against her, clutched in her one-armed embrace and quietly waiting to follow whatever lead she takes. Then finally the movie ends, and the evening’s real entertainment gets underway.
Ripley slays the monster, adopts the child fate has placed in her care, and the credits roll. My erstwhile babysitter squeezes me even tighter against her soft warm side then, and sighs with exquisite satisfaction.
“That was so spectacular. That movie never fails to fire me up. Thank you for the invitation tonight, Danny, and for having the wherewithal to indulge my rather particular tastes. I’m most pleased with you right now.”

Artist Credit

Roman Kasperski

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Dub Parker on 23rd Apr 2010

    Sins of the Sitter by Lance Edwards

    Daniel Boynton never had any close relationships growing up; not with his wealthy parents, nor with his schoolmates. In fact, his closest relationship was with Jennifer Johnson, his neighbor and baby sitter. She was six years his senior. When Daniel was twelve, she graduated high school and moved on to college. Now, Daniel is eighteen and has graduated highschool himself. The death of his parents left him wealthy and alone, when Jennifer moved back to her parents’ home across the street.

    Daniel has fantasized about Jennifer for six years and can’t believe his luck when she moved back and agreed to meet him for a date. From the moment of that first encounter, his life is forever altered. She immediately begins taking control of him. The girl of his dreams becomes the mistress of his reality. Using her feminine power and superior intellect, it is only a matter of days before she has reduced him to a complete slave, transferring all of his considerable possessions to herself. Daniel quickly becomes Danielle, her sissified slut.

    If you’re a Lance Edwards fan, I’m confident you’ll love this latest book. This has become one of my favorite Edwards stories. It has lots of powerful female dominance, packed with painful body modifications, bondage, and imaginative torture. Danielle is willingly subjected to increasingly humiliating situations as Mistress Jennifer reveals more of her ultimate plans.

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