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Stern Manor: Perfect Male Slaves

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Stern Manor by Denise la Croix

"There are two types of male slaves, the kind that mistresses keep and the kind that they use for fun and then pass on or sell to other mistresses." Upon her arrival in London, Fiona Bellamy stands poised to take on a new role, that of personal assistant to the beautiful mistress, Lady Sandra Stern of Stern Manor. The young and eager Fiona - she is just twenty-three - arrives just as six new male recruits have come to Stern Manor, each one tattooed with her red and gold SM monogram on their buttocks. Each one will be trained to slavishly serve the female gender, their masculine bodies given over to the pleasures of women. While the discipline is hard, the training often sadistic for these 'lucky' males, what Fiona will come to learn is that everyone at Stern Manor is under the careful scrutiny of Lady Stern, everyone subject to her reign, and everyone must please this formidable mistress. From all over the world, wealthy women will soon flock to Stern Manor in the Scottish Highlands. As one of the most dominant Mistresses in Europe, Lady Stern will hold one of her famous male slave auctions. For sale is what every Mistress wants - the perfectly trained male submissive. Fiona and Lady Stern have put their newest male submissives through a rigorous training programme sure to impress potential owners. As the auction approaches the tension mounts. Which Mistress will bid the most and be the lucky owner of the very best that Lady Stern can offer? The price is high for these male beasts, but the rewards are great. Note: Versions of this novel were previous published in the UK and as an ebook, titled Chateau Erotique. This version is the original Stern Manor.

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Bastien was naked apart from a thick, studded black leather collar around his muscular neck and a narrow black leather harness around his cock and balls. He was crawling on all fours as he moved towards Lady Stern and he’d clearly remembered his instructions. Leaning forward he pressed his lips to her left boot, kissing and licking the black patent leather. Gradually he made his way around the back of the boot and Sandra opened her legs more, enabling him to put his head between them to lick the inner surfaces. She pressed her calves together, trapped his head and then relaxed the pressure so he could transfer his attention to the right foot, repeating the process.
“Now the heels,” she demanded sternly.
The Frenchman rolled over onto his back. He had a strong, athletic body with a broad hairless chest, flat belly and muscular arms and legs. His penis was already erect and the area around it was shaven. His hard cock was strapped into a small black leather harness that lifted and separated his heavy balls.
“All right, now get to your feet and come over here,” Sandra snapped at him, pointing towards the metal cross.
Paul scrambled to his feet quickly. His circumcised erection bobbing up and down in front of him so violently it slapped against his firm belly as he approached her.
She pulled his right hand up to one corner of the large metal cross and strapped it into one of the leather cuffs that hung from the chains. His left hand and ankles were treated in the same rough manner, until he was spread-eagled across the frame. His tanned muscular body, taut and strained and his harnessed penis throbbed against its restraint.
“That’s better,” exclaimed Sandra. “Are you comfortable?”
“No,” he intoned dully.
Lady Stern raised her right hand and slapped her open palm against his cock. “No, what?” she shouted.
“No, Mistress Stern,” he mumbled.
“How dare you forget how to address me properly,” she hissed at him.
“Sorry, Mistress Stern,” he replied meekly.
“What did you say? I can’t hear you.”
“Sorry, Mistress Stern,” he said louder this time.
“I should think so. You will be sorry, I assure you of that,” she commented harshly as she turned her back on him.
“Max, hand me the black riding crop.” She pointed to a row of metal coat hooks on one wall, where there was an array of whips, crops, and cuffs and gags hanging.
“And that gag,” she pointed a long black satin covered finger at a black rubber ball-gag.
Max handed her a crop with a braided leather handle and instead of the usual loop of leather at its tip, the crop tapered down to a very thin thread with a metal ball-bearing at the end. A ball-gag attached to a leather strap. Then Max handed her the rubber ball-gag attached to a leather strap.
Sandra turned again to the captive figure.
“Open your mouth,” she instructed, “we don’t want anyone hearing you scream, do we?”
Paul opened his mouth and she forced the ball-gag into it, buckling the leather strap so tightly around his head that it forced his lips apart widely. She prodded his distended cheeks painfully with her gloved fingers.
“That’s better,” she said sadistically as she tapped the riding crop against her thighs several times with impatience. Then she walked around behind the frame, carefully examining his helplessly bound body, running her satin-gloved hand slowly down over his back and firm bare buttocks as she appraised him.
“Do you agree you need to be punished?”
Paul grunted through the ball-gag in agreement. He could neither speak nor move to any degree and despite the fact that in the past he had always been the dominant one, his enjoyment at being the submissive was far beyond his expectations. He longed to be able to make use of his hard and fiercely erect cock, to slide it into his mistress’s pussy, to explore her warm, moist hole and to know whether it was well lubricated and how tight it was. He longed to be able to do such things, but the chains, harness and gag told him he could not. She was in total control of his body; she would decide what was to become of him and what he could do.
“Max tells me that you tried to escape this morning. Is that correct?” she asked angrily.
Paul nodded again submissively.
“Then I think you need to be punished. I think it’s time we began, don’t you?”
Again he nodded his head.
Lady Stern took the crop in her right hand, raised it to the level of her shoulder and slashed it down onto Paul’s unprotected buttocks. The leather and the metal ball bit into his flesh and his whole body shuddered as he cried out, as red-hot pain slashed through his body; the sound effectively muffled by the gag. But almost before the first cry had died out, Sandra raised the crop again and slashed it down twice in quick succession. The hiss of the wicked crop drew a moan of agony from him. His engorged penis and his whole body was starting to quiver with arousal as his buttocks vibrated with the force of the blow.

Artist Credit

Roman Kasperski

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Dub Parker on 23rd Apr 2010

    Stern Manor by Denise La Croix

    Stern Manor is the domain of Lady Sandra Stern, a tall, raven haired lady who deems herself the ultimate dominatrix and exudes sexual attraction to both sexes. It is also the home of several colorful characters, from Albert, the snooty butler, to Manuel, the dwarf chef, to Max, the handsome submissive chauffeur. Into this mix comes young Fiona Bellamy, a beautiful young lady who has just been accepted as Lady Stern’s personal assistant. Though Miss Fiona doesn’t really know what duties comprise the office of personal assistant, she soon learns they include helping her mistress prepare her current stable of male slaves for an upcoming auction.

    Much of this story centers around Miss Fiona’s, and our own, introduction to Lady Stern and Stern Manor. There are slaves to be trained, disciplined, and enjoyed, there is the manor staff to sort out and keep in line, and, certainly not least of all, there is the auction to prepare for. Miss Fiona’s dominant side quickly blossoms in the fertile ground of the manor.

    This story has elements of discipline and many Femdom sexual encounters without a lot of heavy cruelty found in some stories. There are some aspects of training, but with an auction eminent, most of the training took place before the beginning of this story. There is an elaborate auction of the slaves before a competitive gathering of lady dominas. Throughout it all, Lady Stern enforces her position as ultimate dominant, even among her peers. I enjoyed watching the ease with which Miss Stern exerted her control of every situation and person she encountered. I hope you’ll get to enjoy getting to know her as much as I did.

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