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Super Submission

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Super Submission, by Daphne Chennault

For nine years Daphne Atlas has defended the world against Alpha Man and his Battalion of Evil. As the superhero Artemis the Strong, she and her fellow Olympians have always triumphed. But those days are past, for Alpha Man has threatened the world with nuclear blackmail, and he has won!

Faced with imminent death, Artemis prostrates herself before Alpha Man, the new Emperor of Earth. Promising complete loyalty and total obedience in exchange for life for her fellow heroes, Daphne tempts him with herself. Just as Alpha Man planned all along!

So begins a dark odyssey through the twisted desires of the super-villain’s appetites. Even as Daphne sheds her spandex uniform for a corset and silk-mesh nightgown, she realizes that she has sacrificed more than just her liberty. Stripped first of her powers, and then her dignity, Daphne watches helplessly as the entire world is reshaped into a global empire bent on conquering the stars. From her kneeling position beside the Emperor’s throne in the former United Nations building, Daphne finds herself demoted from hero to concubine.


"My dreams are haunted by the powerful man who bent me to his will and flayed my body with his whips. I wake up cringing from the pain, and yet longing for it all the same. Simply to smell creamy leather almost makes me swoon, and I long for the feel of strong hands on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees….He was my oppressor, and yet he was my master; he was evil, yet he is hailed as a great leader."

And this is just the beginning!

An SM fantasy which includes spanking, whips, maledom, bondage, gags, imprisonment, chains, cuffs, collars, corsets, concubinage, pads, slavery, and scenes of both hetero and lesbian intimacy.



Alpha Man arranged for the world surrender at the U.N. in New York. I stood there with my fellow Olympians and watched in shock as the Secretary General delivered the global surrender. Alpha Man, whose real name turned out to be Dr. Erick Asura, PhD, turned to the TV cameras and smiled. “While it is tempting to shout, ‘I’m king of the world!’ I won’t. From this day forward, there will be no more petty fights between gaudy men in costumes, and no more squandering of resources. The new Global Alliance will dedicate itself to establishing a stable world. We so-called Super Villains have had access to high technology for decades, but we have used it for stupid things like breaking into banks. From now on we dedicate all our might toward serving the world we have conquered, and building an empire which will encompass a thousand planets!
“But first, there must be peace. Peace of the gun if need be, but peace! Even now, Apollo and the Olympians are trying desperately to undo that peace. In the last five minutes, I have felt Athena trying to drive me mad with a psychic headache. No more! Soldiers,” and a hundred rifles and artillery snapped up and all pointed in our direction. I and my fellow Olympians were bound with heavy chains. There was nothing we could do.
“Take aim!”
Suddenly, I threw myself on the ground and screamed for Asura to stop and listen to me. “If you spare my brother’s life, and the lives of the Olympians, I will do whatever you say. I will dedicate myself and my power to your cause. No fighting, no questions, I will do whatever you want. Just let them live!”
The cameras were all focused on me, and I knew that I looked like a fool: a blonde in a blue, gold and white jumpsuit covered in chains, kneeling in front of the new Emperor. I’d fought Alpha Man a dozen times, and though I’d never figured out who he really was, I did know that he desired me. He’d told me so more than once.
Alpha Man’s chief enforcer, a black-skinned giant who used the name Bruiser, was looking at me with contempt. Slinky, a cat burglar, was hanging on Alpha’s left arm, and was whispering in his ear. He glanced once at her, and then looked back at me. His eyes narrowed, and very slowly, a smile crept up his lips.
“You’ll do whatever I say?” he asked, and I nodded emphatically.
“Let the Olympians live,” I repeated. “Some of them may even come around.”
“Never,” said Major Mars, a combat veteran with heightened combat reflexes and several weapons belts. “I’ll never betray my C.O.”
“Your commanding officer is now me,” Alpha Man said.
“Kill ‘em and be done with it,” Bruiser snarled.
“You will obey me without question?” he repeated, and I nodded again.
“Soldiers, stand down,” Alpha Man said, and the weapons lowered. “Take the Olympians away, and prepare them for transport to Australia. That will be their prison, for now. If they prove themselves trustworthy, perhaps we’ll give them some limited authority Down Under. Until then, send them to the largest sheep ranch that can be found. If they try to start a rebellion, or make trouble, kill them.
“Slinky, take Artemis to our headquarters until I’m ready for her, and lock her up, just in case her word is no good. I’m going to be busy here for a while setting up the new government.”
Slinky, still dressed in her black costume came around the speaker’s podium and headed toward me, even as the Olympians were herded away. I’d hoped to be allowed to speak to Apollo, but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen.
“Make use of my sacrifice,” I shouted at him as Slinky had two soldiers pull me to my feet.
“My first directive to you,” Alpha Man said, pointing his finger at me. “Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.”
I clamped my mouth shut. My master had spoken, and I had sworn to obey.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Sorbis - Shutterstock.com

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