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Surprise Visit

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Product Description

Surprise Visit by Austin Alexander

In Surprise Visit, Evandro, an athletic and gorgeous twenty-year-old Brazilian model, makes a surprise visit to his girlfriend’s house in West Virginia during a treacherous summer storm, one month into the summer break.   His girlfriend, Abigail, immediately recognizes the danger of his arrival and pleads with him to leave.  Bewildered, Evandro heeds her advice, but not before getting a taste of the danger his girlfriend so greatly feared for him.  After his hasty departure, he was thought to be safely away, but fate had other plans for the beautiful boy. Escape from the family web of female domination would not be so easy.

Over the next five days, Evandro increasingly sees and experiences the odd and perverted lifestyle from which Abigail had so desperately tried to shield him.  The Brazilian is introduced to bondage, forced masturbation, chastity, whippings, cock and ball torture and strap-on penetration.  As he is put through sexual tribulations, the young stud finds himself oddly enjoying aspects of his ordeal.  He is left alone to grapple with the conflict between fleeing to safety and the budding desire to further explore the possibilities of a thrilling new lifestyle.

The mystery of Abigail's homestead thickens when a nocturnal visitor silently slips into his bed each night to have her way with the Brazilian.  Inexplicably, Evandro finds that initially, he's chained to the bed, but several nights in, he is left unrestrained, trusted not to follow his visitor upon her exit. 

Evandro delves further into the household mystery by secretly visiting forbidden parts of the farm.  He is horrified when he discovers the truth about what lies in the darkest corner of the barn.  If he doesn't escape soon, this truth could be his future as well.

With a momentary clarity of mind,  Evandro attempts a daring escape to avoid a lifetime of sexual slavery to Abigail’s family.  But the Brazilian model quickly learns that escape does not necessarily mean freedom

This novel of female domination features descriptive scenes of F/m m/m, humiliation, strapping, exhibitionism, sexual slavery, bdsm, anal, forced masturbation, bondage, and forced chastity.

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Becky thought for a moment. This situation was as dire a situation as she would ever find Abbe involved in. Abbe was right. She had to get her boyfriend off the farm before their mother found out. If she found him there, it would be all over for Evandro.
But Becky learned a few things while Abbe had been away at college for two years. She wasn’t the same little sister who caved whenever she was ordered to do so. Becky had been only too happy to follow her sister’s direction in her younger years. A few years ago, she never would have considered talking back to her sister.
But working on the farm under the tutelage of her mother and not having anyone else to boss her around for two years gave her the confidence she hadn’t had before. She was growing up physically as well as mentally. In many respects, she was considered a boss around the farm. She had gotten used to having others follow her orders without question. During the time that Abigail had been away at college, Becky had developed the Franklin attitude, perhaps a little too soon for her age.
This tomboy had to make the developing crisis work to her advantage. She had to play the game.
“It’ll cost ya.”
Abbe was stunned. “Are you kidding me? You just keep your mouth shut, little sis.”
“Hey! I ain’t so little no more, in case you ain’t noticed,” Becky replied, standing up for herself.
“You have got to be fucking kidding me!”
“You watch your language in this house, Abigail. A beautiful hunk shows up on the doorstep asking for you, and you expect me to just forget about it? No way. I’ll keep quiet, but I get something in exchange.”
“Oh my gawd. What the F do you want?”
A smirk crept across her face as she looked towards Evandro. “Him. I want him for ten minutes. Alone.”
“Are you out of your mind? Hell no, I’m not letting you have him. I know what you’ll do to him. No. No way, Becky!”
“Well, you don’t know everything I’d do to him, but I only have about ten minutes, so, yeah, you probably have a pretty good idea. AND I want that picture of him you have hidden under your pillow. The bikini shot.”
“What happened to you? You turned into a conniving little bitch! My gawd, I was away for two years, and you’ve turned into one of them.”
“You weren’t here, Alexis. Things changed. This is what ya get. Listen, you got no choice. Hell, he’ll enjoy it. You know that.”
Abbe could only stare at her. She knew she was beat. She had no choice.
“Mother would have a fit if she heard you right now! There’s no way she’d let you do anything like this, little girl.”
“Don’t be so sure about that. Like I said, things have changed.”
“I will never forgive you for this.”
Evandro had been standing just inside the doorway, watching the argument ensue, hardly believing what was being said. A simple surprise visit and offer of help was being turned into some nasty battle of extortion.
“Evandro, I know you have no idea what’s going on, but you have to believe me when I tell you that this is for your own good. You have to leave, but first you have to do what my sister tells you to do.”
“Wait, I-”
“No, just listen. You have to do whatever she wants. I know you’ll never talk to me again, but you’re better off this way. And I’m better off this way.”
Alexis held her boyfriend by the arm and escorted him to her bedroom, which was in the back of the house. Evandro tried to protest, but each time he was quieted by his girlfriend and pulled forward.
“Make it quick,” Alex said to her sister.
Abigail was an attractive girl with a slender frame. It wasn’t her younger sister’s more stalky build that had her too intimidated to try to force her sister into submission. Abbe’s problem was that she didn’t have the devilish Franklin attitude that her sister and her mother had. It was the primary reason she wanted to get an education and leave the farm behind. She was simply too kind and caring to lower herself to her sister’s level to successfully fight for her boyfriend.
As a result of her kindness, Abigail stood silently by as Becky smiled at her and closed the bedroom door behind Evandro.
“Take off your shirt,” Becky could be heard saying on the other side of the door.
“What do…?”
“Just keep your mouth shut, stud, and do what I tell ya.”
Alex, her ear to the door, heard Evandro pull his T-shirt up over his head.
“Now your shorts, handsome.”
Abbe heard the zipper, then the drenched cargo shorts falling to his feet.
“Mmmmm…yeah, very nice. You’re a little excited, aren’t ya? I didn’t believe her when she said she was banging an underwear model, but I guess I was wrong. Let me help you with these.”
Abbe heard the unmistakable sound of his tight underwear slide down his legs. She found herself wondering which pair he was wearing.
“Step out for me. That’s it. Oh my gawd, you’re hung like a horse! Wow, it rises fast.”
“Ohhh…mmmm…” Evan moaned.
Alex imagined her sister was stroking his cock now.
“Oh yeah, give me some precum. That’s it. Yeah, you want to give it to me, don’t ya, stud? Okay, get up here on the bed. I’d make this last longer for ya, but we gotta get you outta here fast. That’s it. Now get on all fours. I’m gonna show ya how I milk the stallions each week.
“Damn, you’re hard. How do ya like that? Do you like having your balls pulled back like that?” Evandro wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer, but all he could do was grunt anyway.
“That’s it. Now your cock’s pointed in the right direction.”
From his moans, Alexis pictured her sister with Evan’s balls in her hand, pulled tight to his ass, and milking his cock with her other hand. He wouldn’t last long.
“Okay, I’m gonna squeeze a little harder, and you’re gonna cum for me right into this glass I got underneath ya.”
Evan looked down to see Becky position the small glass on the bed beneath him, just inches below his purple cockhead.
“Come on...come on...give it to me now, stallion. Give me all ya got. Come on…”
Evan’s moans became more high pitched and more frantic. He was close. Finally, Alex heard a loud groan emanate from deep within Evan’s throat. She knew exactly what that meant. She had heard it many times before.
“Oh, sweet Jesus! Damn, your balls are full. Keep it coming. Oh, that’s good, real good.”
It seemed like an eternity to Alex, but finally his sounds of ecstasy were over. He was still breathing heavily, but he was spent.
“Don’t you move, til I say so.”
Evandro let his head hang while he caught his breath and tried to wrap his head around the events that culminated with a forced orgasm. The euphoric wave of his orgasm disappeared from his body as the final strand of cum seeped from his twitching cock.

Artist Credit

Nathie www.creativewarrior.net

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