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Susie's Awakening - eBook

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Susie's Awakening by BJ Wane

When the promiscuous Susie returns home from an evening of drinking and indiscriminate,though disappointing,sex, she's confronted by her irate brother, Jack. To her horror, she's upended for a humiliating spanking right in front of Jack's long time lover, Dave. When Jack realizes that this bare-assed spanking is turning Susie on, he knows exactly what his misbehaving sister needs.

When Jack introduces Susie to his friend, Nicholas, she's astounded by the amazing man, his impressive size, his good looks, his cool, his calm, his no-nonsense attitude. "The true test of a submissive is to do as she is told every time, even when it doesn't please her," Nicholas tells her.

Jack wants this man to train her. Although she's doubtful, an introductory session under this man's rule becomes the orgasmic bliss she's been hoping for. But can she truly submit to this man for more than night? It's a tall order, but just for the sexual benefits, Susie's willing to try.

She'll spend a month at Nicholas' exotic Maui estate where she'll be totally controlled by this dominant man, subject to punishment and a sexual training that will leave her breathless. Nicholas seems to know exactly what Susie most desires and is all too happy to administer the hard hot spankings that turn her on. When he introduces her to the pleasures of anal sex, she's left feeling totally used but thoroughly sated. Before this amazing vacation ends, however, Susie realizes that Nicholas's spanking discipline is heating up her romantic fires? is it possible that this arrangement doesn't have to end when her month in paradise is over?

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Jack took a menacing step towards her and Susie could tell by the furious look in his eyes that she had pushed him too far. A thrill shot through her, along with fear at what he might do. Is this what she wanted? She was a young woman now, not a willful teenager. Surely she didn’t desire to be punished for her behavior, especially by her brother. But, just the thought of being bent over, ass bared, had her pussy dampening her panties. There must truly be something demented with her as she recalled with longing that long ago spanking, wishing she could experience it again. The idea of being humiliated in such a way in front of Dave only added to the appeal.
“You know I won’t tolerate any rude sass from you. Apologize to Dave,” Jack ordered.
Wanting to know if her one and only experience with being spanked was as erotically pleasuring as she remembered, Susie continued to taunt Jack. “Forget it. I’m not apologizing to your boy toy, or you, for anything. I don’t tell you how to live your life, so back off.”
“That’s it!” Grabbing her arm, he hauled her over to the couch, sat down, and pulled her across his lap. “I’m going to teach you some manners and discipline if it’s the last thing I do.”
A rush of anticipation mingled with trepidation rushed through her as she waited for him to pull up her short tight skirt. But his hand came down on her buttocks over the skirt and while it stung, it wasn’t near the sharp painful pleasure she could get from being bare-assed. Wriggling on his lap, she begged, “Jack, please!”
His hand repeatedly came down on her buttocks as he said, “You deserve this and more! I’m just getting warmed up, so quit squirming and be quiet. I’m sparing you the humiliation of baring your ass in front of Dave, so be thankful.”
Knowing she could never ask him to do just that, Susie did the next best thing. She made him even madder at her. Looking up at him, she taunted, "Afraid he’ll prefer my ass over yours?”
Dave’s bark of laughter caused her to send him a glare also. “I’m afraid there’s no chance of that, sweetheart, but I do think you deserve a more thorough punishment.”
“I think you’re right Dave. You’re not going to be able to sit tomorrow when I get through with you young lady.”
Now that the actual deed was about to happen, Susie had misgivings. Dave was watching with anticipation and now that she thought about what she was actually doing, she was thoroughly embarrassed. Unsure of what she really wanted she felt she had to offer some protest. “Jack, no, I promise I’ll be good,” she pleaded not knowing whether she wanted him to continue or not.
“Too late.” Jack jerked her skirt up, bunching it around her waist. Her legs were bare and the only thing left was a pair of black lace bikini panties, which he didn’t hesitate to pull down to her knees.
Though she was so mortified she hid her face in her hands, she couldn’t help but get excited over the erotic picture she must make, her round, white buttocks naked and quivering before their eyes. She yelped in surprise and pain as his hand came down hard on her left cheek. “Ow!” she yelled, her hands going instinctively behind her to protect herself from further abuse.
“Move them, or I’ll smack those too.”
Obeying him, she gave him full access to her buttocks. Just as before, it wasn’t long before the pain turned to pleasure and Susie was grinding her pelvis against Jack’s hard thigh. Her whole backside was on fire, throbbing with pain as he continued to smack her while calling her names and berating her for her behavior.
She tried to control herself, hold back her moans of pleasure, but she was too far-gone to be successful. Unashamedly, she gyrated against his leg in time with his smacks, crying out her pleasure as she came in a volcanic rush.
Jack ceased spanking her before the last ripples of her orgasm had faded. She was aware of the silence and the stares of both men as she slowed her hips jerky movements, moaning softly as the pleasure dimmed and the reality of her situation returned.
Jack pushed her off his lap and she landed with a hard thud on her sore bottom. “You riled me on purpose,” he accused, well aware she had come while he was punishing her.
“If she came that hard with just a hand spanking,” Dave said, “think of her reaction to your belt.”

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