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Switches Delight - ebook

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Switches Delight by T.E. Evanson

Switches Delight is available as ebook only.

“Switches’ Delight” is the story of two people, Edward and Janet, who meet as a result of their mutual interest in sexual Dominance/submission and BDSM. Their bond is immediate, so they start dating and soon get married. They find that they are both switches and quickly discover that she is bisexual. What follows is a series of highly charged erotic adventures through which they explore their switch natures as they begin to swing with others who share their predilection for D/s and B&D pleasures.

In addition to attending D/s play parties, Edward and Janet also enjoy a variety of other erotic experiences as their kinky D/s explorations evolve. That leads to a lifestyle filled with many erotic pleasures that include multiple partners in various combinations and sexual scenarios. They start a munch group that they name “Switches’ Delight” and start hosting kinky play parties, in addition to pursuing other sexual thrills on their own. The more they explore and experiment, the hotter and more satisfying their sexual experiences become.

Their erotic D/s adventures include such activities as bondage, spanking, flogging, cropping, paddling, caning, nipple torment, cock-and-ball torture, brinking, ass play, anal sex, pegging, branding and orgies. Among the toys and equipment they play with are such things as cuffs, chains, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, strap on harnesses, nipple clips, genital restraints, gags, blindfolds, floggers, whips, slappers, paddles, crops and canes.


They met because of their mutual interest in kinky sex, but their introduction was years in the making.
Janet had spent years enjoying erotic pursuits in various relationships before she discovered her true, kinky proclivities. Although she had always loved the scent, feel and look of her leather mini skirt and jacket, she had never associated leather with sexual activities. Then, one night while at a local dance club during its monthly “Leather Night,” she was dancing with a couple who enjoyed her company and asked her to join the local munch group that they hosted.
They explained to her that they were lifelong practitioners of safe, sane, consensual sex and that they had founded a group of several dozen other like-minded people who enjoyed Dominant and submissive sexual power exchanges. Janet thought that what they had to say was very intriguing and decided to take them up on their offer to attend a munch, which was what they called their social get-togethers. She began going to the monthly meetings of people interested in sexual Dominance or submission and was fascinated to get to know so many intelligent people who were completely open about their erotic interests and activities. She also enjoyed the fact that they all were able to laugh and joke about them.
Attending her first play party provided an epiphany for her when she allowed a pair of Dominant lesbians to tie her hands above her head, strip her naked and work over her pussy and ass with riding crops. She began to respond immediately. As their erotic torment continued, she was amazed to feel her pussy juices running down her thighs. After that party, she began to research sexual Dominance and submission and found that the more she learned the more excited by it she became. Where her explorations would lead her, Janet didn’t know; but the journey she was experiencing was incredibly exciting.
Unlike Janet, Edward had been interested in kinky sex his entire life; but he had never been able to find a woman who shared his enthusiasm. So, he spent years going from one vanilla relationship to another, always failing to find the right sexual chemistry. Eventually, however, he discovered a local munch group. Through it, he got to play with a number of people including a hot couple who enjoyed many of the same things he wanted to experiment with and learn about.
One day, they e-mailed him about Janet, whom they had met at a play party that he had not attended. Unfortunately, the couple was moving out of state, so they weren’t able to arrange a face-to-face meeting for them. But they passed along e-mails for both of them, and Edward and Janet were soon exchanging e-mails and phone calls until they finally were able to meet one night for dinner. The chemistry between them was instantaneous, and a relationship quickly blossomed as they began to explore their mutual sexual interests.
Initially, their sexual play centered on Edward dominating Janet, but she soon started to develop her Dominant side. Generally, their scenes involved a significant amount of spanking and bondage, with the submissive being tied and sexually teased and tormented, until that was followed by the inevitable hot sex with explosive orgasms for both of them.
During the course of their first few years together, they tried swinging in addition to sexual power exchange experimentation. Unfortunately, none of the swingers they met were interested in Dominance or submission, and none of their leather friends were into swinging. But they continued playing on their own, acquiring new toys and equipment while they expanded their knowledge, skills and experience.
As they did, they kept the excitement going by switching roles regularly. When they first met, Edward was Dominant in about eighty percent of their scenes. But, over time, that percentage dropped gradually as Janet became increasingly interested and comfortable in her Dominant role. Eventually, they reached a point where, whenever they decided to have some D/s fun, the first decision was always who was going to be top and who was going to be bottom.
Whatever they decided, their scenes always resulted in memorably sexy action that invariably left them enormously happy in their relationship. They each readily admitted that while their past lovers had provided adequate sex, the orgasms that they enjoyed with each other now were the best either of them had ever experienced. However, even those paled in comparison to the climaxes that resulted from their sexual power exchanges. The combination of extended foreplay and sexual teasing led to mind-blowing orgasms every time they played.
Like many people who embrace and enjoy sexy D/s practices, Edward and Janet found that other aspects of their lives together benefitted as well. The openness, candor, honesty and trust required to explore sexual role playing safely enhanced their more ordinary love making. Those attributes also contributed significantly to everyday chores, errands and activities. As a result, they were both encouraged to indulge in hot, kinky scenes as often as was practical. Doing so proved to make their sex lives better than either of them could ever imagine, but it also made their relationship stronger than either of them could ever have thought possible.
Their investigations into various aspects of erotic pleasure and pain and trying out different roles proved to be exciting and fun. During their first two years of dating one another, they explored and experimented with a wide assortment of sexual activities. One scene they tried early in their relationship had Janet playing the Dominant role while working from home one day. Edward showed up wearing a shirt and tie because the premise they had agreed to was that she had placed a call to a home-office slut temp service. Upon arrival, he served her coffee and the scene evolved with him providing progressively more personal and intimate sexual services as she ordered him about. In addition to getting a massage, she spanked him, demanded oral service from him and didn’t let him stop until he had made her cum twice.
On another occasion, Edward dressed Janet in a French maid’s outfit, complete with stockings and high heels. At one point, he ordered her to pour him a drink. Once she’d served it, he told her to turn around, spread her legs and bend over. As he enjoyed his cocktail, each time he set it down he would spank her ass with one hand while his other hand idly slid a vibrator in and out of her pussy, driving her crazy. But, he didn’t let her cum; at least, not right away.
From there, their scenes continued to escalate to more intense D/s role play, and that led to some fascinating results. They kept up with attending the monthly munch meetings of the BDSM group through which they had originally met, went to some play parties that offered opportunities to enjoy scenes in a group setting and even hosted a few parties of their own.
Janet’s house was small but had a loft in which they had established a dungeon play space that turned out to be enormously popular. Her home was situated on twenty private, forested acres with a large yard, so they held a weekend campout for about a dozen kinky couples. It was wildly successful, and a year later, they hosted another D/s campout weekend. It was at that event that they held a branding ceremony with even more of their friends from their munch group in attendance.
Using barbeque branding irons, a friend had heated them in a camp fire and burned his initial “E” onto her left ass cheek and her initial “J” onto his right ass cheek. Both of them loved the constant visual reminder of their commitment not just to each other but also to their kinky lifestyle as well. The actual branding wasn’t very painful, and the ceremony was very touching. In the days that followed, even during vanilla times, they both were reminded of their sexual heritage by the visual stimulation of seeing their brands every day.
Shortly after their branding, they became engaged and got married. Janet sold her house and moved into Edward’s larger home. Throughout their courtship and the early years of their marriage, they continued to explore their sexuality, including trying swinging with singles and couples, visiting clothing-optional resorts and enjoying their mutual interest in D/s. Their tastes gravitated more toward sexual servitude and less toward hard-core discipline, but their scenes invariably included some sort of pain for the submissive partner.
Because they were both switches, turnabout was not only fair play; it was also a recipe for incredibly hot sexual fun. As their relationship grew and matured, their erotic conversations tended to focus more on that particular aspect of their sex lives. They liked switching roles; and each agreed that although they still enjoyed bondage and discipline, it was not the ultimate goal or objective for either of them. It was merely foreplay that always led to immensely satisfying sex. Their mutual interests always revolved more around the pleasure than the pain. But, at the same time, each of them still derived tremendous pleasure from the power trip that playing a Dominant role provided.

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  1. Switches Delight by T. E. Evanson

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2012

    I was thrilled to find this erotic book filled with BDSM players who switch roles regularly. Evanson paints a realistic portrait of a couple who meet, marry, and continue to grow together as they expand their sexual horizons. A beautifully written book: fast-paced and packed with imaginative and extremely hot scenes that culminate in an explosive weekend-long party. Switches Delight made me long for such a group of friends and play partners who gather regularly for everyone’s pleasure. A must-read for the novice or experienced switch.

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