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Switches Dilemma

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Product Description

Switches Dilemma by T.E. Evanson

Janet and Edward’s sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches’ Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their options grow more numerous. This leads them all to experimenting with – and enjoying – their bisexual natures, which results in increasing their kinky opportunities and experiencing erotic thrills none of them had expected.

When they meet and play with a wealthy, bisexual, Dominant couple whose home has a fully-equipped dungeon, their erotic lifestyle rises to a whole new level. Everyone in Switches’ Delight is thrilled to expand their sexual repertoire while investigating new aspects of Dominance and submission.

Edward and Janet’s love for one another and their mutual desire to explore and experience the amazing sexual thrills they have sampled lead them to one erotic adventure after another. They and their friends discover that the more they pursue their kinky natures, the more exciting the results they enjoy. The thrills of sexual submission are complemented by the pleasures of erotic domination, and the dilemma of balancing the two presents a delightful series of sexual scenes.

Now, the challenge facing them is how to top what they have all experienced. It’s an interesting problem to deal with and one that Janet and Edward address with enthusiasm. They explore new toys like single-tail whips and hot branding irons as well as different scenarios including same-sex dominance and submission. Whatever the results, they know they and everyone else involved will walk away smiling and sexually satisfied.

Ultimately, the marks they bear are constant visual reminders of their shared journey into an erotic realm they embrace readily. Whether on their own or with other swingers, Edward and Janet keep finding new thrills. Deciding to keep all of their options open, they wonder who and what they will do next; and that serves as motivation to continue their sexual adventures wherever they might lead.


Pulling into their driveway and shutting off her car, Beth reminded herself of her role and reaffirmed in her mind that she was going to be at her very best submissive behavior during her visit to Edward and Janet’s beautiful Vermont home. She had responded to one of their online profiles and explained that she had a desire to submit to a husband-and-wife team, which was something she had never done before. Admitting to them that she had engaged in several Dominant/submissive scenes with men as well as women, she was attracted by their description of the types of BDSM play they were seeking. She confessed to them – and herself – that the threesome they sought was just what she wanted.
They had discussed the proposed scene extensively, first via e-mail and then using their computers’ webcams. She knew her hosts were looking forward to having her serve them as much as she was looking forward to a trip into sub space that would place her in their sexual service. It had been quite some time since she had indulged in her passion for submissive, kinky sex; and as she walked up the front steps of their house, she noted that her pussy was already wet in anticipation of what she was about to do.
Edward and Janet greeted her warmly, and the three of them sat chatting comfortably while she wound down from her drive. Several hours of conversation that week via webcams had set the stage for their scene. Now, as usual, their conversation turned to explicit sexual activity. Specifically, Edward wanted to know how Beth felt about sharing her trip into sub space with Janet. His wife hadn’t been topped in weeks, and Janet thought that this was a perfect time to address her desire to be in a submissive role.
“So,” Edward asked, “Are you O.K. with being a sister sub with Janet today? You see, as a switch, she would like to help me dominate you while being submissive to me. And I would love to dominate the two of you side-by-side. Would you be comfortable with that?”
Without hesitation, Beth replied, “Sure. Whatever you folks want.” The thought of playing such a role in their switch scene was tremendously exciting to her. The prospect of participating is a switch scene made her already-aroused pussy throb, and she wondered what the two of them had in mind.
Beth was intrigued by their perspective on sex. At 34 and 31 respectively, Edward and Janet had far more experience than she had, and their present discussion regarding sexual submission was making the three of them hornier by the minute. It didn’t take long before they agreed that they were ready to begin. Beth excused herself to go freshen up and was told to remain in the bathroom until summoned. Everyone was looking forward to this evening’s scene with the two women being submissive, so Janet got up to prepare.
Minutes later, Beth stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror, refreshed and ready to get started. Her 5’1”, 34-26-34, 21-year old body featured perky nipples and a tight, curvy butt. She shook her mane of curly black hair and took a deep breath. Hearing a knock, she opened the door and saw Janet who led her into the bedroom where she put Beth in leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a slave collar that matched the ones that she wore. When she was ready, the two women hugged, sharing the unspoken thought that they were about to have an exciting, erotic experience together. Then, Janet brought Beth into the living room where Edward waited for them. He was sitting on the couch in black leather pants and a black leather vest, along with severe looking studded leather wrist bands. He watched as his two submissive sex slaves entered the room and stood silently facing him.
Getting up from the couch, he approached and began circling them, inspecting his subs, occasionally touching, fondling or squeezing various body parts as he examined them like produce, testing for firmness and texture. Filling his hands with breasts and ass cheeks, he kissed and nibbled one neck before moving around to do the same with the other. His actions made it clear that he owned them. As he did this, he knew that such cold, clinical treatment would begin to send them on their way into sub space. With a hand at the small of their backs, he guided them under a chain hanging from the ceiling. Moments later, the two women were standing spread-eagle, face-to-face with spreader bars secured between their wrists and ankles. At 5’2” and with 38D breasts, Janet’s athletic body was a beautiful contrast to the younger, smaller woman.
Stepping back, Edward relished the sense of dominance their scene was providing. Having two submissive women to give him whatever sexual pleasure he desired was exhilarating. Starting with his hands, his fondling became rougher as he rubbed, pinched and patted both women at once. He reached between them to squeeze their tits roughly. Gradually, he increased the intensity of his actions until he began spanking them, gently at first, but slowly building the severity of his spanks. He enjoyed the sight of their ass cheeks bouncing and jiggling as he worked to spread an even pink glow over all four of them.
Kneeling down, he began to lick and kiss Beth’s tender ass cheeks while his arms reached around their bodies so his fingers could tease his wife’s ass. Sliding his tongue along the crack of Beth’s ass, it lingered around her asshole causing her to moan seductively and press her ass back toward him. Moving around the two women, he did the same thing to Janet and achieved the same results while filling his hands with Beth’s ass cheeks.
After taking a break to drink some water and allow his subs a sip, he selected nipple clamps and attached them to the four tits in front of him. He looped and clipped the chains between the pair of clamps of one woman to the slave collar of the other. That way, if one of them moved too much, she would tug painfully at the nipples of the other. To make that happen, he reached for a heavy flogger. At first, he flogged them lightly, alternating between the two of them. Gradually, he flogged them harder.
It wasn’t a severe instrument so much as it was a tool to increase and enhance submissiveness. The impact was heavy and thuddy. It jarred the body, and that was what he wanted. Every time the flogger landed, the recipient’s body jerked, and that movement tugged at the nipple clamps of the other sub. He enjoyed their reactions, so he concentrated on trying to pull on the nipples of one sub by flogging the other sub more firmly. Their shoulders, backs and asses were getting redder and he was getting hornier by the minute. Having two naked subs was incredibly exciting; and while he continued sending them into sub space, his own sense of dominance was increasing from the rush of being in control and having the opportunity to have his way with two naked, submissive women. The flogging lasted a long time, but eventually as their breathing became heavier, he wanted more.
The next step was to take them farther down their path into submission. Edward and Janet’s two favorite bondage devices were a few feet away in the living room. He’d put the small, sturdy spanking bench on top of the coffee table, and the taller bondage horse was next to it. Releasing his subs and removing their nipple clamps caused them to moan, so he massaged their tits briefly after which he placed Beth on the spanking bench, attaching her wrists and ankles to the eye-bolts at the base of its legs. He positioned Janet along the main beam of the horse to support her torso and secured her four cuffs so he had both women immobilized, legs spread, with pussies, assholes and mouths available for his use. Although he knew his pleasure would have to wait just a little bit longer, he also knew that the thrills he would indulge in were going to be well worth it.
The flogging had made their skin glow in a lovely shade of pink, but Edward wanted to deepen that color. Helplessly restrained, the two women knew their asses were totally vulnerable and completely available for abuse. That knowledge and the feelings it was creating were making their pussies wet. They got even wetter when Edward began to spank their ass cheeks, moving from one sub to the other. Taking his time, he made sure to cover all four of them with numerous spanks. The longer the spanking lasted, the brighter the color of their ass cheeks became. When his hand got tired, he took a break.
Selecting a large leather slapper, he began smacking their asses hard, alternating between his two subs. Once again, he enjoyed watching their ass cheeks dance as he hit them. Initially, he paid attention to reddening each cheek more and covering them completely with impacts that gradually produced a bit more color. Then, he turned his attention to their “sweet spots” at the center of the lower part of their cheeks. Striking this location caught large portions of both cheeks and caused his subs to moan every time he struck. Their responses to his treatment told him that they approved of what he was doing and where he was taking them. So he stepped up the intensity by using a larger leather paddle.
The paddling lasted a while until their asses were bright red, and by the time he put the paddle down both women were panting and gasping heavily. He gave them water and gently rubbed a rabbit fur over their tender cheeks. Taking turns between them, he kissed and licked their sensitive ass flesh, running his tongue along cracks, tickling assholes and teasing wet pussies. Both women shivered and groaned when his hands clutched their sensitive asses. From the collection of toys, he picked up two butt plugs, lubricated them thoroughly and slowly slid them into their assholes. Their loud groans made him smile.
Liking their response, he stood between them and said, “Your asses look very tempting, but they need marks. Are you ready for my cane?”
Knowing that wearing his marks was a part of their role, the two women whispered that they were ready for their caning. Judging by their dripping wet pussies, he believed they were getting closer to being ready. However, he wanted to make them beg. Picking up two riding crops, he stood between them and swung the crops upward to strike their pussies. They gasped and groaned with every impact. Edward thought he could probably make them cum if he kept this treatment up long enough, but it was too soon to give them that pleasure.
Suddenly, he brought his crops down hard overhand onto their sore asses, saying, “I’m going to continue to crop your asses until I hear you beg me to mark you with my cane.”

Artist Credit

Andrey Kiselev - Fotolia.com

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