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Taken Before Dawn

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Taken Before Dawn by Lizbeth Dusseau

In the middle of the night, savage sirens blare as patrols sweep through a quiet neighborhood seeking out the accused. Susanna, Paige and Regina are snatched from their beds and flung into the street, where they are stripped, bound and gagged before their neighbors, then thrown into vans and taken to the induction facility. The arrested females are interrogated, tried and sentenced to prison. They've been accused of violating the Reformation Act, sweeping legislation intended to curb rampant indecency, eradicate pornographic materials and stamp out secret female cults that have sprung up in protest of this repressed society.

Inspired and administered by the ambitious female reformer, Victoria Savitch, the reformation movement, is considered a necessary evil in an increasingly dangerous world. But since its inception, it has grown to be a corrupt bureaucracy where sadistic men take advantage of incarcerated females. Like the others before them, Susanna, Paige and Regina are cruelly punished and raped by guards, while administrators turn a blind eye, or participate themselves. Once convicted on the flimsiest of evidence, they are forced to submit to a ruthless public flogging, then are sentenced to reprogramming and hard labor.

Susanna is assigned to a factory where the enraged female's bad attitude earns her rough beatings and sexual debasement - all 'off the record', of course. When Regina starts getting off during her public flogging, she's immediately taken by the General in charge, who will take advantage of the pretty redheaded masochist. And Paige, a natural born submissive, does her time cleaning the administration offices under the watchful eye of Victoria and the Reformation's mysterious Overseer. Although the demure Paige seems the perfect candidate to work in such a sensitive area, she has access to the inner workings of this depraved system, and a dirty little secret about Victoria Savitch no one knows. Does Paige have enough to bring down this corrupt institution? If so, who would dare to believe her?

A chilling story and rough bdsm activity combine in this scintillating new Lizbeth novel. Graphic content includes whipping, bondage, rough sex - oral, anal, straight and lesbian - plus shock collars, gags, caning, group sex, humiliation, enhanced sex, multiple penetration and public exposure.


“No please!” she tried to reason with the devils. “You have the wrong woman!”
These were the last words she’d say before the ballgag was forced between her teeth and the strap drawn tight behind her head.
There’s no walking out of one’s own volition. With their target heaved over the shoulder of a burly captor, the men moved from the Petrucci’s apartment, down the stairs and into the street.
Pushed again, Susanna fell against the gritty and unyielding asphalt, landing on her right hip where the shock of it settled into a throbbing pain. The others had already been taken. Regina Seles was one of her best friends. The pretty blonde Paige, who she knew only by her first name, lived in an apartment house two doors away.
Dear God, please spare us!
Lying face down on the street in a neat line, the three were surrounded by patrols waiting for their next orders. A small crowd had gathered on the sidewalk, while many others looked down from the apartments above.
An urbane voice suddenly slipped into the chaos and silenced the lingering clamor with his crisp command. “Strip them, bind them, and throw them in the van. We’re not done tonight, gents. Now let’s get on with it.”
Six men pounced on them with knives, ripping the bedclothes from the women’s bodies. Susanna’s white nightdress drifted on the breeze until it finally settled into the gutter. Suffering a similar fate, Regina’s pink silk pajamas were slashed to ribbons before being tossed aside. And Paige, who was already half naked when she was taken from her lover’s bed, had her tiny thong torn from her hips without the use of a knife. Some souvenir- hunting patrol would furtively stuff the thong in his pocket and keep it with his stash of keepsakes from previous raids.
Six months before, the patrols had dispensed with rope, finding it too unwieldy...despite the crude impact of rope on flesh that many savored. Instead, they opted for duct tape, which was both easy to carry and quick to immobilize without a lot of fancy rope work necessary. Although, the only way to efficiently remove the tape was with a good swift yank. The pain that followed for the victim was a positive side benefit for sadistic officials who pleasured in the pain of others.
The three females were bound at the ankles, knees and wrists, then while they lay on their stomachs, their duct-taped hands were jerked back and taped to their feet, effecting strenuous hogties that successfully ended their crude gyrations and feeble attempts to flee. Their mouths had already been stuffed with ballgags, a new regulation to end the screams that normally accompanied these terrorizing raids. Complaints from law-abiding citizens had forced the change.
Each neatly bound package of naked femininity was lifted from the ground and roughly heaved into the back of the van. Although there were no markings on the sleek, black trucks, the vehicles were well known, emblematic of the reign of terror that had begun nearly seven years before.
Heavy chains attached to the inside of the cargo compartment were drawn around the women’s waists and pulled tight in order to keep them from tumbling at will along the hard steel floor. With the trio of crying females secured, patrols returned to their vehicles and the convoy of vans began to move. Sirens blared, lights flashed, and within seconds the street was dark again. Deserted. Those who had briefly crowded into the street to witness the spectacle had disappeared like frightened mice, in fear of being caught up in the hideous events. Neighbors looking on from windows above moved back inside the shadows of their homes, while for several minutes after the vans vacated the neighborhood the sirens echoed ominously in the cold night air.

Artist Credit

© R. C. Hörsch, www.eroto.com

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