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Thank You, Master - ebook

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Thank You, Master by M.J. Aleese

Juliana Sells, psychologist to Chicago’s wealthy, listens as patients share stories of BDSM and encourages strength, equality and independence. Allowing a man to dominate her life, will and body seems incomprehensible; until she encounters Detective Derek Terrill. Brought together by fate, the detective is required to see Dr. Sells for counseling related to a police-action shooting. During their last session Detective Terrill confronts Dr. Sells, telling her he senses her obvious submissive tendencies. He challenges her to confront her unmet desires and explore submission, sexual slavery and discipline.  

Unable to deny her attraction or physical response, Juliana agrees to meet him, even obeying his absurd demand to appear without pantyhose or panties. Upon arrival, she’s shocked and humiliated to discover his lesson includes physical punishment. During her spanking he introduces her to the world of pain mixed with pleasure. Seemingly incomprehensibly, Juliana discovers pleasure intensifies exponentially when associated with agony. She succumbs to the incredible turn-on she experiences at his hand.

The next evening she meets him, at Inferno, a BDSM club, where Terrill works security. She witnesses scenes of female domination and quickly deduces the small silver locket Derek required her to wear has meaning, both as protection and informing others she is “owned”.

While there, Juliana not only witnesses submission, she experiences it. Physically Derek demands oral gratification and stakes his claim on her virgin anus. Mentally he requires her to behave in a degrading manner. Submitting to the public humiliation and physical degradation makes her hot and wet. Yet, she questions why a woman would want to give-up herself to be someone’s property. He explains it’s not about giving-up. It’s about consensually submitting to your master’s control. He proposes a weekend of total submission, where at the conclusion, she can decide if she is willing to call him Master.

Can a weekend of degradation, subjection, pain and passion all at the hands of a dominate man change Juliana’s life forever?  Is the pain he inflicts too much for the pleasure, or has Juliana finally found the man she’s willing to call Master?  

Maledom/BSMD – (M/F) Sexual language and situations: fellatio, anal sex, vaginal penetration, sex toys, bondage, discipline, pain and degradation.


The only man who ever demanded Julie’s attention was an English professor during her sophomore year of college. She still remembered the time he asked her to his office, to discuss a paper.
As she sat in the chair next to Professor Sims’ desk, he scooted his chair closer. At first she thought it was to see the paper. He continued to lean closer and closer. She smelled coffee and felt his warm breath on her exposed collar bone. His raspy voice brimmed with authority. “Juliana, how badly do you want to keep up your GPA?”
Naively she responded, “Oh, Professor Simms, my GPA is very important for acceptance into grad school. I’ll rewrite the paper if necessary.”
His hand grasped her exposed thigh and moved under her skirt, toward her wet pussy. “At this point, I don’t think rewriting the paper can help you.”
Shocked, Juliana jumped from her chair and backed away. Stronger and quicker, he sprang. Suddenly, his wide chest pressed against hers. Her heartbeat accelerated as panic ensued. His arms created a cage against the concrete wall. Professor Sims stood at least six inches taller and the hardness in his slacks pushed into her hips. Unsure what to do, Juliana began to scream; he covered her mouth, and spoke, “You will be a good girl and be quiet, is that understood?”
Julie was too frightened to answer; she nodded her head. When he removed his hand she obeyed and remained silent as his hand explored under her skirt. Finding the elastic band of her thong Professor Simms smiled a sadistic grin and commanded, “Lift that little skirt, let me see your slutty underwear.”
Although every ounce of preservation told her to scream and run, she felt her juices throbbing. Juliana lifted her skirt. It didn’t take him long to discover her physical response. “You are such a naughty girl. Your sleazy panties are all wet. What should we do about this?”
Juliana stared helplessly at her professor. His hand lingered over the lace thong, so close, yet not touching. “I don’t know,” she helplessly replied.
“Do you want to leave now with a wet cunt and a failing grade on that paper?”
She looked down at his bulging slacks and shook her head.
“Good girl, now face the wall and let me finger your slimy cunt.” Like a cheap whore, she did what she was told. When his finger slid inside of her, she moaned. Next it was two, then three.
Instead of screaming she whimpered. No one had ever talked to her like this, or treated her this way. “Fuck my fingers, Juliana.” At first she didn’t know what he meant, but soon she bounced on the toes of her high heeled boots.
“Please…” was all she could say. She wanted him to stop, but her words sounded more like a plea.
With three of his fingers inside of her, his thumb tantalized her clitoris. His actions demanded all her focus. The whole world disappeared. She turned toward him bouncing, rubbing and pushing against his hand. The more he squeezed and tweaked, the weaker her knees became. Holding onto his strong sturdy chest for support, she inhaled the scent of his intoxicating aftershave. Julie didn’t remember him unbuttoning her blouse, but when he twisted her hard erect nipple, the pain shot through her like electricity. Her moan became high pitched, as the swell of tension rose within her. She was about to come all over his hand.
Just as she was about to explode, he removed his fingers and put them to her lips. The smell of her own juices, made her forget her orgasm. She’d never even played with herself. Now, he expected her to suck his fingers. When she hesitated, he twisted her nipple harder, causing tears to come to her eyes, “Juliana, do as you are told or you will be punished.” She opened her mouth and accepted the fingers. “Use your tongue and get them nice and clean.” Somehow this revolting act combined with the pain in her breast made her insides tighten. Soon she was once again on the verge of explosion. She spread her legs and rubbed up and down on his leg.
Julie sucked his fingers as if they were his cock. With each lick she worshipped and moaned. Suddenly, he pulled them from her mouth. “No.” His words were no longer raspy, his voice held total supremacy over her entire body. “You may not come yet.” It seemed impossible that a man could control her body so completely, but he did.
With that command, he pushed her against his desk. The paper he’d supposedly wanted to discuss now pillowed her cheek as he forcibly held her head to the desk. He never undressed, but used his other hand to free his swollen shaft from the confines of his slacks.
Julie’s only sexual experience was with her soon to be fiancé. It was always missionary style, with her on the bottom. This violation and intrusion made her pant like a dog.
“You are a bitch in heat.” He pushed himself deeper into her vessel. “Tell me, bitch, do you want me to stop?”
She could hardly speak. Her full attention was devoted to the ecstasy of his thick long shaft penetrating deep into her body. “No, Sir, please don’t stop.” It was obvious as he pushed her petite frame into the metal edge of the desk, her pleasure wasn’t his priority. However, before he reached his climax, Julie came twice.
When his cock stopped convulsing and spraying emissions deep inside her cunt, his weight relaxed and he slid his rod out of her. Like removing a stopper from a bottle the removal of his cock allowed the exorbitant amount of semen to flow from her crack and down her thighs. Juliana held tight to the metal desk and waited for instruction. “Clean me, slut.” A box of Kleenex sat near her head. As she reached for the tissues a sharp slap to her ass redirected her movements, and he commanded, “No, with your mouth.”
Juliana obeyed and knelt before him. Using only her lips and tongue she licked his cock and balls. The taste of both of them, together, made her come again. His shaft began to thicken between her lips. As she sucked he pushed her off. “We are done.”
Julie remembered wanting to say something, wanting him to say something. But she didn’t know what. Professor Simms sat at his desk and didn’t look up. Finally he said, “You may go.” The next time she went to his class she dressed sexier than normal. He never said a word. He even stopped calling on her in class.

Artist Credit

© kondradbak

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Product Reviews

  1. A Journey Into BDSM

    Posted by Erzabet Bishop on 10th Nov 2012

    BDSM, Anal sex, M/f, slavery, D/s and dubious consent

    What would you do if you were a psychiatrist and heard all about women's adventures in the BDSM world and were infernally curious, despite yourself?

    What is the lure? Why in God's name would a perfectly sane and intelligent woman subject herself the slavery and abuse her patients tell her about? Why would it make you squirm in your chair and long for something you have never known?

    The story in Thank You Master is a journey of sorts. Juliana has been seeing Derek as a shrink but during one session power shifts dramatically, landing her on a slippery precipice. This short novella has hard edges, gritty humiliation, brutal sex, but above all, a path toward Juliana finding the missing pieces of her life.

    Some of the scenes in this story are not for the faint of heart. As Derek breaks down Juliana's haughty exterior, he uses humiliation to show her how freeing the life of a slave can be. The voice of the novel is smooth and I was able to identify with Juliana on a deep level, living each event with her. There was no distance between the characters and reader. As I read, some of the extreme measures that Derek used to bring Juliana to heel were shocking to me, but I kept reading voraciously.

    The basis for the story was this: BDSM is about consensual activities between the Dom and his slave/sub. Even when you are reading and flinch at a slap or cringe at the sub drinking water from a bowl on the floor, all of these things could be stopped at any moment, should the sub wish it. Tough love is the phrase that comes to mind.

    I liked this book and found the dark erotica elements both chilling but utterly absorbing. Juliana's foray into the world of BDSM was an adventure and I am looking forward to more books by this author. Fans of Lizbeth Dusseau, Kitty Thomas, Bianca Sommerland, Candice Blevins and Skye Warren will enjoy this book.

    Many thanks to Pink Flamingo Publications for sending a copy of the book for review. For more of their titles, please visit their site.


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