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The Abduction of Veronica X - ebook

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 The Abduction of Veronica X by Lizbeth Dusseau

Would you be part of a club where morals were changed to fit the savage needs of its members? Would you participate in the abduction of a true innocent? Enjoy her defilement? Relish in the darkening of her soul? Then cast her back into the world with her never knowing who marked her life forever? The Writer's Club is such a group, driven by the pagan soul of its leader, Emerson Gray. The three female members become the property of Emerson and his friends, submitting to wild rituals of carnal savagery conducted in an old vacation cottage buried deep in the woods.

Although it may sound like the perfect arrangement for a hedonistic band of non-conformists, no matter how far they sink into their own decadence, something more is always needed. This time that something will be known as veronica x, an innocent virgin to be whisked away and used for their sexually perverse desires.

The night that veronica x arrives bound in a burlap sack, the three women, Daphne, Penelope and Kathy Ann are frightened, certain that Emerson has gone too far. And yet, they too succumb to the deviant pleasure of their innocent toy, as they systematically win her compliance. She's left naked, blindfolded and bound in the cellar, where the sensory deprivation is interrupted only by sessions of sexual massage. Within days, the increasingly aroused girl responds to her captors, giving in to their lurid whims and her own natural lust. Her virginity is ripped away; she's used for oral pleasure, anal sex, bondage, punishment and humiliation. Before long, she can't stop the carnal drive that fires her body. It almost seems as if she's willingly consented to this pleasure-seeking revelry.

But what happens when the six have had enough of the girl and veronica x is returned to her real life? Was the seduction of their captive complete? Will she hunt them down and make them pay for their terrible crime? Or will she move on undaunted, while her captors deal with the astounding reality of what they have become in the wilderness of their lawless lives?

This story of the lust for sexual power also includes within its graphic content startling scenes of sadomasochism and debauchery, sex, group sex, burning, branding, brainwashing and kinky sex rites.


“You’d better be careful how and when you disagree with me,” the angry man warned.
This did not sit well. A few more seconds of smoldering stares, Daphne suddenly jumped from her chair, lunging toward him. What she would have done after that, no one would ever know, because Emerson caught her arms in his hands. They held like vice-grips.
He wanted to mock her, even punish her. Meantime, her sexual energy flared. This wasn’t the first time the air between them crackled with rage, and not the first time an argument sent them into the throes of a sexual battle. But never in front of anyone, never in public. It wasn’t exactly public now, but there was Zack and Bo staring at them, bewildered and speechless.
“Let’s get something straight, little woman. Like who’s in charge.”
She wanted to laugh; it seemed so ridiculous. But Emerson couldn’t have been more serious. Her laughter might have stopped him, broken their hostilities, maybe just given her the edge needed to twist from his grasp. But she didn’t laugh. Instead, she watched him, like the others watched, as his simmering indignation escalated. Something savage, needy and sexual entered into his revenge.
He made the first move, clamping both of Daphne’s hands in his one large fist and dragging her with him to the kitchen. After lifting a thick wooden spoon from the rack where it hung, he hauled his wife to the kitchen table and flung her over the edge. She was too stunned now to act in her defense, his hands too powerful a force containing any will to rebel.
He spanked her hard a dozen times with the stinging spoon, and then because he was spanking a denim-covered behind and the effect was not intense enough to satisfy his need, he tugged at her jeans and had them down to her knees so he could start all over again. He did this all despite the way she hollered and kicked. With the initial shock over, her body meanly wrenched to remove herself. But with Emerson by far the stronger of the two, there was no way he wouldn’t win.
Daphne’s bared bottom was barely pink from the first dozen blows. But that quickly changed, as Emerson laid into the jiggling round behind with a series of forceful smacks that turned the flesh red in seconds.
Her bottom was hot and burning as she raised her voice, “Goddammit! You ass!” and thrashed vehemently until he’d stopped.
Emerson dropped the spoon, his initial rage abated. The thing clattered to the floor as his arms went around Daphne’s body to contain her. “Get a hold of yourself,” he whispered tersely. He covered her from behind to calm her, then pulled away enough to run one hand along her hot behind. She struggled still, trying to will away the fierce sensations of pain, arousal and emotional hurt. But then she felt her willfulness drift away as his hand moved between the crack of her ass and pressed deeper where he found her wet.
She shook her head, groaning with another brief burst of anger, but that was her last protest, and one Emerson ignored. “Why, you’re nothing but a little slut, Daph,” he whispered. “Don’t deny it.”
Bo and Zack looked on, getting uncomfortable in their pants as the scene advanced, as Daphne got her butt worked, slapped, fondled, probed, her holes ridden with Emerson’s tenaciously driving fingers. Penises became erect and throbbing, all of them goading the action with the hope for some perverse finish.
“Ah, Emerson, no,” she whispered to him, her voice crying plaintively, lost between desire, embarrassment and hurt.
“No, wife. Object lesson number one: Your husband will not be rebuked.” He had been running a teasing finger along the folds of wet skin surrounding her vagina. Moving his hand back, that wetness coated the rim of her ass, and he punctuated his remark by suddenly ramming three fingers into her bottom.
She threw her head back and gasped; the fit was tight.
Still he fucked her there. “This what you want, hon?” he wondered aloud and sarcastically.

Artist Credit

(c) Tony Ryan

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