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The Awakening of Laura: The Adam & Eve Series, Book One

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The Awakening of Laura: The Adam & Eve Series, Book One by Paul Preston

In the heat of summer in a Southern California seaside town, the spiritual and sensual worlds collide when Laura, a former drama student and lovely wife of a Christian minister becomes sexually attracted to Stephen, a slender spiritually conflicted security guard for submissive female performers at a secret underground theater, the Adam and Eve Club.

When Laura meets Stephen at the club to persuade him to rejoin the Christian faith, she is drawn into the theater by a bright hypnotic light.  She watches a pretty submissive performer on the stage engaging in a sexual act while being held in bondage by her Dom. Though initially repulsed, her body responds to the show on a deeply sexual level. She is cornered in the office of the powerful and handsome owner of the club, Phillipe Williamson, and falls deeper into the sensual abyss by becoming his collared submissive. Both Stephen and Williamson vie for Laura’s affection. Laura overcomes the humiliation of being removed from a college play by her father and Stephen finally accepts his true nature as a Dom when Williamson agrees to allow them to perform in a show together at The Adam and Eve Club.  In a dramatic confrontation with her husband, Laura must choose between her role as a minister’s wife and her newly discovered true nature of a sexual submissive

Includes male domination, light consensual bondage, spanking and several highly erotic sexually charged scenes.

Paul Preston is an erotic novelist living in Southern California. “The Awakening of Laura” is the first in a trilogy of novels about Phillipe Williamson and the Adam and Eve Club. The other two books in the series, “Bella Lisa and Her Beast” and “The Phantom Phillipe” will also be released by Pink Flamingo Publications.



The 8PM performance was about to start. Neither Stephen nor Laura could now look away from the proceedings. Stepping out of the shadows, the lights revealed an extremely pretty, feminine girl with long flowing brown hair dressed in sheer pale white lingerie, stockings and high heel shoes. A silk camisole barely covered her well endowed bosom. Laura couldn’t understand why such a slender attractive woman would be appearing on stage with practically nothing on. Laura noticed to her shock and confusion that the pretty girl’s wrists were violently bound behind her by a thick rope. She wondered what the woman had done to be treated in such a disrespectful manner. It amazed Laura that the girl did not appear to be nervous in the slightest, undressed, paraded and tied up nearly naked in front of a large group of people. Next a leather clad man with a shadowy face appeared out of the darkness on the other side of the stage. The cruel, hard-looking man stared at the girl in a rather harsh and condescending manner, and spoke abruptly to her.
“Submissive. Approach,” he commanded.
Her back arched, revealing the fullness of her breasts through the sheer fabric. She looked down demurely, slowly crossing the stage, the sound of the clicking of her high heels resonating throughout the theater. Her breasts swayed slightly, her heels making her well-defined calf and thigh muscles ripple and the cheeks of her backside tighten as she crossed the stage toward the ugly man.
How could it be that this monstrously ugly man has control over such a refined beauty? Was she some sort of high-priced prostitute, paid to perform in this theater?
“What are you doing here? You are trespassing in my castle!”
“My apologies, Sire. My father has gone missing and I found his hat in front of the gates.”
“I know nothing about your father… What is your name, slave?”
“Belle, Sire.”
“No child. Your name is submissive, or slave. You have disappointed me.”
Belle bowed her head.
“I did not wish to disappoint you, Sire.”
“And when your master is disappointed, a punishment must be given. Do you understand me, slave?”
“Yes, Sire.”
“Are you afraid of being punished, submissive?”
“Yes I am, Sire.”
“Are you willing, despite your fear, to bear this pain in love and devotion for your master?”
“It is my honor to be disciplined by you, Master.”
“It would in fact, please you, even arouse you, to be punished by me? Say it.”
“It would please me,” Belle said, bowing her head further, “even arouse me to be punished by you, Master.”
“In fact, it makes you wet to please your master. You’re wet for me right now. Say it.”
“I’m wet for you, Master.”
Watching this horrific scene play out, Laura could hardly breathe. She felt sweat on her forehead, her neck and under her arms. She became dizzy, with a nervous queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her lips were dry. She licked them and swallowed. She wanted to do something to prevent this innocent girl from being punished for simply stating her name to this masochist. She had never disturbed or walked out of a performance in the theater in her life, so out of respect for the actors, Laura remained silent.
But this was not a legitimate theatrical production, was it?
It didn’t seem as if the girl or the character the girl was playing was the slightest bit nervous about being punished. In fact, it seemed by her sultry voice and the tilt of her head that she was excited by the idea, sexually excited. Laura wanted to cry out, scream and run out of the theater. But she couldn’t speak or move. No matter how much she wished to look away, her eyes were riveted to the scene on stage, more than any performance she’d ever seen before. But the most disturbing and shocking sensation was that under her panties she felt her own wetness. It was as if what was happening to the girl on stage was also happening to her. Laura felt moisture growing somewhere deep inside of her.
How could watching this revolting scene make me become so wet? I don’t understand.
Laura could feel herself open, in a way she wished she’d been able to open for her husband on her wedding night. She felt confused and ashamed of herself, as this delicious moisture spread between her inner thighs. To stop her sexual response to the scene, she clenched her thighs together tightly, but it only intensified the pleasurable sensations. The more she tightened her muscles, the more she could feel the wet lips of her sex curl open, dampening the thin cotton material of her panties.
“What is your safe word, child?”
“Nightingale, Sire.”
“Very good then, songbird. Turn your back to me.”
The man took out a long sharp knife that shimmered in the stage lights. He raised it up, point forward, behind her. Laura’s hand clutched at her throat. The man lowered the knife and cut through the rope tethering her wrists. The man ceremoniously put the knife down and returned to his position across the stage.
“Thank you from freeing me from bondage, Master. May I now relieve the pain in my wrists, Sire?
“You may.”
Belle rubbed her chafed wrists.
“Now remove your clothing, set them down at my feet and prepare to be disciplined.”
“It will be my pleasure to disrobe for you, Sire.”
Belle bowed formally, stepped forward to face the man and slipped out of her heels. She slowly and seductively removed her stockings, her camisole, and her undergarments. Holding the lingerie and shoes in arms outstretched, she bowed low to the man, her heavy breasts bobbing low to the floor, her back arched. She laid the clothes in a pile with her shoes on top at the man’s feet and gracefully reclined into a reverent, prone position in front of the man, forehead on the floor, arms outstretched, palms up.
The magic of stagecraft made a free-standing thin block of wood rise out of an opening in the floor. Laura couldn’t help but be impressed with the high-tech effect, much more sophisticated than anything she saw in the main theater complex in her time at Cal State. The block of wood had a round circle cut into its middle and two smaller circles cut into each side of the bigger circle.
Am I losing my mind? It can’t be. It is…
The set piece that had arisen from the floor looked like an exact replica of the stock and chains used in her college production of “The Crucible”. The characters accused of witchcraft would be held captive in public humiliation, locked into the stock, their head stuck through the middle, their arms locked into the smaller holes.
“Stand, slave, head bowed and arms outstretched.”
The man opened the upper half of the block of wood.
“Enter and submit yourself to punishment.”
Belle knelt down, voluntarily placing her head and arms through the holes. The man lowered the upper half over her and clicked shut the heavy duty large metal lock. He stood in front of her bowed head. With the end of a riding crop he lifted Belle’s chin.
“With your free hands, unzip my pants and undress me.”
“As is my pleasure, Sire.”
Belle slowly unzipped the man, pulled down the waist of his pants and his enormous thick veined penis uncoiled. It frightened Laura to see this man’s penis and she gasped when she saw it. In the darkness between them, Laura sought out and found Stephen’s fingers and clasped them tightly in one hand. With the other hand she partially covered her eyes, but not enough to completely block her view. It was the only other time in her life she had seen a man’s private part, other than her husband’s. But compared to Roger, the ugly man’s penis was more than twice as large and thick, almost as if it was some sort of alien life form attached to but living apart from its host. The hair had been completely shaved off of it, making it seem even larger to the eye. The testicles seemed abnormally swollen. She wanted to look away from the man’s hideous erection, but could not.
“Laura, are you OK? Do you want to leave?” Stephen whispered in Laura’s ear, but she appeared not to hear him.
The ugly man spoke.
“Now, for not referring to yourself as a submissive in my presence, you will receive several hard and painful slaps to your sweet young ass with this slapping board.”
The man held up what looked like a thin piece of wood with a handle at one end.
“Are you ready to accept your discipline?”
“I will face my punishment with a loving heart for you, My Lord.”
“You are a very good and obedient sub. Place your lips on the head of my cock.”
“No,” Laura whispered, letting go of Stephen’s hand.
Laura felt the presence of someone near her. She turned her head to see a large man towering over her in the dark, staring down at her. He stood so close she could smell his cologne. The attractive scent made her knees weak. In the dark, a sexual fantasy played through Laura’s mind. She imagined leaning her body against the strange man, her wrists suddenly tied tightly behind her. She imagined sliding down his long muscled body to her knees. She looked up at him and rubbed her cheek over the hard length of his erection.
Why am I having a sexual fantasy for this stranger in the dark?
He leaned in toward her and breathed in her scent. She realized that the moisture between her thighs caused her to have a musky raw smell of sex.
If I can smell it, can he smell it too?

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