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The Blue Cantina: Anna's Surrender - ebook

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 The Blue Cantina: Anna's Surrender by Paul Blades

The lovely Anna is just 27 and the founder of a social service agency, providing a safe haven for displaced and abused young women. She's put heart and soul into this agency, but when her best friend Carol, a former addict, suddenly makes off with the quarterly operating budget for the agency, over $250,000, Anna's entire world comes crashing down. She has nowhere to turn but to Miles Devlin, a somewhat shady backer of the agency, and the president of the board of trustees. Devlin does no favors without demanding something in return, and Anna has little room to bargain. The cagey Devlin suggests she make up the deficit of funds by agreeing to serve as his sexual plaything for a year. Of course, she recoils at the very suggestion, but Anna realizes that she has little choice, and in desperation she agrees to his terms.

Devlin requires Anna draft a written confession, taking complete responsibility for the missing funds, then submit to a trial weekend at his house. Once there, Devlin demands her complete surrender, and she suffers a host of humiliations and cruelties as she's turned into a lowly sex toy. She's trained and punished by the servant Vincent, and is at Devlin's beck and call day and night. While suffering the demeaning treatment, her own rough sexual past comes back to haunt her, and she struggles with her lustful reactions to Devlin's use of her. Although Anna has the option of backing out of the year long agreement, she realizes that her alternatives are few, and submitting to Devlin may the only way to save herself and her beloved agency.

Paul Blades leads the reader through Anna's harrowing sexual misadventures as she's forced to suffer debasement, bondage, whipping, submissive training, exhibitionism, gagging, oral, anal, straight and lesbian sex, and a good deal more. This story is not a romance, and not for everyone... but for those who enjoy a well told story graphically depicting the extremes of female surrender.

A version of this novel was previously offered on the web as an ebook.

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“You may have to wait your turn,” another replied.

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