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The Chastity Game - ebook

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The Chastity Game by Stanley Jeffries

Gemma and Greg are the perfect married couple – Gemma is petite and breathtakingly pretty, while Greg is tall, strong and handsome. They’ve been hopelessly, totally in love with each other since they were teenagers. There’s only one slight problem with their otherwise idyllic relationship; Gemma is gay. While she craves Greg’s affection and love, she also needs sexual gratification with other women – something that brings her both pleasure and guilt. She introduces Greg to chastity play in order to channel his sexual frustration, and since he loves her more than life, Greg plays The Chastity Game with great enthusiasm. He longs for the occasional sexual releases that Gemma grants him, but more than anything else he feels totally sure he would rather die than lose Gemma’s love.

Gemma enjoys cuckolding Greg with other women, but she follows a strict rule of never getting too involved with any of them. When she meets the beautiful and very assertive Tori – a former police commando – she has to give up the kind of control she’s become used to. For her part, Tori finds her attraction to Gemma both disconcerting and irresistible; but she has no such doubts about her intense attraction to Greg. Tori embarks upon an affair with Gemma, but with her own agenda for a man she finds she loves to tease and dominate.

The Chastity Game is told as a series of flashbacks of how Gemma and Greg’s love began and developed. Descriptions of detailed and intense scenes of teasing, denial, bondage and S&M are mixed with a strong storyline and rich characters.

Readers will see how Gemma’s obsession with dominating Greg leads her to the edge of sanity, and builds to a devastating finale in which Gemma will ultimately learn the true power of love.


Greg stared down at the black, silicone rubber prison that now encased his cock.
“The plastic tag locks it in place – and that has a unique number on it – so I’ll know if you try to tamper with it,” Gemma told him. “But you see – there’s no metal in it at all, so there’ll be no problem wearing it through the airport metal detectors.”
“But Gem!” he sighed. “I’m away for almost two weeks!”
“Which is why I need to know you’re safely locked away, silly!” She slid her arms around him and hugged him gently – she’d just showered and her hair smelled of flowers.
“But two weeks? Whenever I’ve travelled to the States in the past we’ve always done…you know…our sexy phone calls. I really like it when we talk like that and we can make each other happy.”
“I love our phone calls too! But we’ll still have them, sweetheart.”
“How? I mean – I won’t be able to…to play with myself.”
“I know! It’ll be so cool,” she chuckled. “I can be nicely tucked up in bed, and ready with my vibrator – I can use the noisy rabbit one so you’ll be able to hear me using it; but you’ll just be sitting there as my long distance prisoner! I’ll be controlling you from six thousand miles away.”
Greg kissed her – his wife was so beautiful; and he never got tired of just looking into her stunning blue eyes. They’d started playing The Chastity Game about a year ago – it had been Gemma’s idea but if Greg was honest he soon learned to really enjoy it. It helped out with one particular “anomaly” that Greg and Gemma had in their otherwise perfect marriage – Gemma was bisexual.
While they truly loved each other – and had done since they first met – Greg was acutely aware that Gemma needed the company of women. It was purely for sex – Gemma rarely allowed her lesbian affairs to last more than a month or so; and so far she’d never gone back to an old girlfriend. More than one of them had tried to rekindle the affair with her, but she’d politely turned them down – Greg knew she didn’t want to risk forming a long term bond with another woman.
But Gemma had the kind of character where she always had to be pushing boundaries; it was one of the things Greg loved about her. He was actually very happy that his wife was “experimental” in bed – what man wouldn’t be delighted by that? Greg knew that Gemma would become bored by The Chastity Game one day and he assumed she’d then find something else to spice up their lives. For now he actually enjoyed the attention she paid to him – which was a bit weird because the “attention” usually resulted in him being denied an orgasm, or perhaps just being allowed to jerk himself off in front of her.
For the past few months the way Gemma played the game had become more and more…cruel. Greg knew, of course, that orgasm denial was supposed to have an element of cruelty. Since Gemma naturally wanted to keep pushing boundaries – her cruelty had progressively increased. She kept him locked away for longer periods, and when he was finally allowed out of his cage it was rare indeed to be permitted to actually make love to her. But he was allowed to kiss her, and to give her oral pleasure almost every night – in fact she positively craved the sensual contact with him.
She smiled, and kissed him on the mouth. Her lips were so soft and warm.
“I know it sounds cruel, sweetie,” she whispered. “But think about the practicalities. Our sexy phone calls work OK when you’re on the East Coast because it’s only a five hour time difference. But it’s eight hours when you’re in California. There just won’t be a time of day when we’re both in a private place so we can play with each other. Are you seriously telling me you’re happy to jerk off in an office conference room? Didn’t you tell me they all have glass walls?”
“Yes…they do. But at the weekend…”
“You’re staying with Raj and Gheeta, remember? They’ve got three kids, so I don’t think you’ll have much in the way of privacy.”
He sighed. OK, she was probably right – the last time he’d been in California he’d actually faked the sex at his end of the calls, and then taken care of himself later in the day. Gemma had always made it clear that she hated him masturbating alone.
She kissed him again.
“So how many more orgasms do you need to give me before I release you?”
“Only two, Mistress.” He whispered. They had a standing arrangement that Greg would be released when he gave Gemma one hundred orgasms. He’d been locked in his steel chastity device for over a month, and last night he’d almost made it to the magic number! They’d made love for hours, and Gemma took the opportunity to make sure she got the maximum benefit from Greg before he left on his trip. He had a suspicion that she’d actually gone well over the one hundred mark and simply not told him. But it was fine – the taxi he’d ordered to take him to the airport wouldn’t arrive for another two hours. They had plenty of time now and it was typical of Gemma to tease him right to the point he had to leave.
“Well then,” she told him. “Why don’t you take me back to bed?”

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Product Reviews

  1. chastity game

    Posted by josh on 29th Apr 2012

    I have read all of Stanley Jeffries works. They are the best stories of this type I have ever read. The latest The Chastity Game is the best so far. The characters come alive and you wish you where their victims. The descriptions and action are top notch and the ending is great. I'm looking forward to more of his writing but until then I think I'll reread the old one's, highly recommended

  2. Chastity Game

    Posted by josh on 28th Apr 2012

    Stanley Jeffries is the best writer in this area. His characters are sexy and compelling,you feel yourself drawn into their lives.Chastity Game is his latest work and probably the best, (though I have enjoyed all of them). If you read the others you must read this one. But if you haven't you will enjoy it and beg for more.

  3. Great story with a superb ending!!!

    Posted by Kim on 11th Feb 2012

    Wow! I've been waiting for Part 3 of Stanley Jeffries trilogy for ages, and so when it came out last week I ordered it right away. But then I saw this title available only as an ebook, and I decided to check it out while I was waiting for the other book to arrive. Boy am I glad I did! This is an amazing FemDom story...and the ending was probably the best I've read in recent erotic books. I absolutely fell in love with Gemma, and I know exactly why Greg lets himself be manipulated by her so much.
    The thing I enjoyed most was Jeffries ability to develop real characters but still keep up the pace of erotic action. And there's a ton of back-story in this book with some great S&M scenes.
    More from Mr.Jeffries please!!!

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