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The Chris Bellows' Collection

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The Chris Bellows' Collection by Chris Bellows

Featuring Collared & Leashed and Becoming Miss Ashley’s Pet, A D/s Divorce

Collared & Leashed

The unsuspecting subordinate male, Willie, is talked into playing a cuddly canine at a party, entertainment for a girl allergic to the real thing. Little does he know how far Lenore, who hires him for the role, and her Female Dominant friend Nancy will go to see him turned into their new 'pet'. A mask... body paint... collar and leash... testicles swinging freely, this is no mere doggy outfit!

It's not long before Willie becomes an outright toy for the amusement of women with indifference and explicit disdain for the male gender. Yes, 'Willie' the human dog is forced to serve in his special costume as he is walked, disciplined and house broken for the sadistic pleasure of women who enjoy the company of the male ... but, of course, only when properly bound.

Coerced into this unusual and extreme form of bondage, Willie's faces a dog's life serving as companion and show dog for the Dominant female. Forced chastity, CBT, exhibitionism, torture, castration, extreme psychological control, and unsurpassed humiliation aid in his decent into a world he could never have dreamed up himself.

As with all Chris Bellows' stories, lurid acts of female dominance are entwined in a thoughtful, well written story. Great entertainment for the lover of Female Dominant erotica with most unusual twists.

Becoming Miss Ashley's Pet, A D/s Divorce

Charles Barrington, an ambitious attorney, plots to extract millions from a wealthy young woman. He is bright, yet too impatient to labor in impoverishment while the answer to his quest for financial comfort appears to lie with a client of his firm, Ashley Duval, the heiress to a huge fortune. Barrington romances her and seeks courtship solely for money, eventually marrying the lovely young woman. But unbeknownst Charles, Ms. Duval stays one step ahead of his scheming plot. This seemingly innocent heiress has certain genetic inclinations that cause her to strive for the subjugation of the male.

In a thought provoking plot, Charles, as the unwary plaintive in the divorce suit, expects millions in settlement - his financial dreams realized at last. But, his plan goes awry. He is instead subjected to thorough Female Domination by way of dog training, body modification, extreme humiliation, extensive oral service, canings, sensory deprivation, and a barrage of psychological 'counseling'.

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Wow! Nancy is good. Before me is this little guy Willie completely painted in black and white to resemble a Dalmatian. And that woman from New York with the arm and leg restraints! I must visit her kennel some time.
Well, many guests have arrived and Chloe has returned from the nail parlor and been completely surprised by the back yard gathering. More are expected and in waiting I thought it best to check on our canine entertainment.
So here I stand in the expected attire of our little group....knee-high black leather boots, black thong, skintight bodice. And though Willie’s mask covers all facial expressions, it seems the brevity of my attire makes an impression. Or perhaps it’s the walking stick I hold in my hand.
“Hello, pup,” I graciously greet my leashed friend.
“I want to see the rest of you. Nancy does great work, wouldn’t you agree?”
I step to the washing machine and take the free end of the leash. If Willie realized how easy it is to incapacitate him when bound in latex he would be most concerned. Nancy merely flipped the leather-looped end of the chain once around the drainpipe. No locks, no knots, no clips. But for Willie, there are no fingers. Thus he will require the prehensile assistance of a woman for any freedom of movement this afternoon.
I tug firmly, establishing my authority. The sudden tension brings an abrupt gasp as the collar tightens. Willie is forced to right himself at the waist.
With knees perched on the faux paws and feet drawn up to his hips, he’s about as awkward as a real dog standing on hind legs. Thus my powerful hand grips the chain near his collar to steady him as I stand to his side to enjoy Nancy’s handiwork.
“Goodness. It appears our little doggie is in heat!”
I wish I could see his face as I comment on the massive erection. The Cialis has kicked in with the expected effect on the priapic teenaged male. The appendage is totally beyond his ability to control and I am happy to see he’s uncircumcised. It makes for such an enticing display; the moisture of the smegma causing the purple tip to glisten. And Nancy has comically painted his scrotum such an alluring pink.
I cannot help tapping at the aroused organ with my stick. The flat end is designed to produce a slapping sound, sometimes more of a message for the ears than for the pain receptors.
With my nearness and grip on the leash I feel Willie shudder when I touch his precious male parts. So wonderfully sensitive.
“Can you see your balls, Willie? Nancy has outdone herself. I’ll want you to concentrate on crawling about with those hind paws well parted. Your precious testicles are nicely highlighted for the guests and I’ll want them fully displayed.”
He begins to reply and I tap more firmly. He lurches when the stick nips his balls.
“Dogs don’t talk,” I am forced to remind him.
I release my grip and he lowers himself to all fours.
“Come. You should practice a bit before being presented.”
I tug. He of course follows the straining chain. It’s nice to demonstrate feminine power. I have a naked male on a leash. It’s going to be quite a party.

Artist Credit

Artem and Victoria Popovy

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