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The Constancia Compendium

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Product Description

The Constancia Compendium by Chris Bellows

The Constancia Compendium is a Femdom Featurette containing Lady Constance Constancia Island & Behavioral Modification: Lessons From Constancia Island. This is classic Femdom fiction with several unique twists making it a fascinating read for those who enjoy a world where women rule and men submit.

An Interview with Lady Constance on D/s relationships for "The American Society of Behavior Modification" begins with a discussion of the Lady's relationship with "boy", a submissive male who's captive at her European clinic - trained and kept in bondage by Jasmine, a powerful black nurse. The reader follows along through boy's morning ritual - interrogation, inspection, cleansing and milking.

Constancia Island, an exclusive Caribbean paradise is a sovereign country designed exclusively for the institution of Female Domination and male submission... where troubled young males, at one time destined for lives of crime, are treated as beasts of burden, pony-boys, not only for the amusement of the island's defacto queen, Lady Constance, but as the island's sole method of conveyance for visitors and residents alike. 

After a trying business trip, Mrs Dalton returns home to find that her submissive husband has strayed. Hiring a professional dominatrix to satisfy his needs, he is caught in the most comprising of positions. It will be the last time. Mrs. Dalton learns there is an opening for training at Constancia Island, the exotic tropical isle owned by Lady Constance and long used as the facility of last resort for protecting the public from incorrigible young males. Whisked away on the next flight to the Caribbean, the following morning, Mr. Dalton finds himself barraged by dominant females and immersed into a program of training, grueling physical duress and torment, and deep psychological transformation.

Includes: female domination, male submission, bondage, latex, humiliation, bladder control, masturbation, oral sex, cock & ball torture, pony play, strap-on sex, chastity, denial, body modification and so very much more!


Lady Constance speaks to Boy as if addressing a child, her voice having a soothing, pleasant cadence in a high pitch. Boy immediately goes to his knees upon hearing his Mistress’ voice. His training mandates that his head always be below the level of her waist. Jasmine reaches down and removes the ankle cuffs. Boy begins to crawl toward the sound of his Mistress’ voice before the genital clamp can be removed. He yelps when Jasmine yanks the leash as a reminder. Boy stops and waits patiently while Jasmine loosens the clamp.
A simple device, said to have been developed in Medieval times, the clamp is simply two flat pieces of wood, hinged face to face at the top edges. The hinged edges have a semi circle cut into the middle of each to form a circle when the boards lie end to end. Boy’s testicles are slipped through this circular hole. Thus it is worn just under the penis with one board hanging over the front of the scrotum, the other over the back. Two bolts are threaded through holes in the bottom of the boards. Wing nuts allow Boy’s trainer to tighten the boards together, which as one can imagine, closes the space between the hinged boards and pressures the gonads. Jasmine added another hole in the bottom of each board through which her leash is threaded. This additional feature allows her to sharply tug on the leash and temporarily squeeze the boards and his testicles even more. As Jasmine demonstrated, Boy’s reaction to tension on the leash is immediate and most servile.
“He gets excited. So happy to see Mistress,” Lady Constance cooed, in her baby voice.
I will pause here to explain the epistemology of Boy’s care and treatment. Jasmine’s duties include, not only cleaning, feeding, and training, but also to assure that Boy is kept in constant torment or heavy bondage when not in the presence of Lady Constance. When in her presence, all bonds and sources of torment are removed, except of course for his collar and wrist cuffs which are worn at all times and removed only for morning cleaning and stretching.
Thus, as a result of the years of repetitious, long term bondage, pain and humiliation, Boy knows that serving Lady Constance and being in her company affords the only relief possible from the daily rituals of torment and toil exacted by Jasmine. As the reader will learn from her interview, the powerful African woman is relentless, and Boy’s tears and groveling never earn a minute of mercy. Only Lady Constance provides such, and she extracts a price for it.
Jasmine’s fingers quickly remove the genital clamp. As she opens the hinged boards, I notice that layers of soft foam have mercifully been glued to the inner surface of the boards. At first, the modification appears to be an uncharacteristic concession toward moderation. But after further contemplation, I realize that the addition of the foam merely allows the clamp to be tightened and worn for extremely long periods, providing constant pain and discomfort without causing permanent damage.
With the removal of the evil device, Boy crawls toward his Mistress’s voice. The contact lenses limiting his vision are still worn, and from my position at the desk I am afforded an unimpeded view of the naked buttocks and scrotal sac, swinging with each movement of Boy’s thighs. Occasional changes in position also reveal the sizable, flaccid penis, with the various attached ornaments glinting in the room’s bright lights. Jasmine exits to an adjoining room wearing a smile of self-satisfaction. The rustling sound of her starched, white uniform causes Boy to freeze in fear. Lady Constance snaps her fingers with the additional command of “come!” and Boy resumes his awkward crawl to Lady Constance’s chair.
Boy is hairless from the neck down. Years of depilation and electrolysis destroyed most of his hair follicles. Jasmine’s morning inspection insures that those few strands that had escaped electrolysis are quickly removed. His appearance is oddly feminine. Whereas Jasmine’s forced exercise routines have kept Boy in excellent physical condition, the closely monitored sculpting of his body gives him the appearance of a lithe, female athlete rather than male. The carefully administered hormones have successfully imbued Boy with a body of firm but modest muscles covered with soft layers of effeminate flesh. Boy’s finger and toenails are painted with a thick layer of bright red, acrylic paint. His lengthy hair is trimmed at the jaw line in a “page boy” style, emulating that of a Dickensian choirboy. There is mascara around his eyes which I later learned is actually permanent tattooing. Overall, but for the sizeable scrotal sac and oddly bejeweled phallus, Boy’s appearance is very feminine. He is the same age as Lady Constance but appears to be no older than a teenager.
Upon reaching Lady Constance, Boy lowers his head and an enormous, pink tongue begins licking her boots. His Mistress smiles and affectionately pats the top of his head. The warmth and comfort that Boy’s servility brings is quite evident as the hand of Lady Constance gently slides from the top of Boy’s head, down one side of his neck to his chest. The knowing fingers find his right nipple and casually pinch and toy. A soft laugh evidences Lady Constance’s enjoyment as the infibulated penis stirs.

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