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The Domination of Diana

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Product Description

The Domination of Diana by M.J. Aleese

Diana yearns for a life of love and domination.  Momentarily, she finds it – however, not with one man. Living the perfect double life, she has a sensitive, attentive fiancé and a domineering master, in his best friend Liam.

Liam fulfills Diana’s never before exposed submissive needs, while Troy promises her happy-ever-after.  As Diana and Troy’s wedding approaches, Liam’s need for control intensifies. He decides if he can’t possess Diana completely– he won’t allow his best friend to have her either.

In an effort to stop their fairytale relationship, Liam sets the wheels in motion to break Diana and Troy apart.  First, he introduces Troy the world of bondage, dominance, submission and masochism at Chicago’s hottest underground club, The INFERNO.    

While there, Troy sees life as never before – as it could be – as it should be. Surprisingly, he finds himself aroused by the supreme control and reddened punished asses. However, he doesn’t want to dominate strangers; he fantasizes about BDSM with his fiancée.   

Before Troy can show Diana this exciting new lifestyle; she disappears. 

As Troy searches for his fiancée, Liam arranges an introduction for Diana to the world of sexual slavery.  If he can’t have Diana as his own, Liam decides she will become communal property at The Inferno...

Will Liam’s plans succeed? Will Diana give up her dream of love and submission?  When faced with punishment and domination, will she submit to life as a sex slave? Or, will Troy’s new found desires lead him back to the underground world where domination and love are waiting?


Maledom/BDSM, Anal sex, M/f, M/f/M, f/f, slavery, D/s and dubious consent



Diana wanted to argue, to say she really hadn’t done anything wrong. However, she’d made that mistake before. The spanking would come whether a valid reason existed or not. Liam liked to invent reasons for beatings. If she complied, the penalty could possibly be less severe.
She willingly laid her naked body across his legs. His hard cock pressed against her ribs, while the rough material of his jeans smashed her breasts, sending electricity through her hardened, tender nipples. Inhaling, she smelled the musky mixture of beer, sweat, and testosterone. Liam was more man than she’d ever know. Sometimes she felt guilty thinking about his cock, while with Troy. Her finger tips and toes brushed the carpet. Diana was now a human bridge, completely vulnerable to his whims and assault.
The total subjectivity, the amazing scent, and Liam’s hand rubbing her firm ass, all combined to make her pussy spasm in anticipation. “Do you have any words before I proclaim your sentence?”
“Yes, I am sorry, Sir. I am sorry I argued with you about tonight. And, I am sorry I upset Troy.”
He could smell her arousal as he inserted two fingers, deep into her wet cunt. “You are a liar and a bitch." She didn’t speak, he was right. She was dripping with expectation. Yes, she hated upsetting Troy, but this was so much better than going to Target to finalize their registry. His fingers moved slowly in and out while he tantalized her swollen clitoris.
“Sir, I am sorry… but I…” Words became increasingly difficult to form. Unconsciously, she rubbed her pelvis across his lap.
“Silence.” The hand that provided pleasure now delivered pain, in the form of three fast hard slaps to her exposed ass. She whimpered in response, careful not to scream. “I promised you five additional blows for your insubordinate text message. How many blows do Troy’s feelings warrant?”
Diana strained with the ramifications of his question. If she bestowed the appropriate worth to her fiancé’s feelings, the pain would be intolerable. However, if she minimized his feelings and saved her ass, what did that make her? Apparently, her debate took too long. Liam’s hand struck with increased force. The sting made her cry-out involuntarily. “Oh, fuck, that hurts!” She readjusted herself and quickly added, “I think his feelings are very important. Sir, the number of blows is at your discretion.”
Liam smiled. The last eight months were paying off. She is becoming a good slave. Yet, he was supposed to give her up. “Fifteen."
Diana fought the desire to move from his lap. Fifteen? Her ass already hurt from his warm-up. Is it fifteen plus five? She wiggled unconsciously. His hand wasn’t delivering punishment at the moment. It was rubbing her firm reddened skin, caressing the raised welted flesh. Spreading her legs, he rubbed the sensitive flesh of her swollen pussy.
“What do you say, slave?”
“Thank you, Sir. Thank you for correcting your selfish slave.”
“You may demonstrate your gratitude later. For now, I want you to count each blow and thank me. I could be somewhere else tonight, but instead I am helping you to learn your place.”
“Thank you, Sir. Thank you, for your correction.”
The first five or six blows increased steadily in force. Not only did her ass burn from his abuse, but the pain continued down her legs as he struck her upper thighs. After number seven, he inserted the neck of his beer bottle into her wet cunt. She moaned as he maneuvered it in and out. Without warning he removed the stem and inserted it in her tight hole.
Her hands came off the ground as her back stiffened. “Relax, Bitch, I know you like it in the ass.” He was right. She liked the violation and lack of control over her own body. He pushed the bottle deeper. “Before tonight is over, you will beg me to fuck your ass." With the bottle’s neck no longer visible, he reached down and pinched her clitoris. The tension within her mounted. He pinched harder and she erupted, her body quaking in convulsions.
“Did I give you permission to come?”
Diana didn’t answer. She hung limply over his legs, surrendering to his punishment. He removed the bottle and continued his sentence.
When the number reached fifteen Diana exhaled. “Thank you, Sir, for your correction.”
With cruelty and amusement he proclaimed, “Now, you will receive the additional five for your earlier response."
Diana’s sore ass cried for help. She stiffened and pleaded, “Please, Sir, no more. It hurts too much.”
His cock strained under her ribs, she remembered his earlier words. “Please, Sir, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Let me suck you." Tears of desperation flowed down her cheeks. “Just no more spankings, please…” she begged.
Liam laughed and pushed her from his lap onto the floor, the rough carpet assaulted her abused behind. Diana looked up at his expression, quickly scrambled to her belly, and kissed his shoes. “Thank you, Sir."
He grabbed her hair and pulled her head. “Let’s see if you can earn a reduced sentence." Liam handed her the empty brown long necked bottle, “I want to watch, as you fuck yourself with this.”
Leaning back onto her tender ass, she lifted her knees and exposed her sopping wet cunt. Pushing the bottle beyond her sensitive lips, her swollen pussy held no resistance. Obeying his command, Diana started to move it in and out. The wider part of the bottle rubbed her clitoris with each thrust, as she bounced her sore ass on the abrasive carpet. Liam continued his instructions, “Seize your nipple with your other hand." She did, tenderly caressing the tip. “Pinch it. Squeeze it with your nails." Diana did as he commanded. Tears fell from her eyes as electricity shot through her body. Soon, her moans and gyrations increased in rhythm and intensity. His harsh words shredded her bliss. “Did I give you permission to come?”
Diana’s eyes opened in fright, the edge was so near. She’d already broken that rule once tonight. Stilling the glass cone and releasing her tortured nub, she fought the current that pulled her toward the rapids of climax. “No, Sir.” she managed feebly.
“I also didn’t give you permission to stop. Keep humping.”
“But, Sir, I will come, if I keep going.”
He reached down and slapped her breasts. He enjoyed watching the firm round globes redden at his touch. Diana sucked her bottom lip when he contacted the left nipple. It still hurt from her nails. He slapped them again. “You need to learn self-control." She didn’t respond. The pain in her tits and pleasure in her cunt had her on the brink of orgasm. “Troy will thank me one day for training you, won’t he?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Say it, and keep the bottle moving.”
She obeyed, moving the bottle in and out of her cunt. “Troy will…”
Liam interrupted, “My fiancé.”
Diana concentrated, “My fiancé, will thank you for training me to be a good slave.”
“Have you been a good slave?”
Feeling the rush of intensity as her cunt began to spasm she tried unsuccessfully to hide her climax, “I... have … tried, Sir." The words were breathy and came in gasps.
“Give me the bottle." She sheepishly handed him the slippery bottle, now covered in her juices. He placed the butt of the bottle between his knees, “Clean it.” She crawled to his feet and began to lick the bottle clean.
I am such a slut, Diana thought, as she sucked her own fluids from the smooth glass neck. Degraded and abused, her cunt began to tighten again. She could feel the juices leak from her pussy. More than anything, she wanted Liam’s cock in her mouth, not this bottle. Between slurps she begged, “Please, Sir, please may I suck your cock?”
“Do you deserve my cock?”
“No, Sir, I am just a slut. I promise I will service you well.”
Liam undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. His engorged shaft escaped the confines of his boxers. Although she knew his anatomy, Diana still marveled at his size. He was so much larger than Troy. Now fully erect, his cock stood taller than the bottle between his knees. “Keep cleaning the bottle." She obeyed, purposely allowing her hair and face to touch his now twitching erection. “You are a conniving bitch, aren’t you?"
“Yes, Sir." The intermittent beeps of his phone faded into the sounds of her suction on this wet bottle. The unanswered texts were probably from her fiancé, but at this moment she no longer felt guilty. Instead, Diana was overwhelmed with desire. Her pussy ached in anticipation of Liam’s rock hard shaft. She continued to lick the bottle, tasting her own juice, feeling his precum moisture on her cheek, and smelling his musky fragrance. “Please, Sir.” Diana begged between slurps.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Inga Marchuk - Shutterstock

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