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The Elusive Prey

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The Elusive Prey by S J Lewis

Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness adventure where they’ll be trained and used as sex toys by the Dominant men who claim them—a real life fantasy fit for only the most daring. Arriving at the hamlet of Gordburg, they discover a resort town where women are caged, being readied for the market where they’ll be sold at auction. Some women are sent to Gordburg by their dominnant masters for intense training, others choose to go for the titilating adventure. The two curious women discover that many of these caged women relish their predicament. For others it's a rough challenge. For those who run this unique resort, the fantasy is not a fantasy at all, but very real!

Undeterred by what she’s seen, Barbara decides to go straight to the market for purchase—and the hard sex she expects to enjoy. Meanwhile, Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek where she’ll be pursued by both men and women intent on making her their slave toy. She wants to the feel the thrill of being captured, forcefully subdued and compelled to submit to their sexual demands. Kimberley sets out on a game of escape and evade where she becomes Elf-girl, a cunning and elusive player. While there’s no one better at dodging the hunters, Kimberly really wants to be caught, tamed and put in her place by a man powerful enough to give her the satisfaction that comes from total surrender. Can the adventurous Elf-Girl succeed in living out her dreams? Or will time run out, leaving her desperately longing for more?

A story with lots of twists, turns, hot scenes and exciting action to keep the reader turning pages.

Consensual bdsm.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    The Elusive Prey by S. J. Lewis
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight, (c) 2005

    Is The Elusive Prey meant to be a picture of the real world? Or does Lewis mean it in some sort of symbolic way, using some kind of alternative world scenario to illustrate his or her thesis? Probably a little of each is a plausible answer.

    Lewis transports the reader to a Twilight Zone-like world where vacationers can hunt women and women can choose to become the prey. The operative word of course is “choose”. As the novel opens Kimberly and Barbara are trekking to a hotel where the next day they will choose to become the wanted, the prey. Once captured, they can be used in any manner by the man or men who snare them—indeed, they can even be sold into slavery. (And what they bring from the slave sale is fastidiously deducted from their vacation expenses, of course!)

    Kimberly, having played the game before, looks forward to being captured again. The feeling of helplessness is a tremendous turn-on for her. She brings with her a friend, Barbara, who has the same fantasy of being pursued. But Kimberly has bit more of a wide-ranging fantasy, however. She wishes to become known as Elf-Girl, the elusive prey who cannot be captured, who becomes something of a legend.

    The first night Kimberly betrays Barbara to a group of four men, because she realizes she cannot achieve her goal with the somewhat dull-headed Barbara. Kimberly watches from the shadows, and gets excited and masturbates, as she observes her friend being used by the four men “like a cheap whore” Barbara later enthusiastically says.

    One of the interesting ideas of this book is that perhaps being a prey answers some women’s basic needs as much as being the hunter mentality is important to males. This might be hard-wired into our brains from a few million years of evolution, and the “vacation” is merely a response to those needs.

    However, I don’t mean to imply that The Elusive Prey is a heavy-handed tome. Quite the opposite. It is a good old fashioned adventure story as much as anything, fleetly told and briskly moving.

    S. J. Lewis is a brilliant stylist who brings the reader into Kimberly’s world of hunters and prey, of slaves and slave owners. Elf-Girl seeks to elude Greg, a master hunter who resolutely and relentlessly tracks her. She visits a mysterious place called simply The Farm, and every adventure brings her more renown and fame in the game preserve. But will she succumb to the wily hunter who seeks his elusive prey?

    I started off this review by asking if Lewis meant to suggest there actually could be such a place as depicted in The Elusive Prey. In one sense that is a foolish question. The answer to that is, as Aristotle would say—if there isn’t such a place, there should be.

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

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