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The Fellatrice's Storybook - ebook

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The Fellatrice's Storybook by Janie Bird

A woman who performs fellatio: a fellatrix. Pronunciation: /ˈfel-ə-ˌtrēs/

Janie Bird brings us a sizzling collection of short stories from her wildest fantasies about oral sex. In The Submission Lesson we find a married woman discovering her submissive side after many years of marriage. After reading The Story of O, her husband renames her “jeannine” and presents her to one of his colleagues and orders her to service him.

In Trish’s Decision Trish’s boyfriend, Donny, is accused by a local gang of thugs of stealing drugs, Trish comes to the rescue. Without the cash they want for the missing drugs, she agrees to submit to their degrading demands.

Pet is the first woman that has been able to fill the difficult position for Mr. Magister in Personal Assistant. His demands are simple; dress professionally, be on time, and be clean shaven. As Pet soon discovers, his needs expand beyond simple dictation and filing, and she doesn’t mind in the least.

The Fellatrice’s Storybook is not for the faint of heart. It introduces us to women of all types; ones with secret desires that only fellatio can satisfy, women with hidden lives, submissives and cock-worshippers. Janie Bird does a wonderful job of putting her imagination and dreams to work in this collection.

Includes: Plenty of hot oral sex, cock worshipping, rim jobs, submission, Maledom.

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“A tiresome event,” thought the Royal Astronomer. Too much food, too many speeches. He’d looked forward to meeting the queen, whose interest in his work had led him to accept the invitation, but she’d left after a perfunctory toast. The king was slowly getting drunk, his full attention on the erotic tableaux performed by three unclothed dancers. The Astronomer’s attention wandered there briefly, but was not captured. Bored as well with the silly chatter of minor courtiers, he made an excuse, and found his way to the apartments provided for his visit. He paused at the door, seeing a motion of curtains inside. “Rodney?”

“No, sir.” She was nude, wearing only the bright band of steel on her neck that marked her as a slave of the castle. “Your assistant became somewhat ill from the wine; possibly he isn’t used to its potency. He’s in the dormitory now, and should be fine in the morning. I’m here to assist your toilette....if you will allow it.”

And without asking, she took his cape and hung it. He strode into the chamber, darkly shadowed with red and purple curtains against old cherry wood, and sat on the carved ebony chair. She approached, knelt, and began to remove his boots. “Do you have a name, slave?” he asked. Her eyes did not meet his. “I am called Marin, my lord. If you will stand, I will remove your clothing,” she added. “Your bath was drawn as soon as I was told you’d left the great hall. It is very hot, and will need a few minutes to cool.”

Her nimble fingers peeled the formal clothes from him, and he presently stood as naked as she. Her breasts were full, and dark hair flowed around her shoulders, not quite obscuring the polished ring of her collar. She rose, still not looking him in the eye. “Your...um...rod is large, sir. It is most impressive.” His glance at her betrayed nothing in her attitude but submission. He was indeed becoming aroused. Still, he was a man of honor, with a highly placed wife, a consort of great value to his career, and if not a passionate lover, a good friend, something rare among men and women of their caste. It would not do to casually take a slave girl to bed. Even if she were clean, there was the risk of gossip.

“All very well,” he said, “But now I must urinate.” And he turned toward the ornate ceramic pissoir.
“Of course, sir,” she replied. “May I assist you?”

“Assist me how?” he asked, amused. “Would you hold my penis for me?”

“Exactly, my lord. May I?” And she knelt, offering her small hands to cup his cock and balls.

“Well...why not?” Her touch was pleasant, firm but gentle, and she directed the stream carefully, taking care not to allow any fluid to splash. He relaxed, and enjoyed the odd sensation of a slave assisting him in this way. The rich rush of his urine flowed freely into the vessel.

As he concluded, Marin gently shook his penis, allowing most of the final stream to pass into the bowl. Then, spontaneously, she took his member into her mouth and sucked. A strange, electric sensation passed through him as the residue of his urine was drawn out. And he realized his erection had grown, and was still contained between the slave’s lips.

Artist Credit

© Peter Bernik

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