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The Gordburg Series Book Package

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The Gordburg Series Book Package by SJ Lewis

Female Prey: The Trek

Ready for a wild adventure, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, Kimberley, hikes into the forest alone, knowing that somewhere nearby are anonymous men who will hunt her down like an animal, take her captive, and keep her as their sex toy for days on end. She is eager for the experience - in fact, she set up the game with a clandestine company that specializes in unique wilderness adventures like this one. But, just to make the experience more fun, she decides to make the hunters work before she lets them have her. Her scheme takes the men by surprise, and the days that follow are grueling for Kimberley and the posse that tails her. Maybe it's not so much fun after all, she begins to think... maybe she should call off the hunt, and go back to the resort hotel where she started - spend her week enjoying the luxury of room service...hot baths and sensuous pampering...

Unfortunately, it's too late to change her plans and she's on the run...forced into a game of escape and evade. While Kimberley knows the outdoors and can survive on her own, her pursuers know it better. Tired and hungry, she is finally captured, and her days of naked slavery begin.

She's kept in a cell below ground...unable to tell when one day ends and another begins. She knows there is a limit to her captivity, but she has no idea when it will end. As the days go by, Kimberley learns about her captors, especially the big, strong leader of the gang she calls 'Alpha'. He's rough with his newly captured slave, and as the days goes by, Alpha's power over her increases...the things they make her do alarm her. But soon she's doing more than enduring the forced nudity, bondage and torrid sexual gangbangs. Perhaps, she doesn't want her adventure in the wilds to end?

This steamy novel is a sexy, savage read...including a shocking sexual awakening for the unsuspecting Kimberly and plenty of hard-hitting sexual content ... Bdsm, imprisonment, mild torture, straight, oral and anal sex, girl/girl action and hot group orgies.

The Elusive Prey

Kim and her friend Barbara voluntarily sign on for an unusual wilderness adventure where they'll be brutally trained and used as sex slaves by the Dominant men who claim them - a real life fantasy fit for only the most daring. Arriving at the hamlet of Gordburg, they discover a resort town where women are caged, being readied for the slave market where they'll be sold at auction. Some slaves are sent to Gordburg by their masters for intense training, others are there by their own choice. The two curious women discover that while some of these caged women relish their enslavement, others find the rough treatment is more than they signed on for. For those who run this unique resort, the fantasy is not a fantasy at all, but very real!

Undeterred by what she's seen, Barbara decides to go straight to the slave market for purchase - and the hard sex she expects to enjoy. Meanwhile, Kimberley decides on a game of hide and seek where she'll be pursued by both men and women intent on making her their slave. She wants to the feel the thrill of being captured, forcefully subdued and compelled to submit to their sexual demands. Kimberley sets out on a game of escape and evade where she becomes Elf-girl, a cunning and elusive player. While there's no one better at dodging the hunters, Kimberly really wants to be caught, tamed and put in her place by a man powerful enough to give her the satisfaction that comes from total surrender. Can the adventurous Elf-Girl succeed in living out her dreams? Or will time run out, leaving her desperately longing for more?

A story with lots of twists, turns, hot scenes and exciting action to keep the reader turning pages. Expect graphic sexuality, including straight, oral and anal sex, girl/girl action, domination and submission, bondage, collars, chains, mild whipping, not-so-mild spanking, enforced nudity, public displays of nudity, captivity and branding.

Urban Prey

The lovely Elizabeth Anne Krueger has become an especially difficult case for The Organization. Though she hired this clandestine company to track her down inside a large bustling city and take her captive, she's proving to be an elusive catch - and time is running out on her contract. Once she's taken, the job will become routine: take her to their headquarters - 'The Office' - where inside this uniquely designed facility, her every sexual fantasy will come to life - until she's broken, having reached the edgy limits of her most ardent sexual desires.

With Elizabeth Anne still averting seizure, Ron Smith is brought in from the wilderness adventure arm of the company. This large and imposing black man is an expert in the art of evasion and capture; he's done it successfully for many years. Though he has an aversion to cities, he finally takes on the task of bringing in this prey with the same fervor he employs with any hunt. He studies his target, gets inside their mind, then sets his trap. The prey can't help but fall victim to his scheme.

However, Ron discovers that the evasive Elizabeth Anne is truly a unique case. Her desires indicate a kind of finesse and plan unusual for most of the company's subjects. Soon, she'll become 'The Female' to him - no more, no less. In his mind, he'll strip her of everything but the raw sexual need she exudes. And yet, as he takes this breathtaking female to her limits...she'll take him to his - with some surprising results neither one planned on.

A compelling plot, fascinating characters and lots of sizzling D/s sex combine for one hot read! Capture, bondage, domination and submission, humiliation and punishment, oral, anal, straight and interracial sex.

The Novice Prey

When a group of women athletes, who compete in different sports, decide, on a hot and slightly tipsy afternoon, to go head-to-head in a contest where they literally put their toned and shapely asses on the line. They are unaware just how difficult it is to get into Gordburg, where the competition will be held. After rigorous testing, both physical and psychological, only four of them make the cut: Martina, a tall, blonde volleyball player, Lynette, a skier. Naomi, a surfer, and, much to her surprise, Alexa, who competes in sports but is not a professional athlete. She’s actually a personal trainer and sometime fitness model. More or less a hanger-on when the athletes gather, she was at first flattered to be given the opportunity to join in. At best, she is usually merely tolerated by the glamorous female athletes. Often she is put down and made fun of, especially by Martina and Lynette. But once she finds that she made the cut, Alexa becomes determined to win the contest and show them all.

The contest itself is simple: The four women will each be taken to a different location in the less-developed part of the singular resort town and turned loose in the woods. Eager males will be searching for the women, and whoever is caught last wins. The competitive women also make a substantial side bet. The winner must endure all the carnal abuse that her captors put her through all the way to the end of the allotted time. Alexa accepts the bet, even though she can barely afford it. A city girl at heart, she spends much time studying books on wilderness survival. When the contest begins, she is as prepared as she can make herself.

Includes: Bondage, spanking, strap-ons, stocks, and much more!


SJ Lewis, famed author of “The Prey” series has listened to his fans and written a sensational story with more intricate details about Gordburg and how the sexiest vacation spot on the planet works.   

Six months ago, the tall and stunning Elizabeth Anne Krueger was simply Ron Smith's latest assignment. As one of the Organization's very best hunters and trainers, his job was to find a way to capture her, bring her in, and then make her dark fantasies come to life through strict training and constant sexual domination. Somewhere along the way, though, she went from being simply a female to him to being the female, his female, and rather than give her up when her time was over, he told his employers that he would quit so that he could spend the rest of his life with her.

Rather than lose one of their very best operatives, the Organization puts his resignation on hold and offers to send him and Elizabeth on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the unique and kinky resort town of Gordburg. They accept. Neither had ever been there, and the setting offers both of them an opportunity to act out their fantasies in comfort and style. As they explore their desires and those fantasies, Ron suspects that his former employers will make every effort to get him to come back to work for them, but he makes it clear that he is devoted to his lovely female. As time goes by, however, he begins to realize that the Organization is interested in far more than simply getting him to come back to work for them.

Includes: graphic sexuality, including straight, oral and anal sex, domination and submission, bondage, and so much more!

The Daring Prey

Last year, Alexa Marx made her first trip to the unique resort town of Gordburg, in order to participate in an equally unique competition between herself and three female athletes. She won that competition, and with it a side bet that she and her competitors had made.

Now she's headed back to Gordburg. Her stated reason is to beat an old record she'd only heard about after she'd been captured. She has other reasons, though. Thanks to Will Longstreet, who had captured and trained her, she learned the pleasures of submission, and she's hoping to recapture the thrill of being hunted, captured, and made to submit at the hands of a strong and dominant male once again.

Last year, she'd participated in the competition in the undeveloped area north of Gordburg. This year, she plans to make a splash in the more popular and populated territory to the south of that town, getting herself noticed and talked about in every one of the little hamlets strung out along the way. If all goes well, she is sure that after that there will be any number of male hunters eager to capture such a bold and daring female. She feels sure that she will be able to elude them long enough to break that record. Once she's done that, she can look forward to enjoying her captivity and training.

In her travels, she discovers that there are kinky subcultures in Gordburg, including Girl Catchers and Pets, and an area not on any of the maps where pleasure and pain are inextricably linked. She discovers that one team of skilled hunters has made capturing her their special project, and also that one of her competitors from last year has returned to Gordburg specifically to foil her plans and punish her. In the face of all this, can Alexa achieve all of her goals?

Includes: graphic sexuality, including straight, oral and anal sex, domination and submission, bondage and all the wild enticements of Gordburg!


"I saw you this morning," the man said without any introduction. "That was a nice piece of broken-field running."

"Uh... thanks," Alexa said. Explaining that she'd been lucky would take too much time, so she let it go at that. "So you know who I am?"

"Yes, I do," he nodded and took a sip of his drink. "Saw you last year, too, in that cage. You've got a fine body, Alexa Marx."

"I keep in shape," she said. "But who are you, and who is she?"

"Ah," the man said. "Please excuse my manners. I'm Jacob Farmer. I'm a girl catcher, and this here is my latest catch." He gave the blonde's head a little shake and she made a snarling noise behind the gag.

That was the second time today she'd heard the term 'girl catcher'. Will had never mentioned it to her, and she was beginning to wonder if he'd left out anything else. He probably had.

"And you're allowed to bring her in here like that?" she asked.

"It's part of her early training," Jacob replied. "She's a feisty little thing, and she needs to get used to being kept naked in front of men. I cleared it with a proctor. Care to have a better look at her?"

"Uh... no, thanks," Alexa replied after a moment. There were already plenty of naked females to look at around here.

"Have a look anyway," Jacob offered. "Up, Anne." He gave her hair a surprisingly gentle pull, and Anne slowly and gracefully got to her feet, still glaring. Once she was standing, Alexa couldn't help but look. The blonde had an exquisite little body, every bit as trim and toned as hers, but on a smaller scale. Her hips flared out in sweet curves below her waist. She had small, round breasts tipped with coral-colored nipples that looked like fleshy little knobs pointing ever so slightly upwards. Alexa had a sudden impulse to reach out and touch the female's body to see if that peaches and cream skin was as soft and warm as it looked. She managed to resist the urge.

"She was a gymnast," Jacob said as he slowly pushed Anne back down into her previous pose. "Still keeps in practice."

"What are you going to do with her?" Alexa asked him, thinking that this would be a very strange conversation almost anywhere else in the world.

"Find a good place to break her down a little, give her some training, then take her back to Gordburg and auction her off," Jacob replied.

"And... you get paid for her?"

Jacob chuckled. "I get paid in Gordburg credits," he answered. "And she gets half of whatever she brings credited to her account.. That's how some of us manage to afford coming back again and again."

"I see," Alexa nodded. Will had already informed her about how that worked. "But what do you do in real life?"

"Not really any of your business now, is it?"

"Sorry," Alexa apologized. "This is only my second time here. I'm still learning the customs." She looked down at Anne. The female was keeping perfectly still, her eyes closed.

"Care to tell me a little about your run-in with the Anderson boys?"

"What? Oh, yes. They kind of surprised me," Alexa said. "I was pretty sure I could outrun them, but I almost didn't."

"Different girl catchers have different styles," Jacob commented. "The Andersons'll run a female into the ground before they move in and take her. She's usually too winded to put up a fight for a while, and by then it's too late. Me, I like to stalk 'em." His eyes were fixed on Alexa's: Penetrating, intense, and unreadable as a professional gambler's.

"Are you thinking of stalking me, Mr. Farmer?" she asked.

"No," the man replied. "No offense, but you just aren't my type."

"Why not?"

"Well, for one thing, you wear your hair way too short. Suits you, but it don't give a man anything to grab hold of." Jacob gave Anne's head a small shake. Her eyes flew open and she made a snarling noise.

Alexa couldn't help smiling at that. She'd let her hair grow out before she'd gone to visit Will, and when he'd grabbed her by it she'd been so immediately and so intensely turned on that she'd simply frozen in place, waiting for him to do whatever he wanted. It had been such a powerful moment that she'd wanted to keep it special, which was why she'd had it cut again once she'd returned home. In the back of her mind the thought still lingered that any other man might provoke the same reaction in her simply by grabbing her hair, and she didn't want to find that out for sure. She wondered how Anne felt about it.

"Besides," the girl hunter went on, "I like 'em smaller and blonder. Mind you, if you happened to come into my possession I wouldn't just turn you loose. I can see you've got a wild streak in you, and I like a challenge. But I got to warn you, the Andersons are probably gonna come after you."

"Really?" Alexa felt a thrilling little chill at his words. "Why is that?"

"You got away from them," Jacob replied. "You didn't just get away from them, you did it with lots of people watching. Hurts their reputation. And they like challenges same as me. They get hold of you, they'll put you through the wringer, sure as shit."

"Thanks for the warning," Alexa said. She finished off what was left of her whiskey with a quick gulp and felt it burning on its way down her throat. All of a sudden getting a good night's sleep in the barn sounded as unappealing as it did impossible. The Andersons already knew she was here, and it was entirely possible they were on their way here right now. She could stay safe from them simply by staying inside the safety zone until they got tired of waiting and gave up, but that wouldn't help her achieve her goal, and she didn't think they'd be all that easy to discourage anyway.

"Thanks for the company, Mr. Farmer," she said as she stood up.

"My pleasure," he replied as he looked her up and down. "Best of luck to you,"

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