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The Invitation

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Product Description

The Invitation by D.W. Collins

Jennifer O’Connor is so tall that she intimidates most men.  She is a successful young business woman who has everything she wants except for a satisfying sex life.  Her lover Trey Michaels is handsome, well endowed and very skillful at vanilla sex.  Unfortunately, Jennifer is obsessed with images of a strong man dominating her.  She wants to be spanked and claimed, but Trey is not interested.

The story opens with Jennifer’s security director, Dave Compton showing her a video of office manager Juan DeAza roughly molesting receptionist, Cindy Baker.  Jennifer is aghast at the scene, but she is also completely aroused at seeing the handsome Hispanic harshly use the pretty blonde.  Jenifer has Juan fired, but she masturbates later on as she fantasizes about what she has seen.

Later that day Jennifer receives an invitation that contains an arousing sketch of a woman who looks like her about to be spanked bare bottomed on a small cot.  She asks Dave to investigate, but she is obsessed with the image.  She begs Trey to spank her and even bargains to give him head in exchange.  When she literally chokes, the couple argue and Trey leaves Jennifer unspanked for the night.  She decides to accept the invitation to be spanked by the stranger.

She follows instructions and goes to the Red Leather Club (a BDSM establishment) where she is hypnotically programmed to not recognize the identity of the man spanking her.  The mystery man roughly crops her and sends her home well spanked but nothing else.  His demands increase as she frantically seeks to discover his identity and her fulfillment.

Includes: Spanking, cropping, rough sex, female submission and so much more!


Jennifer hated herself for reacting this way. It happened every time she saw or heard about a strong man having his way with an attractive woman. She could not keep her hands off her wicked pussy until she had found relief. Her fingers twisted inside her as she gasped for air. Her hips bucked in a lewd display of raw animal lust. Finally, the blessed climax came.
She panted for several minutes as her hand stroked her heaving breasts. The sexual crisis was over, but the emotional one remained. Jennifer felt very guilty. She slid the lap drawer of her desk open. Her fingers groped for a moment until they located the object she needed. They locked around it and pulled it out. Her hands trembled. She knew what she needed to do. It was the only way to assuage her shame. She lifted her hand and brought it down with a loud wet splat. The heavy wooden ruler made her slit sting. She administered ten harsh blows. That was twice the normal number of strokes. They were absolutely necessary to cleanse her from this awful sin. Her labia throbbed with purifying pain.
A soft tap at the office door startled Jennifer. She hurriedly replaced the ruler and pulled her skirt and panties back into place. “Come in,” she said breathlessly.
Dave entered the room. He saw her red eyes and smiled supportively. “I know that was upsetting for you,” he said. His voice was strong and reassuring. “Juan is in custody. I told Cindy to take the rest of the day off after her rape exam at the hospital is complete. I was sure you’d approve.”
“Is she okay?” Jennifer asked.
“I think she’s more afraid of being fired than anything else. I told her that I already knew about the embezzlement allegation. I’m convinced it was false. She had a horny boss who wanted in her pants and he was pissed when she said ‘no’.” Dave’s eyes searched Jennifer’s as he smiled knowingly.
She wondered what he was looking for. For a moment she feared that he knew about her wicked self abuse, but she quickly dismissed that paranoid notion. Dave Compton was a smart investigator, but he didn’t have x-ray vision. She forced a smile. “If you don’t have any more crises for me, I need to get ready for a closing. We’re picking up 750 North Park Avenue today. She dropped her eyes, but Dave lingered silently until she looked up again. “Did you need anything else?”
“I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.” His unblinking cop eyes met hers. “I’ll get back to work now.” He smiled inscrutably and closed the door behind himself.
Jennifer released a deep sigh. Her mind could not release the image of Juan ravaging Cindy. Jennifer shivered when she thought about all she’d seen. Juan was an undeniably attractive man. Jennifer had idly fantasized about him more than once. He should have no trouble finding women to make love to. Why had he chosen to use force? More importantly, Jennifer wondered why that force had aroused her so unmercifully. She visualized Juan doing the things he had done to Cindy to her. She could actually feel him opening the back of her silk dress. She could feel him stripping off her bra and roughly handling her warm tits. Her breasts were every bit as nice as the younger woman’s even if they were not quite as large. Men liked to look at her. She sighed as she imagined the rough demanding sex. It looked delicious. She knew she had to get back to work.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Dmitrijs Mihejevs - Fotolia.com

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