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The Key To Feminine Contentment

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The Key to Feminine Contentment & Other Femdom Stories by Lance Edwards

From the famed other of the Slut Boy Stories, Lance Edwards is back and better than ever with ever more short stories of licentious ladies, voluptuous vixens and depraved dommes in The Key to Feminine Contentment.

Big Linda Skrue, from Big Linda’s Midnight Visits and Other Femdom Stories, is back in Heavy Activity. Kyle, clearly a naive young man, is trying to get Big Linda’s attention at the health club she owns. Does Big Linda blow Kyle’s mind as she has with so many others?

Terry, an unsophisticated college freshman, meets Caitlin at a party. What happens in Lower Education will enlighten him more than any boring professor ever could.

In the title story, The Key to Feminine Contentment, Andrew unassumingly agrees to whatever his luscious wife, Taylor, wants for her birthday after he’s already forgotten their first anniversary and Valentine’s Day. Does Taylor get her revenge for his forgetfulness? Will Andrew survive her birthday celebration?

Includes: bondage, whipping, humiliation, degradation, rugged strap-on sex and, with all Lance Edwards novels, the reader can expect so very much more!

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I never should have started fooling around with my secretary. And I never should have let her in on my secret submission fetish. Now it seems she owns me completely. This evening is entirely typical.
I’m just preparing to head home for the day when she barges into my office and locks the door behind her.
“Where do you think you’re going, Senator?”
“Home,” I answer, hating the pleading, wheedling note already entering my voice but unable to help it.
“No you’re not. You’re staying right here. I’m going to have some outrageous fun with you tonight.”
“But my wife’s expecting me!”
“Too bad.”
“At least let me call her,” I beg. “We’re supposed to go out to dinner, and she’s pissed at me already!”
“Oh well. It looks like you’ll be standing her up again, doesn’t it? A few more weeks in the dog house for you, boss. And that’s good, because that’s exactly where you belong, you filthy old hypocrite. Now get your pants and underwear off!”
Knowing it’s useless to argue further, I sigh heavily and comply. And the stupid organ that got me into this situation betrays me yet again. By the time I’m naked from the waist down, I’m also tellingly erect. Lovely Miss Turner sneers at this as she sets her briefcase on the desk and removes her own skirt. Except for the silk stockings I secretly got for her she’s naked underneath.
“You’re going to have a lot more fun with me than you would with that old bag anyways. I may even let you come this time.”
“Really?” I ask disbelievingly, my heart quickening with excitement.
“Maybe. In the meantime though, bend over your desk.”
Already Miss Turner has donned her big strap-on cock, and my heart pounds even harder at the sight of her with ten long inches of hard black rubber thrusting out from her crotch. Casually she lubes this up as I turn from her and fold myself over at the waist. She rummages in her briefcase again, and this time comes up with handcuffs and a pair of lime-green panties. Kicking my legs wider apart, she cuffs my hands behind me.
“I brought something special from home for you, boss,” she laughs. “Last week’s underwear. I wore them every day, and then let them sit buried at the bottom of the hamper over the weekend. Now you get to wear them.”
With that she pulls these down over my head so that the smelly crotch covers my nose and mouth. Then she grips my butt-cheeks. Spreading these wide, she uses the big slippery head of her prick to start probing for my hole. Finding it, she seizes me by the hips and pulls back even as she thrusts forward, driving that hard cock into me with punishing force.
Right away I cry out with pain, humiliation, despair at my degrading addiction but most of all with sickly ashamed excitement about being penetrated this way. Miss Turner knows exactly how to rub all this turmoil in, and she presses her advantage even as she finishes pushing her erection all the way into me.
“Yeah, you like that, don’t you, you slutty little bitch?”
“Yes, Mistress!” I wail helplessly.
“Tell me how much you like it then!”
Already she’s fallen into her expert rhythm, slipping out and pounding back into me in a way that simultaneously makes me want to come my brains out and crawl into a hole and die. My face flaming with mortification I instantly obey her.
“I love it so much!” I cry, my voice cracking with emotion.
“You’re fucking-A right you do!” comes the sneering reply. “And don’t you ever forget it. And don’t you ever forget that I’ve got a cell phone video of us doing this. You ever cross me in the slightest and everyone will know how much you love being fucked in the butt. You’ll lose your wife, your political career, but most of all you’ll lose this!”
Mistress Turner demonstrates what she means by punching into me especially brutally, over and over again, making me gasp and sob and cry out sharply as she fucks my ass ever harder. Then having made her point she releases one hand from my hip and grabs the panties’ elastic at the back of my head.
Pulling back hard she draws that stinky, stretchy fabric tightly over my face even as she tips my head way back on my neck. Anchored this way she gets down to the serious fucking then. Bending me handcuffed over the desk she hammers herself into my greedy ass for upwards of forty minutes, until she comes three times and I’m fucked so grievously into submission that my legs feel like jelly and I’m close to just slithering down the side of the desk and into a puddle on the floor. Then she pulls out of my hole, pulls out my chair and sits down in it. Lighting up a cigarette, she issues another peremptory order at me.
“Kneel, Senator – or should I say slave? Kneel here before me and suck my cock, you disgusting old faggot!”
“I’m not a faggot!” I protest, obeying her nevertheless. “I just get off on submitting to women, that’s all.”
“Well, maybe it’s time I forced you to start submitting to men too,” she remarks matter-of-factly. “Especially after all the bigoted legislation you’ve penned. Nothing wrong with expanding a guy’s horizons. Where’s your sense of adventure, Senator? I know a couple of gay guys who’d love to get their cocks sucked for free, especially when they could finish by a coming all over a famous face. Maybe I’ll even have them give it to you from both ends together. You just kneel there and practice on me while I think about it and assess your readiness.”
Mistress Turner falls silent then, just sitting there smoking while I somehow shift the panties over my face around to align a leg hole with my mouth and then go to work on her.
She can’t be serious. But still my gut churns, my face burns, and my heart pounds harder than ever as I enthusiastically attack her big up-jutting erection.
Bobbing up and down as though possessed by the devil (which I just might possibly be), I’m soon deep-throating my secret Mistress’ cock with all the expert skill she’s relentlessly drilled into me. My own erection is a raging constant, and I begin to hungrily grunt and sloppily slobber as I get ever more into demonstrating my slutty proficiency for her. Mistress Turner giggles gleefully at this.
“Look at you! What a perfectly eager and wonderfully adept dick-sucker you are – especially for a notorious old homophobe. Oh yes, when it comes to penises, I think you’re more than ready to graduate to the real thing!”
She leans over and stubs out her smoke in the ashtray on my desk. Then moving her hand six inches to the side she presses a button on the office intercom.
“Okay guys, come on in now. I’ve got your free blow jobs and gay ménage à trois all ready to go!”
Suddenly choking on the cock in my throat, kneeling handcuffed and helpless with dirty panties on my head, I hear the blood-freezing sound of a key turning in the lock of my office door. Then it opens, admitting footsteps, hearty male greetings and my own inevitable doom. Immediately my erection seems to just melt away – not that this will make any difference. Pulling out her cell phone to record it all on video again – no doubt planning all kinds of blackmail – Mistress Turner just laughs and laughs and laughs at me.

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