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The Manga Girl - ebook

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Product Description

The Manga Girl by Lorenzo Marks

After inheriting a house, Nick advertises for a tenant to share his expenses - and along comes Lucy, an eccentric, outgoing, Japanese-American art student, with a passion for drawing manga cartoons. She is vivacious and sexy, and it isn’t long before Nick succumbs to temptation and visits Lucy’s room - where he discovers that she has somewhat unusual and demanding sexual needs.

Over the following weeks, Lucy lures Nick into her lascivious world of sexual role-play, and - reluctantly at first, but with ever-increasing enthusiasm - he eventually becomes her bondage master. Always full of surprises, Lucy spreads her carnal magic dust amongst Nick’s close circle of friends and very soon, he becomes completely intoxicated by her. Every day is an adventure with Lucy, as Nick’s previously chaste existence is transformed into one of bondage, spanking, cosplay, and, along with Lucy’s best friend Summer, wild threesome sex.

Then Lucy’s psychotic ex-boyfriend - yakuza hit-man, Johnny Ho - unexpectedly arrives on the scene. When Lucy suddenly disappears, Nick traces her to Johnny Ho’s secluded up-state cabin, where he discovers she is being systematically tortured and sexually abused. Nick is then captured himself, and Johnny Ho forces him to participate in Lucy’s daily pain and humiliation sessions - in an attempt to break the love that binds them.  

Over the next few days, Nick and Lucy’s world descends into a dark routine of sexual torment and degradation. As Lucy gradually withdraws into herself, Nick realizes that time is running out, and that he must find a way out of their trap before he loses her forever.

Includes: Maledom role-play, spanking, suspension, whipping, group sex, cosplay, public nudity, enemas, humiliation, and anal penetration.


“Open up, you cunt!” he shouted, slapping the insides of her thighs. Again, Lucy complied, displaying her neatly packaged and hairless mons. Even in his agitated and deranged state, Nick paused to appreciate the view. This was Lucy, the stuff of his dreams, exposing herself to him in the most submissive of positions. Then he brought his open hand down across her buttocks as hard as he could.
“Didn’t hurt!” Lucy cried out.
Nick gave her another one, then another, and from the sounds Lucy made, they were certainly hurting now. Her ass cheeks were coming up bright pink and her thighs were quivering.
“You still think I’m gay?” Nick snarled, landing yet another stinging blow.
“Yes,” Lucy sobbed into the pillow.
“Want me to prove I’m not?”
“Yes,” she sniffed again.
Nick had never laid a hand on a girl in his life but somehow, Lucy had drawn this out of him. He took his stiffened member in hand and pressed the swollen glans against her pussy lips. He was going to be rough and he didn’t care if he hurt her. With a sudden thrust of his hips, he was inside her and discovered that Lucy was already well lubricated - in fact; she was dripping, her bodily secretions coating her inner thighs. He grabbed her hips and started pumping into her. He hadn’t wanted it to be this way, but he was past caring now. Her pussy was tight and warm as he made long thrusts into her body. He grabbed her small waist and she arched her back, impaling herself deeper.
“How’s this for gay?” he asked.
Lucy didn’t reply. She was making little high-pitched yelping sounds with each thrust of his cock. Nick quickly built up momentum. This wasn’t lovemaking, it was animal lust, and he needed release. It came quicker than he expected, a hot rush of his seed flooding into her.
Lucy remained in position, ass up, head down, as his dam broke and he emptied his load into her womb. As his orgasm subsided, so did all of the fury and the passion. Looking down at Lucy’s sore ass and her compliant posture, he suddenly felt sorry for her. In the throes of his pent-up passion, he had blamed her for provoking him, but there was no point in denying the fact that it was he who had entered her room.
He slipped out of her moist depths and turned her over. “Are you okay?” he whispered, lying beside her.
He half expected a sarcastic response, but Lucy merely nodded and buried her face against his neck.
Nick pulled the sheet over them, turned off the Chinese lantern, and tried to slow down the raging torrents in his head.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Ben Heys

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