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The Novice Prey

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The Novice Prey by S J Lewis

Author of Female Prey and many others!

A group of women athletes, who compete in different sports, decide, on a hot and slightly tipsy afternoon, to go head-to-head in a contest where they literally put their toned and shapely asses on the line. They are unaware just how difficult it is to get into Gordburg, where the competition will be held. After rigorous testing, both physical and psychological, only four of them make the cut: Martina, a tall, blonde volleyball player, Lynette, a skier. Naomi, a surfer, and, much to her surprise, Alexa, who competes in sports but is not a professional athlete. She’s actually a personal trainer and sometime fitness model. More or less a hanger-on when the athletes gather, she was at first flattered to be given the opportunity to join in. At best, she is usually merely tolerated by the glamorous female athletes. Often she is put down and made fun of, especially by Martina and Lynette. But once she finds that she made the cut, Alexa becomes determined to win the contest and show them all. 

The contest itself is simple: The four women will each be taken to a different location in the less-developed part of the singular resort town and turned loose in the woods. Eager males will be searching for the women, and whoever is caught last wins. The competitive women also make a substantial side bet. The winner must endure all the carnal abuse that her captors put her through all the way to the end of the allotted time. Alexa accepts the bet, even though she can barely afford it. A city girl at heart, she spends much time studying books on wilderness survival. When the contest begins, she is as prepared as she can make herself.

Another exciting "Prey" book from well-known erotica author S J Lewis. Consensual bdsm.

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She sat down on her sleeping bag and sighed. Well, if she couldn’t stop thinking, maybe she could use that to plan what she was going to do tomorrow. Staying in one place probably wasn’t a good idea. Sooner or later someone might stumble across her. Of course, if she moved around that might happen anyway, but sitting still had no appeal. She could hide most of her stuff here and make short forays into the surrounding woods. That would at least keep her busy. And she could check out what might or might not be one of those ‘trading posts’. It should be safe, based on what Lydia had told her earlier. And if she was traveling light, she should be able to avoid, or at least outrun, any hunters she happened to come across. She’d been pretty good at track in high school.
It suddenly occurred to her that while they had all gotten a lot of information on the rules of the hunt, they hadn’t been told much about how to survive in the wilderness. Had that been on purpose? If the men doing the hunting all had experience at that sort of thing wasn’t it kind of unfair to send the women out all unprepared? Well, she wasn’t exactly totally unprepared, thanks to all the reading she’d done, but right now she wished she’d taken the time to get a little hands-on training. It was too late for that now.
She laid back, put her hands behind her head and looked up at the sky again. She could hardly see anything at all of it now, thanks to the overhanging, sheltering shrubbery. Her thoughts drifted back to what might happen if she was captured after all. She gave in. It was clear that it was going to keep happening, so she might as well go with it. And it had been a while since she’d last had sex: Even longer if she only counted really satisfying sex.
Would she put up a fight? Yes, probably. So if it was only one man who caught her he’d have to be very strong and very determined and he’d probably have to tie her up anyway. That would be something new to her. Some of the women she’d seen in the videos had seemed to enjoy that. She thought that she might too, if the guy was big and strong and good-looking. Maybe he’d even stake her out spread-eagled on the ground, like she’d seen in another video, so that he could take his time. If he knew what he was doing, that might not be so bad. Well, for a while, anyway.
What if it was two men? She’d still fight, but she didn’t think she could win a contest like that unless she fought dirty. She’d fought dirty once before with an arrogant bodybuilder who just didn’t seem to understand what ‘no’ meant. No matter how big a guy was, if you hit him hard enough in the right spot he went down and stayed down more than long enough for you to get away. But if the hunters were all as experienced as they were supposed to be, wouldn’t they know how to take down a struggling woman? It might be…interesting to find out.
She found herself growing aroused as she let her mind wander. Almost without her realizing it she reached down, unbuckled her belt and unsnapped and unzipped her jeans.
They would probably strip her naked. They might be very rough about it, one of them holding her tightly while the other tore at her clothes. If there were two of them, would they still tie her up anyway? They might. No, they almost certainly would. She’d seen a lot of ways to bind women in those videos. She could almost feel the ropes biting into her wrists, rendering her helpless as rough male hands ran all over her body.
She realized that the rough male hands she was imagining were actually her own, and stopped for a moment, surprised at how strongly she was reacting to this new, unfamiliar and exciting fantasy. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and let her hand slide under her jeans, under her panties. She imagined herself being manhandled, spanked, forced to yield, to submit. It would be rough, and brutal, and right now she almost wished that one of the hunters was with her right now. She had such a head of steam up that she knew she wouldn’t really put up much of a fight if he stripped her and tied her up so that he could use her body. There was one particular scene she remembered from the videos. The woman had been lying on her stomach, held down by her neck by one of the men while the other first tied her wrists, then bent each of her legs double and tied them separately calf-to-thigh. She’d wondered how that was supposed to work until the men flipped their prey over onto her back. The woman laid there, her bound hands under her, and her knees raised and parted, in a perfect position for the hard and vigorous fucking that followed. Alexa’s fingers worked at her pussy, faster and faster, as she kept replaying that scene over and over in her mind until she came.

Artist Credit

Courtesy of Powershotz www.powershotz.com

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