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The Owned Girl

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Product Description

Dominic Ridler, author of the best-selling novels A Sexual Odyssey and A Well Trained Pup, tantalizes us even further with his latest sensual story, The Owned Girl.

After five glorious years of marriage and multiple discussions on how to steam up their already explosive sex life, Matthew suggests to his wife, Annabel, that they bring in a third person. To have, to hold and to own. When Matthew brings home his former student, the alluring Beth, Annabel can see the instant attraction. Lithe, beautiful and with the face of an innocent, Beth is definitely a prize worth keeping. Please will you make me your good little girl? With a request like that from such an obviously submissive girl, Annabel and Matthew agree to start her training immediately.

Beth’s new owners take over her sex life completely. Banning boyfriends, orgasm denial, picking her clothes, and teaching her how to properly please her new Master and Mistress. Matthew continually spanks and whips Beth when she’s not their good girl. Annabel joins in the fun of correcting their owned girl, and takes her built up aggression out on her.

After starting a new blog and gaining many followers, Beth tells her owners about a couple who wants to meet the three of them. Excited at the prospect of finding like-minded individuals, they meet with the stunning Aidan and Pilar at a restaurant. Their good little girl is put through her paces and humiliated during the dinner, having to take her knickers off in the bathroom and handing them over at the table in front of everyone. The next day, they drop Beth off at the couple’s hotel. Aidan and Pilar have Matthew’s permission to use her in any way that pleases them. After a torrid afternoon full of collars and leashes, oral sex, butt plugs, and tons of spanking, Beth is very pleased with her new friends.

Soon, however Matthew becomes ragingly jealous when Beth starts to explore her boundaries. Can he keep the tight reign over the submissive girl? Does Annabel swallow her resentment towards Beth and accept the arrangement? Will Beth free herself from her owners?

Includes: Spanking, whipping, collars, leashes, anal sex, oral sex, double penetration, multiple partners, threesomes.


Beth had briefly been one of Matthew’s students, a few years before. They hadn’t had any kind of attachment, but he remembered her, and when they met again, by chance at some faculty party I didn’t attend, they got to talking. And on an impulse he invited her back to our place. When they arrived, I was lying on the sofa reading a book. They came into the sitting room and Matthew said, ‘Beth, this is Annabel, my wife.’
We went to the kitchen and had a glass of wine together. Matthew, as usual, did all the talking. He said that he and Beth realised that there was an attraction between them. And he had said to her that he would never do anything behind his wife’s back, but that he had a strong desire to know her, Beth, better. And then he had said to her, do you think you might come home with me to talk to my wife about it?
I took a sip of wine. ‘You’re asking me if you can fuck her.’
Beth, to give her credit, looked a little embarrassed.
‘I don’t think that’s quite what I’m asking,’ Matthew said.
‘Then what?’
‘I’m not sure. Only that we both get to know her. I know this sounds presumptuous, but I have a sense that she would like to belong to us. Both of us.’
‘Belong to us?’ We’d talked about threesomes, but only with passing strangers. Was he proposing some sort of ménage a trois?
‘I think we could both own her, in a way,’ said Matthew.

‘Sexually, you mean?’
‘Yes, except not in a conventional way.’
I wasn’t really getting it. ‘So in an unconventional way?’
‘I think she wants to please me. Please both of us.’ He turned to Beth. ‘Isn’t that right?’
‘I’m not sure yet,’ she said. ‘Maybe. It’s all new to me.’
‘Beth,’ said Matthew. ‘Take your top off.’
She was dressed casually, in a t-shirt and jeans. She looked at him for a moment, then drew her t-shirt over her head. Underneath she wore a skimpy little pink cotton bra.
‘Take off the bra too,’ said Matthew, ‘we want to see your tits.’
She hesitated, then shrugged and unfastened her bra, letting it fall onto the table. Her breasts, as I have said (for it was Beth’s picture I found the other day), were youthful, slim and uplifted. The nipples were pink, and looked as if they were erect. I gazed at them, and had a sudden desire to take a nipple in my mouth and bite hard. Beth had that effect on people, I came to discover.
Matthew was looking too. ‘You’re a pretty girl, Beth,’ he said. ‘Now put your clothes back on.’
She looked a little disappointed, as any girl might who perceives the sexual fascination she holds for someone, only to be apparently rejected. But I could see exactly what he was doing. Matthew wanted her to feel, right from the start, that he was the one taking the initiative, that he was in control. He told her that it was late and that she ought to get off home. He called her a taxi, and took her downstairs into the street when it arrived. I looked out the window and watched them talking for a moment, then he kissed her briefly, on the mouth.
I didn’t really know at the time what I felt about it. It was all so new to me. But I trusted Matthew, and I knew that he wanted this, so I was content. Over the next few days he talked to me about what he had in mind for the three of us. I asked him how he could be so certain, after such a brief acquaintanceship, that Beth wanted what he thought she did. He said he couldn’t explain it, that it was a hunch, a powerful feeling that had possessed him as they had talked that first evening. He’d never had quite this feeling before, he said.
He told me that he felt she needed someone to take care of her, sexually and in other ways, that she was in a sense a little girl lost. He said she’d had a series of unhappy relationships, which had left her fearful and reserved, afraid to commit herself. And that what she needed was someone to guide her and direct her, to show her the way. And then perhaps one day she would be ready to face life on her own again.
I told him this seemed like a heavy responsibility to take on, to reshape someone’s life, and he admitted that he had misgivings. But he said there would be great rewards in it for us too, if we could do it right.
‘For us or for you?’ I said. I knew he wanted to fuck her; wasn’t this just a rather elaborate way of persuading me to accept it?
‘Wouldn’t you like a little pet?’ he asked. ‘A little girl who would do your bidding and whom you could play with?’
I’d confessed to Matthew once that, though my actual sexual experience of other women was confined to a kiss or two in high school, nevertheless I was curious about women’s bodies and that in theory I liked the idea of touching them. I was attracted to their softness and smoothness, their grace and comeliness.

‘What she needs,’ he said, ‘is to learn obedience and the pleasure of service. And discipline.’
‘She needs a structure in her life. She needs to learn there are limits, and that if she goes beyond them she will be punished.’
‘Oooh!’ I said. ‘That sounds fun. Can I take the first whack?’
He laughed. ‘Bad girl,’ he said. But I could see he had taken note of what I had said.
The next weekend there was a kind of street festival in our quarter. We invited Beth to spend the day with us. It was early summer and we strolled through the park, listened to the music, bought a few things at market stalls and had some coffee. At about five o’clock we made our way back to our apartment, and there we had a drink, in the sitting room, seated on the sofa. Beth was between us, and after we had chatted a little, Matthew leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth.
‘She tastes nice,’ he said to me. ‘Why don’t you try?’
It was true. She tasted vaguely of fruit, or was it the wine? Her lips were soft and pliant, but not inert. As I kissed her they responded to my pressure, moving under mine, and then suddenly I felt her tongue pushing into my mouth. She was there for the taking, I could tell. But Matthew was determined to go slowly, to tease her and make her wait; all with a mind to impressing on her that she was under his control.
I pulled away from kissing Beth, smiling.
‘Take your shirt off, Beth,’ Matthew said.
She wore a lemon-yellow shirt that went well with her blonde hair; did I mention her blonde hair? She was inordinately proud of it. Underneath her shirt was a white cotton bra such as a very young girl might wear, a sort of ‘first bra’ if you like. Matthew told her to take that off too. Beth sat between us, looking down at her knees (which were bare; she wore a short, flared skirt of starched white cotton). Matthew put his hand round one of her breasts and squeezed it softly.
‘It feels good, Annabel,’ he said. ‘Why don’t you take the other one?’
I put my hand on it and squeezed gently. The breast was warm and soft, but firm. I took the nipple between my finger and thumb and pinched it, not hard but enough to make her gasp a little.
‘She likes to be taken, I think,’ said Matthew. ‘She likes to feel that people may do with her as they please.’
Beth put her head back and closed her eyes while we played with her breasts. Matthew pushed her skirt up to the top of her thighs and stroked her legs, all the way up to the top, remarking to me that they were shapely. I saw how his hand trailed lightly over her mons, tightly encased in her white cotton knickers, and that Beth shivered as she felt it, but Matthew didn’t touch between her legs.
After a while he said he wanted to sit in the middle.
‘It’s time for a little instruction, Beth,’ he said. ‘Annabel is going to show you something.’

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