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The Paramount Rule

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Product Description

The Paramount Rule by Tanya Simmonds

The beautiful, aristocratic, English schoolmistress, Selina Paris transformed her stately home, Oakpark Grange, into a school for young males; the offspring of the gentry. Her mission: to dissuade their minds from the distraction of carnal thoughts towards more academic pursuits by imposing the most harrowing rule upon them - masturbation is strictly forbidden!

She is assisted by her lifelong friend and former church warden, Olga Victoria, and her part-time assistant, the beautiful Anglo/Spanish woman, Celia Ramirez. Selina becomes obsessed with punishing her pupils and derives great sexual pleasure from tormenting them. Celia is revealed to be similarly sadistic in her sexual tastes and before too long, Miss Victoria also awakes to her own, long-overdue sexual development.

 Selina’s sexual depravity leads her into the company of others who share a similar temperament and into a secret organisation, Le  Société  Des Femmes (The Society of Women) where wealthy women can indulge their sexual fantasies without the fear of exposure.

Oakpark Grange becomes a place where the three women live in a sexual heaven, where they whip and torment young men and force their victims to orally pleasure them, following chastisement. Selina even has a torturous device made in Germany, called The Controller, that introduces a new pain to the boys who desperately want to spend their seed.  

 One male in particular catches Selina’s eye: the well-endowed (nine inches) James Parmenter, the son of a close friend. He’s been sent to the seductive teacher as his mother is thoroughly disgusted by his night time proclivities and wants to be rid of the useless sot. Selina finds that she only wants to be bed by a man with at least nine inches, anything less is not worth it.

As time passes, Selina admits females into the school as the establishment grows, along with new assistants, most notably, the beautiful, yet equally sadistic Bridget St John Smyth. The disturbing penalty of forcing students to whip one another if they are caught fornicating is added to the school’s disciplinary regime.

From the author of Prisoner’s of the Governess comes a wildly titillating tale of deviancy that is sure to excite all Femdom lovers.


Includes: Oral sex, lesbian scenes, whipping, flogging, penis pillory, electric shock, dungeon scenes


She was a woman of the most striking beauty. Her raven black hair was swept back into a ponytail leaving her forehead totally exposed. Her piercing blue eyes and chiselled cheekbones had been accentuated by the application of extremely heavy make-up.
She gasped with delight as she lowered her head to behold the vision between her thighs: such a handsome young man. The fair-haired crown of his head rose and fell rapidly in unison with the soft, moist touch attending the apex of her being. As her passion grew, she gazed upon his naked back, which displayed a spattering of deep red welts of her own creation. Her eyes lingered longingly upon the sight of his chastisement as the sensation of his attentions continued to raise spasms of enchantment within her. Her eyes rolled in a delirium of enrapture, sporadically falling upon the chains and shackles hanging delightfully from the pine wood ceiling of the chamber before her.
The sensation brought her mind to think of a place about which she felt ambivalent. The following day she was to depart on an extended vacation in search of love and yet she considered whether anything could actually compensate for the loss of the pleasure she was experiencing in that moment.
She was thirty-five years of age and was beginning to realise that her sexual preferences were split between the passion of intimacy with a man and the excitement of sadism. The delights which her home offered were considerable: a veritable erotic haven that was facilitated by the presence of The Rule; the cruellest and yet most erotic of all doctrines. The one who served her at that moment had been one of many transgressors. The lacerated, turgid vessel of lust protruding from between his thighs quivered with urgency as the clear droplets of his cravings fell involuntarily onto the ground below. Her scent intoxicated him and his desire to allow his right hand to fall down to comfort his longings was all-consuming, however he dared not.
She braced herself for the last time for the next four months that she would enjoy such a cruel experience. Her loins began to convulse with passion as his soft, moist lips brought her sheath of pleasure to a crisis. Her cries of release tormented his ears; his own urges coaxing him ever closer towards the arms of madness. For long moments she continued to writhe in the pleasure of his skill until her convulsions began to abate. He slowed his pace in accordance with her until finally her climax had dissipated.
She looked down as he raised his eyes to hers. It was a tender moment of the most bizarre intimacy as they lingered upon one another.
“You may leave,” she said firmly.
In response, he stood with the solid shaft of his torment protruding before him. She glanced upon it surreptitiously before settling back into the chair, luxuriating in the moment as the faint sound of his bare footsteps receded and disappeared into the distance…

Artist Credit

© Andrey Kiselev

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Product Reviews

  1. A femdom epic...

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jun 2013

    This is one of the most amazing and well written femdom books I have ever read. The author has researched the topic very thoroughly and the storyline is superb. The language and style are exquisite and the story line excellent.

    The story revolves around Selena Paris a rich aristocratic lady who opens a school for wayward aristocratic boys at her family’s ancestral home, Oakpark Grange which is a stunning mansion dated back to the sixteenth century. The story slowly winds around the establishment of the school first for a single student James through the strict enforcement of discipline for becoming sexually aroused in front of her and the caretaker of the Oakpark Grange. With the introduction of Madam Marie Dubois and Sven the book takes the reader to higher platform of discipline for the submissive males. Jane and Richard are drawn into the tale and they satisfy the cravings of the women and in the process punish and are punished. The story has a happy ending as all the key characters take pleasure to the eventual outcome of the very well-crafted story.

    It is definitely one of the best femdom books I have ever read and I would recommend it as a “must read” for all fans who believe in the supremacy of the “gentler of the human species. Needless to say I am looking forward to more books from Tanya Simmonds.

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