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The Penitentiary - ebook

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The Penitentiary by Tanya Simmonds

"A one-of-a-kind Femdom Thriller!"

Alyssa Nash was one of the most beautiful correctional officers in Texas. But the day arrived when her idol, rock star Cole Lacroix, was led into her workplace – in shackles.

Now, she is a woman torn. For the sake of her career, she must keep a close watch upon the man she adores and write him up if he breaks the rules – including the most impossible rule. Regulation 14 (no masturbation!) is vigorously enforced by Warden Blackmore, a hardened, sadistic, Roman Catholic!

But during the night, another world awakens when a conspiracy of lustful female guards take to the solitary cells to satisfy their own carnal desires with the helpless inmates. The prisoners are forced to satisfy the urges of the power hungry vixens, often in cruel and vindictive ways, while being permitted no outlet themselves. Under constant CCTV camera surveillance, any attempt at relieving their urges will be paid for with another thirty days in solitary confinement.

Upon discovering the truth about her colleagues’ activities, Alyssa realizes that there is only one way in which she can take them down and help Cole – she must infiltrate the group in order to collect the evidence that she needs. However, by doing so, she sets into motion a series of events that could result in compromising her own values – and her heart.

Meanwhile, the other correctional officers have a problematic new arrival. Nova, a handsome, charismatic TV illusionist, is the only inmate who can operate below their radar as he uses all of his wily skills to help an incarcerated loved one.

In this place of cruelty and corruption, all of their lives will be changed forever as they are forced to face the truth about themselves amidst the perils and sensual torments of… The Penitentiary.

Includes: Femdom, psychological domination, solitary confinement, orgasm denial, sensual teasing, masturbation prohibition, urination denial, oral sex, straight sex, sensual F/M massage, solo masturbation (male and female) young male/older female, consensual caning.

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She arrived home dejected. Consumed with anxiety, she cast her uniform cap onto the bed in her meagre apartment and her eyes roamed around the room. It was so basic, and yet she knew that it would be a paradise to those over whom she presided.
She bowed her head, momentarily overcome by sorrow. She contemplated abandoning her vocation, but he kept holding her back. He was the chain and the hook. She knew in her heart that he was a good man and yet it was her duty to monitor him. If she was discovered turning a blind eye to him she could lose her employment. But it was so unbelievably cruel: without reason or merit.
She made her way towards the bedside cabinet and, with trembling fingers, slowly unveiled her vibrator. Her heart fluttered with a moment of excited anticipation, only to be immediately dampened by the anguish of regret. He would be in her thoughts throughout. He would be the one who would flood her mind as she came to a bodily crisis – yet she would have to turn him in if he was to enjoy the same.
But was it merely an enjoyment? Could a basic bodily function be so callously simplified? A human physical need would have been a more apt description, yet she was compelled to scrutinize his every move among scores of others.
She inserted the vibrator inside her lubricious, neatly-trimmed orifice and tilted it upwards onto her clitoris. She cried out his name, imagining that it was him inside her at that moment.
Continuously, the gentle vibration coaxed her towards relief, her respiration laboured and coming in repeated bursts of passion.
She cried out as the throes of completion took her.
A single tear involuntarily rolled along her left cheek in response to the most terrible attack of ambivalence she had ever known: ecstasy and guilt.
As her release slowly abated, her conscience consumed her. She had been fantasising about him and she was so very free. He didn’t have that freedom; not even the right to his own body. Yet, she had to watch him and ensure that any transgressions were written up, knowing that he needed it with an even greater urgency than she did. It was a cruelty beyond comprehension, but it was also her duty.
And the rules were the rules…

Artist Credit

© William Langeveld - 123RF

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