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The Phantom Philllipe: The Adam & Eve Series, Book Three

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The Phantom Philllipe: The Adam & Eve Series, Book Three by Paul Preston

Recovering from a self-inflicted wound, multimillionaire entrepreneur Phillipe Williamson feels insecure about the sexual connection with his lovely young submissive, Bella Lisa Mauricio and is unable to engage in intimacy with her without physical pain. After their intense and sensual week together, Phillipe and Bella Lisa both realize the nature of their relationship is changing. Afraid of the growing bond between them and confused about entering into a deeper emotional commitment to Phillipe due to their age difference, Bella Lisa meets Raoul Martinez, a young social worker, at her new job. Sexually drawn to one another, they act upon their mutual attraction and Raoul falls deeply in love with her. Bella Lisa admits to her affair and Williamson accepts it at first, willing to share Bella Lisa with the younger man rather than lose her completely. Bella Lisa becomes torn between the conventional sexual relationship and married life offered by Raoul and the forbidden pleasures in the West Wing only Mr. Williamson can provide.

After a terrible and traumatic accident burns his skin beyond repair, Phillipe must cover his face with a mask. Phillipe stops taking his anti-psychotic medication, closes himself away in his condo and considers suicide. A close friend and adult movie star, Carlotta, comforts Phillipe in his pain. After Phillipe rescues Christine, a prostitute who was abused as a child, Phillipe discovers that Joseph Buquet, the sadistic foster father who inflicted the physical and psychological scars on both Phillipe and Christine 32 years ago, is still alive. Phillipe hears the Voice of the Beast once more, summoning him to action. With the help of Carlotta, Williamson retreats into the subterranean bowels of his theater, The Adam and Eve Club, and plots his revenge against the man he holds personally responsible for the tragedy that shattered his life.

The complex and sexual story of Phillipe Williamson’s life, first introduced in The Awakening of Laura, an adult adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, and expanded on in Bella Lisa and Her Beast, an erotic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, is brought to a dramatic conclusion in The Phantom Phillipe, a sensual version of The Phantom of the Opera.

The Phantom Phillipe contains scenes of consensual sexual intimacy, bondage and male domination.

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As Bella Lisa unbuttoned her blouse and slipped off her pants, she remembered what she chose to wear underneath.
Oh my God, why did I wear completely see-through bra and panties today? Of course, you know why. You knew Phillipe was watching you dress this morning, and you wanted to entice him, didn’t you?
She stood at the edge of the pool and Raoul looked up at her, gazing at her exposed breasts and the open lips of her sex through the transparent material.
“You are one sexy creature, Bella Lisa.”
Suddenly Bella Lisa dived in the pool and swam swiftly across the pool. Caught off guard, Raoul took a deep breath and pushed off the side off the pool with his strong legs, flailing them up and down underwater like the dorsal fins of a dolphin. By the time Bella Lisa reached the far end and pushed off, Raoul had made it three quarters of the way across. When he reached the end, he came up, took a deep breath and pushed off like a torpedo, catching and surpassing her easily. He swam underneath her and came up at the other end, beating her by six strokes. When Bella Lisa finished her lap, she splashed him directly in the face.
“Hey, that stings! What a sore loser!”
“You should have told me you were half-fish!”
“You want to hang out in the pool, have a drink?”
“I’m having a great time, but I really should be going.”
“OK. Let me show you the sauna before you leave. I’ll get you a robe.”
Bella Lisa watched Raoul effortlessly bound out of the pool. The soaked underwear clung to his body and she could completely see his erection through the silky thin cloth. She wanted to stretch out the elastic strap and take his shaft in the palms of her hands and squeeze him.
It’s only been a week since I last had sex with Phillipe. Why am I thinking about it so much? I used to go months without sex even crossing my mind… It’s because of Phillipe, the collar, the contract…
Raoul brought back a large fluffy white robe. Bella Lisa lifted herself out of the pool and Raoul put it over her shoulders and wrapped it around her. She tied the sash. Then they gathered their clothes.
“Thank you, Raoul.”
“Follow me. The sauna is right over there.”
They crossed the deck and opened a glass door in a warm room made entirely of wood. Raoul turned up a dial on the wall. Soon the room became quite warm. Bella Lisa sat down on a bench and Raoul poured several ladles of water from a large bucket over white rocks sitting on top of a heating mechanism in the corner of the room. Steam billowed off the hissing hot stones and the air instantly became warmer. Raoul tossed a few drops of oil on the rocks and the fragrant smell of eucalyptus filled the sauna. Bella Lisa breathed in and out deeply.
“That smells nice…”
“It’s eucalyptus oil. Relaxing, right?” Raoul said.
“Mmmm…” Bella Lisa moaned, shutting her eyes.
Raoul poured more water on the rocks. The room was thick with steam. Raoul took off the robe and hung it on a hook on the wall.
“I’m burning up in this thing. I hope you don’t mind.”
“I don’t mind.”
Through the steam, Bella Lisa saw Raoul standing a few feet away, stretching his body. The black hair running down his legs became damp and droplets of moisture slid down them. He towered above her, his massive erection pointing toward her. She stared at the contours of his penis and licked her dry lips. She followed with her eyes the thick veins running up and down his muscled arms, pulsing with rivers of blood. She felt her body become slick with perspiration.
“Would you like some cold water, Bella?” Raoul asked.
That’s what my Dad always calls me.
“Yes please.”
Raoul left the sauna for a moment and returned, handing her a cold bottle of water and they both took long drinks from it. Raoul poured another ladle of water on the steaming rocks. Then Raoul saw Bella Lisa wipe the sweat off her face with the sleeve of her robe.
“You must be dying in that robe. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, Bella Lisa?”
“Perhaps you’re right, Raoul.”
She untied the lash and stared up into his eyes with her arms at her sides. He slipped the heavy robe off her shoulders and down her arms, dropping it on the sauna floor. Raoul took the liberty to leave his fingers very lightly touching the back of her arms.
“Bella Lisa, you’re so beautiful…”
Bella Lisa could no longer resist the handsome young man. She smiled, took his hands and guided his fingers to the clasp at the front of her bra. He deftly unhooked it, guiding the straps off her shoulders and down to the floor. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed, pulling her close to his chest. He gave her a long tender kiss. Then Raoul slid the tip of his tongue over the wet warm skin of her neck and down to her extended nipples, sucking on them with passion.
“Mmmm…” Bella Lisa moaned.
Kneeling in front of him, Bella Lisa stretched out the elastic strap of his boxers and slid the underwear down his legs and off his feet. Looking him deeply in the eyes, she put both hands around the base of his shaft and swallowed as much of his long lean penis into the back of her throat as she could. She sucked on it vigorously while never breaking eye contact with Raoul. Winking at him flirtatiously, she began tugging and pulling on his shaft as she increased the speed of her lips moving up and down his shaft. She felt his throbbing penis tremble between her lips.
“Bella Lisa…”
Raoul stepped away from her for a moment and walked across the sauna.
“Oh my God, you’re so good, you almost made me lose control,” Raoul said.
He leaned over to a small compartment built into the sauna wall, opened it and took out a condom that was stashed away inside. He ripped open the cover and stretched the condom over his large penis.
“I had this little small door custom made for a moment like this, just in case I met someone I liked, like you, Bella Lisa.”
“Very clever.”
Bella Lisa liked the fact that Raoul put on a condom. Now she could relax and enjoy the sensations without the fear of getting pregnant. Raoul sat on the bench and Bella Lisa slid off her thong. She straddled and mounted him, his long thin shaft slipping easily into the depths of her womb. He held her close as she rocked her hips on top of him, his face resting between her swaying breasts.
“Bella, I want you to be my girlfriend.”
He squeezed her tighter into his body as she bounced rapidly on his lap, her head tilted back and her thigh muscles twitched and trembled. Their bodies copulated in the steamy dark room.
“You’re making me come, Raoul.”
“I’m sorry I can’t hold it in any longer, Bella.”
“Let it out then. Come inside me. Go ahead. Don’t hold back.”
With several deep thrusts Raoul shot his seed over and over, breathing deeply and squeezing her breasts as he ejaculated.
“Mmmm, that feels great,” Raoul moaned.
“Let’s get out. I feel like I’m going to faint in here.”
“Come on, Bella.”
Raoul guided her out of the sauna across the deck. He deposited his condom in a waste basket and they both jumped into the pool at the same time, naked. While treading water, they talked.
“That was a pretty intense five minutes of sex,” Bella Lisa joked.
“I know. I came pretty fast. I’ll last longer next time, I promise,” Raoul said.
“There can’t be a next time. This is crazy. We work together.”
“I won’t tell if you won’t.”
“Oh my God, what time is it?”
“Around 5.”
“Can you give me a ride home, Raoul.”
“Sure, baby. Let’s get changed.”

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Rynio Productions

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