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The Torment - ebook

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The Torment by Tom Barron is available as ebook only.

This is meant to be a warning about chastity devices. Any male that thinks the eroticism of reading about enforced chastity is the same as actually being there needs to take heed. It is different to be aroused by a “fictional” set of circumstances, pull down the zipper and whip it out to relieve, with some friction, the pressure caused by the eroticism – be it pictures or a story. Let me tell you, when you have an active libido, enjoy sex and can orgasm a couple times per day without a problem, your life changes when your cock is not in your control. It is not a joke - nor is it erotic. To put it straight out, it is agony and a living misery that grows daily as the pressure increases. It also gives your significant other or the “key holder” a powerful edge.

One other thing. Once I started writing about the last month, my wife decided to add her two cents. I argued against it, saying it was my story and about me, but the threat of another week locked up changed my mind pretty quick. She is writing in italics. Please note she wanted a bigger and bolder font than mine … I won the battle, but lost the war.

Includes: CBT, cock cages, whipping, bondage, oral sex, orgasm denial.


I just passed the 50 mark but do not show it. An active and physical lifestyle has given me a lean, muscular and athletic body. I am just less than 6 ft 2” and weigh 180. My sex drive has always been stronger than most – it is easy for me to masturbate to orgasm three times a day. I have been told that Mother Nature was good to me in the physical department and have received more complaints about going too deep than not having enough. What I’m saying is, I’m not some tiny cocked wimp that needs to be knocked into place by an Amazon wearing black leather. For the past twenty years, BDSM has been of interest – first only as a top and, in the last ten years as a submissive. One of the more fun things I have done was some fetish and BDSM modeling. It’s cool seeing yourself on the net.
My wife is eight years younger, also very fit and athletic with long legs, broad back, and narrow waist with a nice ass and is quite strong. I had tied her up for years but she never “got into it”. I just backed off and we went into the “blah” mode for a few years. She tied me up for a while and used some of my various homemade “toys” on me but it became pretty sporadic. We still get it on weekly, just not a lot of kink involved anymore.
After some sexual frustration, I tried a pro-dom years ago and got blown away with a very favorable first experience. After that, I read more and pursued the subject. Chastity and orgasm denial appealed to me, so I began to design and fabricate models in my workshop. I am not an engineer, but have a good selection of tools and know how to use them.
My first models were not really successful. The first one I made was out of 1 ½ PVC pipe that I had heated and bent to a curve. The ring was a hard plastic that I found and shaped. Spacer ring? Never heard of one – never had one. That first day I tried wearing it outside of the house and when I was on my motorcycle heading into the center of town, a Ford pick-up in front of me hits the brakes and I have to do the same. I slid forward a bit on the seat and those two pieces of hard plastic came together. That was not the problem. The problem was that a sliver of the most sensitive flesh on my body (my balls) was between two hard places. Good thing I had a full face shield on because the scream would have had the cops running. I ended up between two parked cars, eyes teared up and pants down to extricate myself. Last time I try out a new model without having the key. Time for a design change!

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© Robert Gebbie

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Product Reviews

  1. Fantasy Vs Reality

    Posted by Fred on 29th Dec 2011

    A great story that is very realistic. I can see the couple and wish (in a way) that my wife would make the same transformation. However, after reading this I wonder if it is what I really want to do full time. Scary thoughts.

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