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Thy Neighbor's Wife - eBook

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Product Description

Thy Neighbor's Wife by Lizbeth Dusseau

Marc Landon can hardly believe his eyes when he sees his beautiful young neighbor masturbating in front of her attic window. Days later, she’s there again, as he watches an unbelievable scene of her being flogged by an unseen assailant. Weeks later, he stumbles through a hedge between the houses to witness his neighbor’s wife having sex with a handsome workman. It’s not hard to be aroused by a woman with such a sexual appetite. But when the frightened Alia Gale arrives at Marc’s door, begging him not to tell her husband about what he’s seen, a cruel desire stirs in him that he’s never experienced before.

Alia offers Marc anything he desires as long as he doesn’t tell. Power and lust take charge in him as he realizes what this woman freely offers. She even begs to be punished for her shameless and uncontrolled behavior. And thus, an agreement is made: Marc will punish Alia daily—with the added benefit of taking her sexually—in an attempt to cure her insatiable lust.

The lovely woman arrives each morning for a raunchy punishment rendezvous, naked, at the bottom of Marc’s outside cellar stairs. Once inside his hastily constructed vault, she becomes his to punish and use as he sees fit. The arrangement seems like heaven on earth for Marc, who discovers an astounding desire to control this woman. But, Alia is not all she seems. She’s only telling half truths. Strange things are happening next door. And when Harry Gale suddenly asks Marc to spy on his wife...he thinks she’s taken on a lover...Marc wonders just how much his neighbor knows about their illicit affair. The only thing he knows for sure in this game of sexual cat and mouse is how much he wants his neighbor’s wife.

Can he extricate her from her husband’s firm grip? And will she be worth what he pays to have her?

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© Thomas Roche, www.skidroche.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Thy Neighbor's Wife by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight, Copyright (c) 2004

    Thy Neighbor’s Wife has a kink for everybody. Lizbeth Dusseau has skillfully mingled, in this provocative novel, everything from bondage to punishment, from wife-watching and voyeurism to gangbangs and fisting and, yes, even love!

    Marc Landon lives an isolated and passionless life. He carries on a tepid love affair, if that in itself is not too strong a phrase, with his girl friend, and that too is essentially without passion. His emptiness is filled by a smoldering submissive, Alia, the neighbor’s wife of the title.

    Together they explore all of Marc’s darkest fantasies from spanking to whippings to you-name-it. Nothing is off-bounds.

    However, Marc finds that he cannot trust Alia, and after all in a Dom/submissive world, isn’t trust the most important ingredient?

    Marc keeps hearing two stories—Alia’s version of what is happening next door and her husband’s version of what is happening.

    Marc discovers for himself that Alia is hardly monogamous. In fact, she is submissively promiscuous to a mind-boggling number of men.

    Yet, Alia keeps telling Marc that she loves him. He however remains, not too surprisingly so, skeptical.

    Dusseau has not fashioned a novel that is conveniently neat, tying up loose ends easily. Marc stumbles, trying to find his way to happiness. He ponders whether he should be with his girl friend or his neighbor’s wife. He introduces his girl friend to a submissive life style, only to discover she is leaving town. Even the end is not conclusive. Will Marc find happiness? Neither the reader nor Marc is quite sure. But after all, perhaps that is all we can ask—the hope of happiness.

    This is, I think, one of Dusseau’s finest explorations of an alternative lifestyle. Her poetic style serves the plot well. She has become one of the foremost writers of the genre, and this unflinching look at the world of whips and pulleys and paddles and chains is a good place to start exploring her authentic, dark, yet heart-felt and beautiful world.

    Review by Donna T

    How funny that I would chose this book to read today because a few nights ago, my neighbor and I were chatting about my lifestyle choice. He wanted to know what makes one ‘submissive’ and why someone would want to be ‘dominant’. After trying to explain ‘submission’ and ‘dominance’, I reluctantly gave up trying to explain something (dominance) I didn’t understand myself.

    As I began reading, I found Marc, a generally ‘normal’, rich guy that finds himself in a very nice neighborhood in a massive, three story mansion. He works from his attic because of the rustic, peaceful atmosphere. While taking a short break, he glances out his window to find his neighbor’s wife masturbating just across the way. Then, just by chance, he sees her again… this time being lashed by some unseen person. His body responds immediately!

    He doesn’t see the woman again until he’s trimming some hedges and accidentally stumbles through them seeing the neighbor’s wife being impaled from behind by a very muscular boytoy. Excusing himself (profusely!), he returns home just in time to find his own release. Hours later, she finds herself on his front porch begging him not to betray her and tell her husband. She begs forgiveness in a way he has never given… punishment.

    Her punishment becomes a pact between them.. punishment and sex. She begins his adventures in domination and he LOVES it! Lives for it! She needs the thrashings to absolve her from her past discretions. Throughout this book, Marc’s domination explodes. He becomes cold and impassive toward her… although he burns for her. Dominant thoughts and acts of punishment come to him naturally.

    To go further would give away the ending. As usual, the author does a FANTASTIC job of holding your imagination by painting vivid sexual scenes. I could even feel the pain/pleasure that Alia felt as she was bound and punished. AND, through the author’s eyes, I felt what dominance must feel like…. It is erotic and passionate! Maybe a sequel is on the horizon… Thy Neighbor’s Husband!! I guess I’ll let my neighbor read this one too… but I know where he lives AND I’ll be assured of getting it back!!

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