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Transition by Jurgen von Stuka

From the author of Summer School, Desperate and Bondage Brokers comes another sensational novel; Transition. It’s based on conversations between Jurgen von Stuka and noted German psychologist, Jessica V. St. Claire, PhD. All names, times and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved.

Don Jones, a seemingly normal, healthy male seeks psychological therapy from Marti, as he is having issues coping with his need to dress as a female. During his sessions, he talks about his relationship with his girlfriend, Marilyn. The couple discuss his fantasies about dressing like a woman, and they discover when Don wears Marilyn’s clothes, their sex life takes a wild and explosive turn. The kink doesn’t stop there, however. Marilyn, an obviously dominant female, brings bondage and punishment into the mix when Don isn’t a good submissive. Don describes an orgiastic weekend that he has with Marilyn and a couple of her girlfriends after he went to a club dressed as Marilyn’s twin sister, telling Marti it was the most incredible experience of his life.

Marti, understanding Don’s distress, suggests that maybe he would feel more comfortable if he experiments with dressing as a woman in public, rather than behind closed doors. She gives him recommendations on who to speak with about how to outfit himself as a woman without looking awkward. Shortly after he gets his advice on clothes, makeup, wigs and other accessories, Don goes on a massive shopping spree, telling the sales girls he’s buying for his girlfriend who lost everything in a fire.

Don goes to his next session where he is greeted by not only Marti, Marilyn and many of the girls that helped him shop and. He learns that the girls have set up a fund for him to get the surgeries and treatments to make his dream a reality; he’s to become a woman. During his surgery, the doctors find that Don was born a hermaphrodite and they alter his body to make him a true she-male. Afterward, Donna is sent to Mr. M, a man with enough money and power to set her up for life or make her miserable for the rest of it.

Donna accepts her fate as a hermaphrodite, but learns quickly what will happen if she stays with Mr. M and his deviant friends. Can she escape the masochistic madman? Where will her path lead as a she-male?

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“So, out of the blue, while you are having sex, this girl says that she would like to see you as a woman?”
“That’s pretty much it. She picked up her bra and asked me to try it on. I was really upset. I stopped what we were doing and got out of the bed and started to put my clothes back on, but she was very sweet and persistent and said that it would be a favor to her if I would just do this.”
“And did you?”
“Yes. Eventually, with her doing most of it and me just not resisting. She put her panties on me, played with my penis and balls, stuffing them down into the crotch of the panties and showing me how to bring my legs together so that no sex showed in front. Then she put the bra on me. She took my socks and stuffed the bra with them, giving me breasts of a sort. This didn’t look right, so then she got up, went to her dresser and came back with a pair of very realistic breast forms. She called them “weighted foam enhancers” and slipped these into the bra. I was stunned with the feeling and the look. It even looked real with me not having any real chest hair and the bra pushing my body fat into a bit of faux cleavage. At the time, I didn’t think about why she happened to have these around since her own rack was really very nice and she certainly didn’t need the artificial boost. But she said they looked very much like real tits on me. I was totally aroused and she was too. We got back into bed and had really wild sex.”
“Were you still upset?”
“Well, I had to agree with her that this was pretty cool. I certainly liked the feeling of her underwear on my skin. The panties were very tight and sexy and soft.”
“So you had sex wearing her bra and panties?”
“Yes. Well….eventually the crotch of the panties was pulled aside and that was sort of arousing too.”
“So, what was the problem? People engage in all sorts of play in the bedroom.”
“I realized that this turned me on…a lot…but I was embarrassed. She told me that she was, in her words, essentially AC/DC, and that she really got hot if the guy was dressed and made up as a woman.”
“And it worked for you as well?’
“Yes. But I had a hard time understanding it and kept thinking that I must be queer to be getting off on this.”
“So, what made you bring this up now?”
“It’s tied into the day dream I just had. It’s not a fantasy.”
“Okay, Don. Can you tell me more about it?”
“I think it’s just so unfair that women can get away with this and men cannot. She was perfectly okay with this dress up sex and I was….well, I was distressed, to say the least. I asked her if she thought it would work in reverse and she said it was fine with her. She was ready to try anything.”
“In reverse?”
“Me dressed as a woman and she dressed as a man.”
“Oh. Okay. How did that work out?”
“We didn’t really do it. She just put on my tee shirt and boxers and, well, she still looked like a very hot girl, with hair and make-up and big tits, so that was as far as that went.”
“Don. That is perfectly normal.”
“I hear you. But it still bothers me.”
“So, what happened next? How did this experience impact your relationship?”
“Well, I thought about it and we talked it out. Then, in a few weeks time, I found that it was becoming the basis for our sex lives. She bought me woman’s stuff to wear and it was getting very intense.”
“What did she buy you?”
“Bras, panties, stockings, garter belts, very realistic breast forms, a couple of expensive wigs and high heel shoes…”
“Anything else?”
“Uh, well yes. A couple of dresses, a skirt and a few blouses and tops. At the same time, she bought handcuffs, some dog leashes and chain collars for dogs.”
“Does she have a dog?’
“No, of course not. She said they were for us to play with.”
“And did you?”
“Did I what? Play dog with her?” Don asked, slightly irritated.
“Did the two of you use the cuffs and collars in your sex play?”
“I…I, yes. We did. I was pretty uncomfortable with it, but she was very insistent that we extend our games, so I went along with it.”
“And you found it arousing. Stimulating?”
“Yes. Basically, she was leading me around by my very hard dick.”
“Can you describe this?”
“She had this tiny little jeweled collar that she put around my sex and then clipped a leash onto it. If I didn’t do exactly as she ordered, she whipped my ass with a riding crop.”
“Okay. So, what else? Were you a male dog or a female dog?”
“I’m not sure.”
“Well, was that all? How did this event progress?”
“At first it was just the collar and leash,” Don said, thinking about the sequence of events.
“Then, one night, before we went to bed, she added the female clothing: stockings, garter belt, bra and panties, a ribbon in my hair and a dildoe with a fake tail on it up my ass.”

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  1. The Girls Get Even

    Posted by A Sherman on 27th Jun 2012

    This may be a trans sexual's dream. It is very realistic in many ways, or at least a reasonable fantasy. I can put myself in the place of his girlfriend and get hot just thinking about it. Good read. Best as Ebook. Read the whole thing on one flight.

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