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Trust Me

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Trust Me by BJ Wane

BJ Wane, famed author of Amy’s Redemption, Convincing Maggie and Flushed With Shame is back and better than ever with Trust Me which picks up where Freeing Kira left off: at the wedding of Gabe and Kira, on their wonderful island off the coast of Georgia.

Gabe’s cousin Alec finds himself awestruck by the sensational Brooke Hastings, Gabe’s editor and friend, when he sees her at the wedding. Wanting to know her better, Alec makes sure Brooke saves him a dance. The two immediately sense a sizzling spark between them, and run off for a heart-pounding, spontaneous round of sex. Throughout the rest of the reception, the tension builds as they want more than just a quickie. Brooke spends the night with Alec, and leaves the next morning for New York.

Fast forward to a year later. Brooke finally comes back to the island, and during the year neither Alec nor Brooke can stop thinking about the other. But something happened in that year that changed Brooke, and Alec is determined to fix it as he finds himself falling for the luscious woman. Will Brooke be able to trust Alec and get over the damage that was done?

Gabe and Alec’s friend, Will, who was in the military with them, has a sordid past that he’s trying to forget. In order to move on, he starts calling Midnight Fantasies, an 800 number with tantalizing women on the other end. He gets a girl named Angel on the other end, and finds out it’s her first night as a sex-line girl. Will helps her through the call, giving her pointers on what to say, and finds her shyness and lustful voice erotic. He gets her direct line so he can make sure to talk only to her. Soon, Will finds himself falling head over heels for the sweet woman on the other end the phone. Can he convince her of his feelings for her?

Includes: spanking, bondage, public punishment, public sex, light lesbian scenes, multiple partners and much more!


Brooke Hastings barely managed to keep her jaw from dropping as she watched Gabe and his cousin make their way to the gazebo to stand beside the minister. The family resemblance was blatant in their cobalt blue eyes and similar facial features. But it was there their resemblance ended. Where Gabe’s hair was coal black with grey highlights, his cousin’s was dark brown and long enough to be tied back at his nape. Though both men looked devastating in a tux, she could easily picture Alec Rivers in jeans and a leather jacket, straddling a Harley. Maybe it was the small gold hoop adorning his ear that had her pigeon holing him. Whatever it was, she was attracted and Brooke had never been shy about going after something or someone she wanted.
At thirty one, she had had her share of affairs and even one night stands, all on the heels of a short, failed marriage. She worked long, hard hours and working up a sweat with a hard body was a great way to relieve the stress of her job. That and she loved sex. Back in New York, she had a job she loved as an editor for one of the top publishing companies, a great apartment, friends, and, when she desired, lovers. She had never wanted anything else, never aspired to climb the corporate ladder, never dreamed of settling down with one man and never craved motherhood. One look at Alec Rivers didn’t change any of that, but it did make her contemplate ways she could alter her plans for a hasty departure later today. She really wouldn’t mind returning to her hectic schedule with some hot, erotic memories of burning up the sheets with Gabe’s cousin.
Brooke rose as the music changed to the Wedding March and she turned to smile at Kira as Will escorted her towards her soon to be husband. She had had the privilege of meeting Kira several times over the past year when Gabe brought her to New York and had been so pleased to see the happiness she brought Gabe. She couldn’t help but laugh with the other guests as Ralph, Gabe’s Irish Water Spaniel, trotted up the aisle alongside the bride, a bright red bow tie knotted around his neck. The stunning gardens were Kira’s doing, her talent as a horticulturist evident in the display of well-groomed flowering shrubs and the well maintained lawn, but it was the beauty of Kira’s smile as she joined Gabe that caught everyone’s eye.
During the short ceremony, Brooke’s attention was snagged again when Alec happened to look her way as she was watching him and envisioning riding his hard body, her own slick body bowed with pleasure as he brought her to orgasm over and over. She didn’t look away until he winked before taking his eyes off her. Squirming in her seat, she silently cursed herself for wearing a thong which allowed little protection against a damp pussy. She breathed a sigh of relief when Gabe and Kira were announced man and wife and everyone was invited to join them inside for the buffet and reception.
Alec’s reaction to Brooke as she neared him in the receiving line was stronger than his initial one. In three inch heels she stood about five nine, which made her the perfect height for his six foot one inch with or without heels and her dark brown eyes were in direct contrast to her sun streaked, layered shoulder length hair. A few bangs flirted with her forehead and the blue stripe matched her blue fingernails and toe nails, which made him smile. The bodice of the light blue halter dress hugged her breasts then flared out around her calves. As she kissed Will on the cheek, her hair fell back revealing a row of earrings in her left ear making him wonder if she had any other piercings.
“Brooke, it’s good to see you again, sweetie.” Will greeted her with a hug of familiarity.
“How come Will has met her and I haven’t?” he grumbled to Gabe.
Gabe rolled his eyes, replying dryly, “Give it a rest, will you?”
“Hello, I’m Brooke. And you’re Alec.” Brooke held her hand out to Alec, secretly pleased to have overheard his remark, confirming the attraction was mutual.
“Brooke, it’s nice to meet you.” Taking her slender hand, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek before whispering in her ear, “Save a dance for me, will you?”
“I already planned on it.”
Smiling, she moved to Gabe and Kira, leaving Alec with a hard on and the worst case of lust he could ever remember experiencing.
Gabe, Alec and Will’s close friends had often partied together on their island off the coast of Georgia and frequently attended private parties held in the gathering room of Gabe’s two story house. But for today’s festivities, the bondage equipment had been stored away and the large room had been decorated for the reception. Floor to ceiling windows and doors covered one wall in front of which the tantalizing buffet was laid out. A mirrored bar ran the length of another wall and the plush sofas and chairs were replaced with white cloth draped tables.
Alec held his lust in check during the meal, although he couldn’t remember what he ate, and made it through the obligatory toasts before leaving the head table in search of Brooke. Gabe and Kira were dancing and by the time they finished he planned to have that slender body in a close embrace next to his. They spotted each other at the same time when she emerged from the bathrooms and gravitated toward each other by seemingly silent mutual consent.
Brooke’s fantasies of getting naked with Gabe’s cousin had left her panties so wet she had slipped them off while in the restroom. The fact that now she was wearing nothing but her dress and heels only added to her already heightened arousal. The way Alec’s eyes lit when he spotted her then heated as they made their way towards each other warmed her further and her pussy clenched in damp need of being fulfilled.
Alec grabbed her hand and practically dragged her onto the dance floor. As he pulled her close, she admitted, “I’ve wanted to feel you next to me since the moment I saw you.” Brooke smiled up at him liking how he was still several inches taller than her even in her heels.
Alec leaned down, bit her ear lobe, then whispered, “I like a woman who isn’t shy about admitting what, and who, she wants.” Her laugh was husky, sexy, and shot straight down to his already tortured cock.
Brooke moved her hips against his as they moved slowly together, the feel of his hard cock against her adding fuel to a fire already about to burn out of control. Pulling his head down, she nipped his lower lip and asked, “Is that for me?”
“Do you see me falling all over someone else? Come home with me when this shindig is over.”
Brooke loved the desperate demand in his voice and the fact that he was as eager for her as she was for him. Molding herself closer to his body, she said, “Uh, uh. I don’t want to wait that long. Where can we slip away to?”
Shit, Alec thought as he looked around the crowded room. Even though a good number of the guests were friends he had partied with openly and sexually, the rest of the guests were family and other, not so open minded friends. His parents as well as Gabe’s parents would kill him if he left so early and Kira would be very disappointed. He was quite fond of his new cousin-in-law and wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt her.
But the longer he held Brooke’s slim body next to his, the more she moved sensuously against him and smiled up at him with blatant desire and that come hither look in those sexy brown eyes and a sassy smile on those soft lips, the more he wanted her and the less he wanted to wait. She took the decision out of his hands as their slow dancing moved them towards the doors leading to the side patio. Grabbing his hand, she pulled him outside.
“You’re thinking too hard and taking too long. Where to?” she asked as the possibility of having sex outdoors for the first time added to her excitement.
Even though it was late afternoon, summer days on the Barrier Islands off Georgia were long and warm, and the heat and humidity coming off the ocean air enveloped them as Alec swore and pulled her around to the other side of the house away from prying eyes. He hoped. A large tree helped shade them as he pushed her against the wall and brought his mouth down on hers.
Brooke moaned into his mouth as she opened to accept his exploring tongue. They dueled for control until he bit her tongue, the slight pain shooting down to her already damp sheath. When his hands slid up her bare thighs, raising her dress, she tightened her arms around his neck, silently wondering why this man seemed to excite her faster and stronger than any other. When he cupped her bare ass, she quit wondering and simply enjoyed and when his fingers caressed the bare flesh of her pussy before delving between her swollen folds, she came apart with swift abandonment, the caress of the warm, outdoor air wafting over her bare skin adding to her pleasure.
When Alec’s hands came into contact with bare, soft flesh, he cursed again knowing he was damned. When his fingers felt how damp that flesh was, he knew there was no stopping him and when he slipped between those enticing folds and felt her hot and wet as she tightened around him, he knew this would be fast. As she came apart, taking them both by surprise with the swiftness of her orgasm, he prayed no one missed them enough to leave the air conditioning to seek them out. Lifting her against him, reluctantly releasing that lush mouth and the clutching walls of her pussy, he demanded, “Wrap your fucking legs around me.”
“Are you mad because you want me as much as I want you or because I didn’t want to wait?” she asked breathlessly as she did as he ordered and clasped her legs around his hips, eager to feel the hard length of his cock in her still spasming pussy, taking over where his fingers left off.
“Mutual attraction doesn’t piss me off,” he answered as he quickly released his engorged cock. “Women who are open and not afraid to express their desires don’t piss me off. Upsetting Kira at her wedding will really piss me off, so this is going to be quick before anyone notices we’re gone. I’m assuming you’re protected because I sure as hell didn’t stick a condom in my tux pocket right before a wedding.”
Brooke would question later the pang of envy she experienced when he mentioned upsetting Kira, but right now the need to have him alleviate the ache between her spread thighs over ruled everything else, an ache that in no way had been appeased by her quick orgasm. “Yeah, I’m protected.”
No sooner had she spoken than Alec had her impaled on his cock, driving into her with pent up need and frustration. “God you feel good,” he admitted as he clutched her buttocks hard and lifted her until only the head of his cock remained in her before slamming her back down on him. “It was very naughty of you to go commando at a wedding, sugar, but damn convenient.”
Brooke laughed even as she gasped with the pleasure of his possession. “I had panties on until they became so wet they were uncomfortable,” she admitted as she tightened both her arms and legs around him, wishing they were completely naked so she could feel that hard chest against her bare breasts.
“You are really bad, Brooke, you know that?” Alec pulled back and plunged into her again, increasing his speed, maneuvering her up and down on his shaft as if she weighed nothing.
“Mmm, you can punish me later. Right now, fuck me. God, you feel good,” she cried out softly as she buried her face in his neck and rode his cock faster.
“So do you, so damn good, I’m not going to last.”
“Then don’t. Now, Alec,” she demanded with a gasp before exploding around his shaft, muffling her cry the best she could. Her body literally splintered apart as her pussy convulsed around his cock, clutching him in pleasure and soaking him with her release.
Alec never fucked bare back, but when he felt her clutching his dick, her release coating him and making it easier for him to take her harder, faster, he knew he wouldn’t be able to take her any other way after this. Holding her ass tight enough to leave bruises, he erupted inside her, relishing the feel of her climaxing again around him even though he was temporarily blinded by the consuming pleasure.
“God, I love quickies,” Brooke panted as she lowered her legs and pulled her dress down.

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© konradbak – 123RF

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