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Under My Thumb

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Under My Thumb by Fidelis Blue

Matt is a talented artist. One day he meets Elizabeth, a successful and independent-minded businesswoman. They begin an affair, in the course of which Matt finds that Elizabeth has strong submissive tendencies, but refuses to be bound by conventional notions of monogamy. He himself is untutored in the ways of D/s, but with Elizabeth’s active encouragement he soon discovers his dominant side. Together they explore the full range of D/s experiences: bondage, humiliation, the pleasure and pain of nipple-clamps or whipping, forced orgasms, anal and oral sex on command. Elizabeth agrees to submit to a strict regime of sexual conduct, with Matt dictating what clothes she should wear (he has very firm views about underwear), and how often she may come. He makes her perform a variety of domestic chores under threat of severe punishment if her work is unsatisfactory.

Elizabeth’s independent nature makes her rebel against the more humiliating tasks, but Matt now has the bit between his teeth and enforces strict discipline. He also discovers that he gains pleasure from offering Elizabeth to other men; threesomes and foursomes soon follow. Elizabeth takes Matt to visit her former Dom, Jonathan, who has a new submissive, Daisy. The two men avail themselves of both girls in a night of extravagant sexual indulgence, in which Elizabeth is forced to submit to Daisy as well as to the two men. Finally, now that she is firmly “under his thumb” Matt marks Elizabeth’s successful attainment of full submission by decorating her body and having her pose naked as a living artwork for his guests at a celebration party.

Includes: bondage, humiliation, nipple-clamps, whipping, forced orgasms, anal sex, oral sex on command, male domination, female submission.

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For the next week he heard nothing from her. He expected her to call, but there was only silence. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and about the book. Images kept coming unbidden into his mind: a woman bound and kneeling; a skirt lifted over a woman’s naked bottom, the white skin marked by the whip; a woman naked in a room full of men, using her… The images disturbed him. In a part of his mind they excited him, but he refused to acknowledge it. Sex was beautiful, clean and good, not dark and dangerous. One evening he heard a car come to a skidding stop outside his house. He heard her heels clicking up the steps, then the bell rang. He opened the door. She flung herself into his arms.
“Don’t desert me,” she said. “Don’t desert me.”
He allowed her to kiss him, her mouth open, her tongue pushing between his lips.
“I’ll be whatever you want me to be,” she whispered.
He took her into the bedroom.
“Take your clothes off,” he said.
He watched her as she removed the expensive grey woolen dress, unhooked the ivory satin bra. She stood in the matching satin briefs. Her legs were bare. She pulled the briefs down and stood naked, waiting.
“Lie on the bed,” he said.
She laid, her hands by her sides, her legs together. He sat down beside her. He stroked her belly, slowly, softly. He ran his fingers lightly through the short, cropped pubic hair.
“Open your legs,” he said.
She wanted to be controlled. Well, then, he’d control her. See how she liked it. He took her labia between his finger and thumb, squeezing them lightly together. She sighed with pleasure. He increased the pressure. Then he let go and slid his middle finger in between the labia. He pressed against her opening, not entering yet. He could feel her warm and moist, not yet slippery. He moved his finger upwards till it rested lightly on her clitoris. He pressed against it lightly, feeling the little bud firm under his touch. She was breathing deeply now. He began to move his finger slowly in a circle. She made a little grunting sound in the back of her throat.
He took his hand away.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered.
He stroked her belly again. With his other hand he caressed her left breast, letting his fingers trail over the nipple. It stood up to meet him. He pinched it lightly between finger and thumb, then harder. He saw her clench her teeth. He pinched her harder still, digging his nail into the swollen nipple.
“Oh,” she said.
He took his hand away from her breast, but kept stroking her belly. She opened her legs wider, inviting him in. Still fully dressed, he lay across her thighs and pressed his thumbs against the outside of her labia. He pushed them together; under the soft folds of flesh he could feel her clitoris stiffen. He kept his thumbs motionless for a while. After a time she tried to move against him, seeking more stimulation. He took his hands away.
“You’re teasing me,” she protested.
“Am I?”
He put his thumbs back on either side of her labia and spread them wide, opening her up. Slowly he leaned down and licked between them, starting at the bottom, moving upwards with slow deliberation over the slippery folds of flesh. When his tongue had almost reached the apex, he took it away.
“Please,” she said. “Don’t be cruel.”
“Isn’t that what you want, cruelty?”
“Please?” she said in her little girl voice.
He bent and kissed the lips of her sex. He pushed his tongue between them, as far as it would go, tasting the sharp flavor. He breathed in, inhaling the musky odor, such a richly evocative smell, suggestive of ineffable delights. This time he licked up the outside of her labia, all the way round the top and down the other side, taking care to avoid the clitoris, now emerged from its fold of skin, straining for satisfaction.
He put his finger inside her. She was slick with juice now. He slid it around, feeling her inner contours. He took his finger out and moved it up till it rested on her clitoris.
“You want to come?”
“Oh, yes, please, I do.”
“But you want to be controlled?”
“Yes, but not now. I just want to be indulged.”
“That’s just it,” he said. “You can’t pick and choose. That woman in the story, she had to submit totally.”
“But that’s just a story.”
Something had come over him. He began to see what it might be like, to control her, to make her submit. Not beat her, not do the horrible things they did in the book. But just show her she couldn’t do with him as she pleased. If she wanted control it would be on his terms. Otherwise, it was just another way for a spoilt rich girl to get exactly what she wanted.
“I’m going to make you come,” he said. “But only on one condition.”
“What’s that?”
“You mustn’t move or make a sound. As soon as you do it stops.”
“That’s a tough one,” she said. “You know how much I writhe about.”
He moved his finger slowly across the top of her clitoris. She jumped. He took his hand away.
“You see?” he said. “It stops the moment you move.”
“OK, OK,” she begged. “Give me another chance.”
He bent his head down and licked once more up between the lips of her sex, now oozing with the lubricant of desire. He could feel her tense up, bracing herself against the moment when his tongue should reach the top. Just before it did he paused for a moment. He felt her relax a little, then he licked across the top of her clitoris. She made a strange strangled sound in the back of her throat.
He lifted his head. “No sound, remember.”
“Sorry,” she said. “Oh god, this is agony.”
He licked her again, his tongue gliding slowly over the trembling coral-pink lips. He let it circle round and round the little nub, surprisingly hard now. He felt her desire mounting, her breath coming shorter, faster. Deliberately he slowed his tongue till its movement was almost imperceptible. She was clenching the sheets of the bed in her fists, as if she was trying to will herself to orgasm spontaneously. He was just wondering if he had it in him to be more cruel yet, to take his tongue away for good, forbid her the pleasure she craved. But suddenly she was coming, her hips thrashing wildly, a guttural sound in her throat.
He waited until the spasms subsided. Then he turned her over on to her stomach and, lifting her by the hips, brought her into a kneeling position, her bottom sticking over the edge of the bed. Standing behind her he undid himself and thrust into her. Her cunt still quivering, she felt herself being impaled on his cock. He drove deep into her, hammering at her buttocks. As he did so he gripped them with his hands, digging his fingers hard into the taut muscles till she cried out. He came violently then collapsed on top of her, panting.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
She chuckled. “Not even just a little bit?”

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Subbotina Anna - Shutterstock.com

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