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Under the Paramount Rule - ebook

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Under the Paramount Rule by Tanya Simmonds

Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange is Tanya Simmonds’ final novel – a compendium of eight classic, femdom novelettes that explore the very essence of power and sexual sadism. Oakpark Grange is a school for young aristocratic failures, where masturbation is strictly forbidden – and severely punished!

Dawn of the Vixen – The origin tale introduces headmistress, Lady Selina Paris, who discovers that one of her pupils has a dirty little secret. After severely caning him for his wanton self-gratification, she discovers her own long-hidden sexuality.

The Assistant - Selina learns that she has a kindred in the world. Celia Ramirez is beautiful, a qualified teacher, and a rabid sadist. Together, they raise Oakpark Grange’s punishment regime to entirely new heights.

The Lady in the Dark Veil - Selina finds her young stable hand masturbating when he is supposed to be working, and decides to show him the extreme side of discipline. However, a mysterious figure appears with a secret powerful enough to destroy Selina forever.

Olga’s Selection – Selina’s new husband disrespects her lifelong friend, Olga, who has the right to administer his punishment, but not to take his body. For that, she must choose which pupil will satisfy her post-flagellation lust.

Charlotte - As the pupils live in abject fear of their libidinous tutors, there is one among them who relishes their cruelty with the same lustful passion.

The Submissive – Dennis is a quiet pupil. But one day, he asks Selina to punish him, and begs her to let him be her slave. Her power diffused, how can she possibly respond?

Unbreakable – A mysterious new pupil arrives at Oakpark Grange whom Selina cannot control. Has she met her match?

Megan’s Awakening - The truth behind The Paramount Rule is finally revealed as Selina passes the torch – to her own daughter.

Includes: caning, flogging, penis whipping, strapping, penile electrical torture, poultice pouch, tease and denial, anal invasion, urethral insertion, masturbation, fellatio, forced cunnilingus, face-sitting, lesbian sex, straight sex.


There was the oppressive sting of anxiety in the classroom as five male pupils sat in waiting – waiting for her.
All were of wealthy stock and had navigated life and harsh discipline within the public school sector. However, each of them had fallen. Far too many were the gifts of their families’ fortunes, not to mention their sizeable inheritances. There was nothing to desire; naught for which to strive.
Ergo, came the times when their parents reached the point of despair. Ultimatums were imposed with sincere conviction. They were to leave the comfort and security of their homes and fend for themselves, or accept instruction elsewhere that would teach them discipline, self respect, humility, and most of all, responsibility.
Oakpark Grange had become the school of choice for dealing with such difficulties throughout the aristocracy. It was presided over by its founder, Lady Selina Paris. At twenty-nine years of age, she was quickly establishing her reputation as a tutor of young men who had fallen to the lures of complacency and sloth.
The world had been at war when it came to her, the conflict driving her convictions to serve her country in the only way she knew how: through education. The youthful were the leaders of the future and their paths had to be set straight at all costs.
Oakpark Grange was the ancestral home of Selina’s family; a stately mansion with a history dating back to the late sixteenth century. Selina’s mother had died in childbirth and her father passed away when she was eighteen, leaving Selina as his sole heir.
Affluent beyond the dreams of most, she had set out with a responsible heart and had become admirably successful in her own right. She was the woman who wanted for nothing.
She entered the classroom and her five charges stood to attention, their hearts unanimously palpitating. She was such a stunning sight to their eyes, standing proudly in the doorway with one hand upon the hem of her trim-waist blue skirt. She wore a matching blue jacket and fetching high heels. Her raven black hair flowed onto her shoulders, lending to her appearance a subtle hint of Rita Hayworth. She always appeared with such a stern and yet so beautiful visage, but never seeming to have knowledge of the effect she was having upon her pupils.
Her piercing blue eyes scanned the spacious domain. It had once been the mansion’s ballroom which she had transformed into an oversized classroom. The five desks in the centre were dwarfed by the spectacular stately décor of the surrounding space.
To Selina’s left was her desk set upon a platform above the eye level of the students. At all times she knew that she had to impress upon the scallywags who were sent to her that she was their superior.
“You may be seated,” she said sternly, and glanced for a fleeting instant at the exercise books in her left hand. “I have marked your prep and I am utterly appalled!”
The pupils’ hearts came into their mouths. Displeasing Miss Paris was not something that any of them would wish upon their worst enemy.
She took the two steps up onto the platform and stopped at her desk. Their eyes followed her with adoring fear.
After a pause that seemed to cause the atmosphere itself to become tangible, she thrust the exercise books down onto the desk and glared at her students with disdain. “When I asked you to write a critical examination of the life of Catherine the Great, I didn’t expect every single word about her to concern the horse!”
The young men looked at one another, a hint of humour apparent on their faces to briefly dilute their fears.
“As I clearly explained to you yesterday, the story of Catherine engaging in unseemly relations with a stallion is a myth. It is a legend. It isn’t history. What I am looking for is history! Do you understand?”
Shaken rather than shamed, the young men nodded fearfully and silently prayed that she would leave it at that. However, such was not to be.
“I will not be made a mockery of!” she said sternly. “You will show me absolute respect, and given that you have failed to do so, you will each pay with five strokes of the cane.”
Her eyes burned into theirs again, compelling them to make an agonized guess as to who would be the first. Each pupil found himself hoping that it wouldn’t be him; that it just might be the one next to him. However, such was a wish immersed in futility. Should it be granted, a delay of the inevitable would only enhance the anxiety by forcing them to repeatedly bear witness to their coming agony.
They all knew that Miss Paris was known for administering the cane, but this was the first time that any of them would experience its bite.
“Harry!” Selina said, finally.
Harry Montrose-Braithwaite was eighteen, the son of Lord and Lady Montrose-Braithwaite, and a failure at Public School. Such an esteemed and treasured contact was one Selina had no desire to disappoint.
Harry was an attractive young man with pearly-white, flawless skin, dark hair and the most hypnotic eyes. Selina had been superficially attracted to him when they had been introduced. The first thought to enter her mind upon meeting him was how enjoyable it would be to discipline him.
Her eyes followed him as he made his way towards her, trembling. He ascended the steps until he was facing her, terrified, but unable to avoid the effect her astonishing beauty was having upon him.
“Take down your trousers,” she demanded.
With shaking hands, he unbuckled his belt and released the hook and eye above his fly. Once he had opened the row of buttons, the garment fell from his grip to land at his ankles. He looked her in the eyes again, silently pleading that she would permit him to go no farther.
“And your underwear,” she commanded, shattering his hopes.
With dread and the overpowering bite of humiliation, he did as he was asked, using his hands to conceal his modesty.
“Bend over the desk!”
He obeyed, his skin turning a pale shade of ashen with the horror of what she was about to do to him, and before his peers at that.
Selina took the cane from where it rested upon her desk and caressed it for a moment. She savoured the boy’s forthcoming chastisement with a type of excitement she had never been able to define.
She took up her position behind Harry and the world seemed to freeze.

Artist Credit

© Andrey Kiselev

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