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Undercover Obsession - ebook

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Undercover Obsession by BJ Wane

Piper Winters first met Brody Pearce when he accompanied her adoptive father, Charles Sandoval, to visit her in Geneva where she went to school.  Knowing a man as sexy and enigmatic as him wouldn’t be interested in an overweight, shy college kid didn’t keep her body from responding every time he was near or her fantasies from dominating her long, lonely nights.  When Brody arrives without Charles the weekend of her graduation, Piper lets yet another disappointment from Charles overrule her common sense and seduces Brody into spending the night with her.  When Brody leaves abruptly the next morning after receiving a phone call that raised her suspicions, Piper decides she’s had enough evasiveness and subterfuge from both Charles and Brody and sets out to confront them both.  But when she arrives in Atlantic City and spies on the private party Charles is hosting at his casino, she learns more about her father and Brody than she ever wanted to know.

For five years Brody had tried to forget the shock of seeing Piper witnessing the assassination attempt on Charles Sandoval, the man he was working undercover for in an attempt to use his alleged connection to notorious drug lord, Antony Pasquino, in order to bring Pasquino’s organization down.  He had also tried, and failed, to forget the one night he had had her soft body next to him and her eager response to the hard slaps he had landed on her lush ass.  When he hears she’s missing, both Brody and his partner, Ian, rush to Missouri in search of her only to be shocked to find her in her bed, her body suffering the effects of a powerful aphrodisiac.  Over the next week, Brody and Ian use every means necessary to rein in Piper’s independent, feisty nature in order to keep her safe from the escalating threats aimed at her.   Unfortunately, the sexual discipline they subject her to is met with her wholehearted enthusiasm for everything they dished out, making it impossible for Brody to keep doing the right thing by her until he knew if Charles Sandoval was dead for sure and no longer integral to their case against Pasquino.

Nothing is as it seems in Missouri or at the Empire Casino, but Brody wasn’t going to let that stop him this time from going after the only woman who was a perfect match for him.

Includes: Male domination, spanking, bondage, female submission, whipping, oral sex, anal sex, adventurous, straight sex.


It was after two a.m. when Piper woke, reached up to scratch her nose, wondering what was making it itch. The soft, steady heartbeat under her ear reminded her she wasn’t alone in her bed. Shifting her head, she moved just enough to keep Brody’s chest hairs from tickling her nose again and her eyes time to adjust to the dark room. Usually she left the hall bathroom light on, but apparently Brody was more comfortable with complete darkness than she was. The feel of his much larger, much harder body beneath her was both comforting and arousing, and as she lay there savoring the lovely hum of her body’s response, she found the dark worked to enhance both her senses and her bravado. Here in the dark, she could pretend Brody wanted her as much as she wanted him, pretend she was skinny and attractive and that she was someone other than his employer’s adopted ward.
Praying he was a deep sleeper, Piper lightly explored his chest, sifting her fingers through his crisp, springy chest hair as she marveled at the sheer breadth of his shoulders, the thick muscles of his arms and chest and the way his small nipple puckered when her finger grazed it. When his cock stirred against her thigh, she replaced her finger with her mouth, rasping her tongue back and forth before taking the taut bud between her lips and suckling until it tightened even more while moving her hand down to explore his growing erection more intimately.
Worried he would wake and end her fun, Piper released his nipple and twisted her body until her head was at his crotch, the covers cocooning her as she struggled to shove his shorts down far enough to free his cock. She found him in the pitch blackness with her mouth, her lips exploring the smooth, round head of his cock, her tongue tasting his seeping fluid and her hand wrapping around his length with surprising ease. It took all her willpower to stifle the moan threatening to escape her throat as she slowly explored the mushroom crown with her tongue and lips. Moving her fist up and down in a tight grip, she marveled at his size, her pussy clenching in need as she tried to imagine what it would feel like to be fucked by a man with his proportions. She wasn’t even sure she could take all of him, but she’d give anything to try. When Brody’s deep moan echoed in the dark and his hand fisted in her hair, she tightened her hand even more before enveloping the head of his cock in her mouth.
Brody had been hoping he was dreaming, but when he felt Piper’s warm, wet mouth close over his cockhead, he knew he wasn’t. No dream could be this fucking good. But, damn it, he couldn’t allow her to do this, couldn’t let this go any further. She didn’t understand what was at stake, didn’t know the true reason he worked for Charles, didn’t know how long and how hard both he and Ian had been planning for the meeting next week that would bring down the man she loved so much.
“Enough, Piper. Come up here and behave yourself if you want me to spend the rest of the night in your bed.”
If he hadn’t been so hard, if the seepage from his slit wasn’t coating her tongue and sliding down her throat, then she would relent. But his body wanted her, and right now, here where she couldn’t see the pity and rejection on his face, that was enough. Ignoring the painful tugs on her head as he tried to urge her back up, she opened her mouth and slid down his rigid length, taking as much of him as she could as deep as she could. When she reached her limit at just over halfway, she used her hand to work the rest of him and set up a fast rhythm between her mouth and fist that stimulated his entire penis, her own body softening and dampening in pleasure.
Cursing, Brody felt his good intentions giving way under the onslaught of her mouth and hand. With no light, all his senses were centered on his cock and the feel of her tongue stroking him, her lips clinging as she moved them up and down in tandem with her hand around his base. Before Piper, before tonight, he had never had trouble controlling his dick and the fact that he was having so much trouble now when it was so important only irritated him. Releasing her hair, he shifted his hand to her ass which was turned toward him and quite handy for showing her who was boss.
“Stop now or face the consequences, Piper.” His hand slid easily past the elastic band at her waist and cupped a soft cheek in warning.
This time, Piper was unable to hold back a moan of pleasure from escaping her throat even though she didn’t release his cock from her mouth. His hand on her ass felt decadently wonderful, exciting in a way she had never imagined. Ted had spent a lot of time with her breasts in foreplay, but had never shown an interest in her ass and she had never considered her butt good for anything except filling out her clothes. Ignoring his warning, anxious now to see how much pleasure she could get from ass play, she continued to work his cock, loving the feel and taste of him.
Her anticipation was given a rude jolt when Brody tossed the covers off of them, jerked her bottoms down and smacked her ass with a sharp, loud snap. Pure startlement had her releasing his cock and pure lust had her pussy swelling in anticipation of feeling another erotic sharp sting. When the next one came, she whimpered his name and shifted her hips before taking him deep again, her mouth, tongue and hand working even harder to give him pleasure, the shock of the pain induced pleasure she was getting from those slaps quickly dealt with in order to see where this new experience would lead her.
“Son of a bitch,” Brody swore when she not only accepted those first few slaps, but eagerly embraced them. How the hell was he supposed to resist her now? His partner, Ian, would tell him to give up and get it done and when Piper’s small hand cupped his sac and her mouth moved to roll one of his balls around with her tongue, he knew he was going to do just that. He could barely make out the shape of their bodies, but he had no trouble finding the exact spot to land his next blow.
The pain was sharper, the slowly building warmth hotter and the pleasure higher with each stroke he delivered. The harder he swatted her, the harder she sucked on his shaft, the faster his hand landed the faster her head bobbed up and down until it took a herculean effort to concentrate on his cock and not give in completely to the climax she felt building. Each smack built a volcano of sensations inside her, sensations she had never experienced before and which were threatening to sear her with their eruption.
By the time her buttocks felt hot and swollen, a throbbing heated pleasure that was reciprocated between the swollen folds of her labia, Piper was desperate for relief from the aching pain in both her ass and her pussy. Hoping she was good enough at fellatio to have driven him to the point of no return, she released him and pleaded desperately against his damp, hard flesh, “Please, Brody, don’t turn me away,” before crawling up his body and seeking his mouth.
Brody could still feel her soft flesh warming under his hand, smell the heady aroma of her arousal, still hear her soft moans of pleasure and was unable to suppress the clawing need that swept through his senses. His cock ached, his balls ached and his conscience was going to ache because he knew there was no way he was turning away from her again. But that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.
Before her lips could latch on to his, he flipped her onto her back and stripped her bottoms off of her. “You damn well better have protection,” he snarled as he prodded her slick swollen folds but stopping just short of slipping between them.
“I’m on the pill,” she answered him breathlessly, shifting her hips to entice him to fully penetrate her.
“Piper,” he warned, his cockhead dampening from her seeping juices, urging him to press forward. “You better not be lying just to get your way.”
“I’m not, I wouldn’t. I have irregular periods. Brody, I’d never….” She stopped on a gasp as he filled her in one deep plunge. Despite how wet she was, his cock stretched her and filled her as tight as she thought he would, but the slight discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure of his possession.
“Remember, darlin’, I tried to talk you out of this,” his rough voice whispered in her ear. “Wrap your legs around me.” The feel of her warm, soft walls closing around him almost signaled an end to this, and it was only by sheer willpower that he was able to hold back. When he felt her cushy thighs clamp around him, he almost smiled as she barely got her feet to touch across his back. She was such a little thing, he thought fondly, but with a luscious full figure that he was finding a pleasure to fuck.
Surrounded by his big body, her softness enveloped by his hardness, his harsh voice an intoxicating echo in her ear, Piper lost herself in the thrill of his rough possession. He fucked her hard, his hips jackhammering against hers as she met him thrust for vigorous thrust, the pleasure building with each hard slap of their bodies. She whimpered as he drove her higher than she had ever been, her mouth biting down where his shoulder met his thick neck to stifle her cries as the slap of their sweat slickened bodies and their harsh breathing filled the silence in the darkness of her room.
When one hard calloused hand reached under her jerking hips and grabbed a still sore buttock and the other fisted in her hair, angling her head for his descending mouth, she lost herself in his kiss and the explosion of her orgasm. The pleasure ripped through her, consuming her from head to toe, had her grinding up against his still pistoning hips as his cock jerked with his ejaculation.
Brody was surrounded by softness, her plush body undulating under his, her hips in perfect rhythm with his, her soft cries against his throat, the warm clutching walls of her pussy soaking his dick as she milked him dry. By the time his head cleared and he managed to come down from the height of ecstasy she had driven him to, Piper was curled trustingly against him, her eyes closed, her heavy breathing slowed to more even sleep filled breaths. Grabbing the covers, he flipped them back over them. Unlike her, he was unable to slip back to sleep so easily, the struggle with his conscience once again rearing its ugly head. That struggle only got worse when the sound of an incoming text vibrated from his phone. Leaning over the bed, he fumbled in the dark until he found the phone in his pants pocket then had to bite back a curse after reading Ian’s message.

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